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Awkward Silence And Wasted Wishes

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“What’s with the weird ass silence?”

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We all sat where we were. No talking, no movement but our eyes, flitting nervously between us all.
"What's with the weird ass silence?" Frank chuckled uncomfortably, looking between us as we turned to stare at him. "Um... we were just... thinking?" Ray mumbled lamely. Great cover dude!
"Right... so, you seen my shirt or what?"
"You have one hell of a lot of shirts dude; which one?" Bob asked as we all unfroze and started to actually move. Finally!
"The tight black one with the snake on the side..." hey I've seen that!
"It's in my room!" I grinned before covering my mouth, looking to where Gerard was giving me a very suggestive look, "hey I don't know why it's in there!"
"I don't either to be honest..." Frank flashed a suspicious glance to Mikey as he stood up, clearly hiding a grin and suppressing giggles. "Um, can I get it?"
He turned his gaze to me, soft and kind. No man, woman or child, alive or dead, could say no to him in their right mind.
"Yeah! Of course. You... need any help?" I mentally kicked myself; I didn't mean it to sound so suggestive!
"Please" he chuckled before throwing the others a warning glance "I don't know where it is."

After a good ten minutes of searching, we gave up. Placing ourselves on opposite ends of my bed; twiddling my thumbs as he looked around the room.
"This place really does need decorating" he mumbled, running a hand down one of the paper white walls. I sighed, nodding in agreement; I feel like a mental patient whenever I'm in here. "I've got a couple of ideas but" I shrugged, as if somehow it would finish my sentence for me and he'd magically understand. Clearly he didn't as he raised an eyebrow and smirked. "But?"
"I'm rubbish at describing things and I can't really draw" I giggled, pulling one of the firm pillows behind me and laying back, legs dangling over the edge.
"Maybe I could help?" he joined me on his side, head propped up with his hand.
Just then he looked exactly like a model. Chest still bare, ink webbing across it, tight jeans hugging all the right places. He even had the pose and expression right. It's safe to say he is looking hot.

"Yeah, that'd be cool" I smiled, unable to take my eyes off the angelic creature before me. Just, wow.
"Great!" he beamed, springing to his feet with a grace no man alive should have. "Be right back, I'm gonna get some stuff. Stay there" he pointed to the bed before leaping out the door.
I shook my head, rolling my eyes as I thought; how can a guy so small have so much energy?
"BACK!" he announced in a singsong voice, drooping to the floor with what could easily have been a studio's worth of art materials. "Where do you-?"
"Gerard's art room. Don't tell, he's doing his hair." Sliding to the floor, I picked up one of the pencils. Twirling it like a baton between my fingers. "So let's get designing."

"Which one?" Frank held up the three sketches; this was gonna be harder than I thought.
"Erm... the one with the hearts?" I bit my lip, looking over the three designs again. I was supposed to be choosing which one I'd most likely use so we could move onto colours.
"Hmm, yeah... oh! We could mix the one with the bats with the hearts?"
His eyes sparkled with an enthusiasm I'd rarely seen in life; he looked so cute.
"Yes!" I beamed back, shuffling closer to edit the designs "we could add wings to the bigger hearts or have little bats flying up with them or ooh! Haveaheartbreakingopenwithbatsandcrowsspillingout!"
By that point my eyes were the size of dinner plates and my smile was too wide for my face.
"You and Gee are defiantly gonna get on" he chuckled.
"Huh?" I raised an eyebrow at him, still leaning on my arms, pencil hanging over smooth white paper.
"Never mind" he grinned, pulling a pencil from my hair and causing it to fall like lead to my shoulders.
And running the light grey lead over the originally boring blank paper he created a work of art.
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