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The Welcoming Committee

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“Welcome to the Black Parade, honey.”

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Fantasy - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2010-06-26 - Updated: 2010-06-26 - 781 words

Okay. This officially sucks. I'm eighteen and dead.
I mean seriously?!
And all because of some stupid red Mitsubishi!

And now I'm here. Some stupid dirt road, complete with wreckage and snow... okay so it isn't even snow; it's ash. Doesn't it sound wonderful?
Anyway, I'm stood here in this dump; all I hear is my own pointless breathing. I know I don't have to breathe anymore but old habits die hard. Ha! Die!

"Bloody. Bored" I sighed, running a hand through my shoulder length black locks. And why wouldn't I be bored; I'm stuck somewhere I know but don't. No company, no coffee, no music- NO MUSIC?!
"I'm gonna kill myself!" I screamed, throwing my hands in the air.
"How's that work?" I turned and there were hundreds of people, like shadows; hazy and not quite whole. All following this really awesome, slightly creepy float.
A man jumped from it, landing elegantly on the dry group, kicking up a small cloud of dust and ash around him.

"So, who're you?" he smirked, walking over as I just looked gormless.
"Um, my friends call me Raven" I held out a shaky hand, taking his gloved one in mine "you?"
I swear I've seen him before, but like the scenery my memory fails me. "Guess."

I just stared as he continued smirking, just taking him in, trying to remember; peroxide blonde hair cropped short, high cheek bones, sparkling hazel eyes-
He just smiled and nodded. God, I'm such a fan girl.
"Yep and the guys are back on the float" he motioned over his shoulder. If I was still alive right now I'd be on the floor, head between my knees struggling for air. And if I wasn't stood here like I was petrified, looking like a moron, I'd be kicking myself for now recognising any of this.
"Wait... I'm actually dead? No joke?"
Rolling his eyes he turned, walking back to where he'd come from.
Throwing his arms out and turning on the spot, he grinned like a madman. Shouting in a sing-song voice:
"Welcome to the Black Parade, honey."

Me being me, I just stood there jaw slack, eyes wide.
"Hey Gee, is she...'Okay'?"
A shorter, black hair man jumped down next to him, arms crossed as he looked me up and down with asmile.
"FRANK?!" I ran and rugby tackled him to the floor. Hugging him way too tight.
"Hey! How come he gets a hug and all I get's a handshake?" Gerard pouted. Looking like a toddler as he pointed at the bundle of flesh and black fabric that was me and Frank.
"Because, Gee, you're kinda creepy" Mikey laughed, narrowly avoiding a hand meant for the back of his head. "Besides, Frank's adorable."
"Hey! A little help; I'm getting crushed here!"
We laughed as Ipushed myself off his small frame.
"Sorry" I blushed, pulling him to his feet and helping him dust himself off... okay, it was an excuse to feel his ass. But you can't blame me, I mean it's just so-

"When you've finished feeling him up" Gerard smirked, pulling himself back onto the float "you wanna know what's going down?"
"I wasn't-" I blushed, throwing my hands to my sides as though he'd forget what he saw.
"Sure you weren't" Mikey giggled before his brother could answer. I stuck my tongue out at him, earning the same childish action back.
"When you've grown up, can we go?" Ray whined from his position on his back, arm over his eyes, "I'm hungry!"

"You're always hungry!" Bob chuckled throwing a drumstick at the guitarist's leg. "And yet, like everyone else, you never seem to cook."
"I have a reason!" Frank raised a hand, looking extremely child like.
"I'm not even allowed near the toaster!" Mikey grumbled.
"Hey! I may possibly be dead here" I giggled, waving my hands around until they all looked at me "um... you said something about an explanation?"
I smiled at Gerard, playing with a strand of hair between my fingers; something I do when I'm nervous.
"Yeah" he pulled me onto the float besides him, pacing a friendly hand on my waist "but it'll take a while so we might as well go home."
Home? In a place like this it seemed a strange word; a strange word in a strange world.
"Besides" he leant in stage whispering "if Ray doesn't eat every minute he acts like a PMSing Mom."
"I heard that!"
We laughed so hard that I for one was in pain. Eyes watering I looked at Gerard as he straightened his face and stood tall. Looking extremely serious.
"To the bat cave!"
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