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More Than They Bargained For

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“Well, I could have carried on walking ‘round in my corset and stockings if you wanted?”

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Light flooded my tiny room as Frank stumbled in. "What you want for breakfast?" he grinned.
His eyes grew wide as he realized that I was still asleep when he'd come in.
"Sorry" he mumbled turning to leave as a rose ting graced his slightly tan skin.
"Um... Frank? Can you do me a favour?" I smiled as he turned back, only recognizing his questioning look after a few second.
"Not that sort of favour! Jeeze, all I meant was could you pass me my clothes?" I nodded to the folds of fabric scattered across the floor. "Sure" he chuckled.
I sat up as he bent down to pick them up, skinny jeans tightening around his ass as he did so. Not that I was looking.
"Thanks" I mumbled as he handed me my clothes, fingers accidentally brushing mine. Sending my heart rate through the roof.
My god! It still works!
"Frank! I thought Gee said not to come in here?" Bob huffed, appearing at my door. Looking curiously between us.
"Actually, Gee just told me to knock"
Bob rolled his striking blue eyes, leaning against the door frame. "Did he knock?"
"How would I know?" I giggled "I was asleep and I heard something." I nodded at Frank, smirking as he rolled his eyes.
"Oh really?" Bob looked knowingly at me "and is that the same reason you're only wearing your underwear?"
I blushed, pulling the covers up.
"You read too much into things" Frank huffed, blushing as he stormed from the room.
Dragging my eyes from the vacant space were Frank was I turned to give Bob the... 'what-the-hell-just-happened' look. Yeah, that describes it.
Shrugging he turned, grabbing the handle and pulling the door closed behind him engulfing me in darkness again.
Meh, time to change.

"Frank!" Gerard yelled as I entered the room and sat down opposite Mikey "that's not fair, it's the last of the coffee!"
"And?" Frank raised aquestioning eyebrow at the older man.
"I'll die of energy deficiency but the time it takes to make more!" he pouted at Frank.
"Stop being so melodramatic, you'll survive." He giggled, placing the warm mug on the table in front of me. "Sorry..." he blushed as he sat back.
"See you got dressed?" Bob chuckled, hiding a yawn.
"Well, I could have carried on walking 'round in my corset and stockings if you wanted?" I batted my lashes as Mikey and Frank stared at me, amused grins on their faces. I smirked, taking a sip from my mug.
"Frankie wouldn't have minded" Gerard mumbled as he passed, walking to the bathroom, towel in hand.
"WHAT?!" I spluttered; did he seriously just say that!
"Never mind" he grinned, locking the door. Okay...

"Um, what are we doing today?" I questioned, looking up as Ray stumbled from his room, blinking the sleep from his eyes.
"Your room" I heard the muffled shout from the bathroom, barely audible over the running water.
"Huh?" my mouth was still lightly open as I looked to Mikey, hoping he'd elaborate.
"He say's your room needs decorating; but of course I wouldn't know. I've never been in" he sighed, looking to Frank with a mischievous grin.
"Shut up" he mumbled, standing and storming... well it was more a sleepy stumble but you could tell he was meaning to storm. Anyway, storming to what I can only guess as his room to sulk.
"Hey Raven?" Gerard stood at the bathroom door, towel wrapped securely around his slim hips, wet white-blonde hair sticking to his face.
"Yeah?" he wandered over, sitting next to his brother.
"Can I ask you something?" he cocked his head to the side, mouth simply a line.
"Um... okay?" I looked at the boys in turn as they glanced to one another.
"Do you like Frank?"I smiled, nodding as I giggled; I thought it was something serious.
"Of course. He's epic and seems a nice guy" Gerard shook his head.
"We meant like like. As in crushes, that sorta stuff..."
I felt myself blush for what felt like the thousandth time since I arrived. "Kinda... yes?"
Fear filled my chest as they all shared a look I couldn't decipher; what if I'd said the wrong thing?

"Where've you moved my shirt to?" Frank step out of his room, ink webbed chest bare. As I looked he seemed to glow, an angelic glow under the dim lights. He's too perfect for me.
It's never gonna happen anywhere but my dreams.
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