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Not So Much Hell As Heaven

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"I usually just sleep in my underwear..."

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"Welcome to hell" Bob chuckled in my ear, walking around me and collapsing over the large three seat couch. Smiling I looked around the room in front of me; it looked like a modern bar. Walls painted a matt black, bordered by a thick silver stripe. The large black couch was placed around a glass coffee table with two matching armchairs.
"Classy" I mused noticing the black stone bar.
"Why thank you" Gerard beamed, looking rather smug.
"He decorated it" Mikey whispered, rolling his eyes at his brother. That'd explain it; the glow of achievement radiating off of his pale face.

"You still hungry Ray?" Bob's voice boomed from one of the other rooms. I finally noticed that there were more rooms, all separated by large doors of multiple colours; reds, silvers, blacks and a single green.
"YES! How many times?! Feed him!" Gerard practically screamed at the door, rolling his eyes and huffing.
Bob appeared around the open black door, face pulled into a mock frown.
"Hey! If you want him feeding so badly why don't you cook?" his mouth was forced down, the smile he was trying to hide barely hidden "You'd think I was this band's Mom!" he chuckled.
Throwing a pack of Oreos at the back of Ray's chocolate-brown fro.
"You aren't my Mom?!" Mikey's jaw dropped as he stared at the muscular blonde.
"Ha ha!" he smirked as Mikey giggled, covering his face with one of the plump red cushions.

"So" Gerard placed his hand on my waist guiding me to the couch. Sitting down with me. "You still wanna know?"
Looking in his wary orbs I felt like a frightened little girl again; did I really want to know? Did I need to?
"Yes" I nodded, half regretting the choice as I followed my slightly morbid curiosity.
"You aren't dead, yet" he flinched at the 'yet' as if expecting something painful to happen.
"Yet?" how the hell did I get here without dying?
"Yeah, it's complicated... you're dead but not fully-" he stopped talking as I slid over the edge and onto the floor clutching my sides.
"I'm- I'm not dead" I laughed my sides painful as I gasped for unneeded air.
"Well, you kinda are... but aren't..." he spoke slowly, eyeing me cautiously as I continued laughing.
"No, she is dead. She's just got a living body; you haven't been judged yet" Frank explained calmly, a mouthful of something fruity.

"Judged?" I giggled, tilting my head back to see him, watching as he pulled his tattooed hand out of the red bag he was clutching, shoving its contents into his grinning mouth.
"Yeah, whether you get another go at life. If you actually fully die, if you become one of us-"
"One of you?" my brow furrowed as I ran painted nails through my fringe, forcing it to its intended position.
"Mhm, we've all been judged and become..." he scratched his chin searching for the right word"guardians? That stayed to help others through."
Okay... that made no sense to me whatsoever.
"She's confused now" Ray chuckled as he relaxed further into his seat, undoing his jacket.
"Really? We hadn't noticed the vacant look on her face" Bob laughed, throwing his jacket over Frank's head.
"EW! That's, ew! Nasty man! It's all sweaty!" Frank launched it off his head, nose wrinkling. The red bag clattered against the black carpet, rainbow contents spilling onto it. "MY SKITTLES!"

"While they're busy:'re you hungry?" Gerard asked, standing up. Shaking my head I joined him. "No just sleepy." As if to confirm the statement a yawn forced its way up my throat.
"You don't say" he chuckled, opening one of the blood red doors.
"Well this'll be your room." A click sounded and piercing white light flooded the rooms. Spilling light onto the blank walls and crisp new bed. "Sorry it's not much, but it's the spare room y'know?" he shrugged as I looked at the white walls; feeling dizzied by the lack of colour. "Maybe we could decorate it?"
Looking up, I nodded enthusiastically, thinking up a million ideas to fill the walls with life and get rid of the sterile, hospital feeling. "Yeah, that'd be cool" I nodded again, moving to the bed and sinking into the new sheets.
Have you ever been in a hotel were you stay in a room and it feels dead? Like nothing could live in it? That's how this room felt.
The new sheets felt too clean under my warm hands. The air felt to dry, smelt to clean. The room had no life; it needed some love. Some attention.

"Um... I just thought. Do you wanna borrow some PJs or a shirt to sleep in? What do you normal sleep in?" Gerard scratched at the back of his neck, shuffling his feet uncomfortably as a light shade of pink graced his chalky skin.
"Oh! I- well I usually just sleep in my underwear but, um..." I felt my own cheeks beginning to match his.
"Right, then I'll... um, you sleep I'll tell the guys not to... yeah."
There was an awkward moment where we looked anywhere but at each other, but eventually our eyes met and the awkwardness melted as we laughed.
"Goodnight Raven" he chuckled flicking the light switch and closing the door with a barely audible click.
Tugging off what I had, my clothes scattered across the red carpet.
"Night Gee" I whispered.
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