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Misunderstandings Are So Much Fun

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“You mean you actually have been drawing?”

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Fantasy - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2010-06-26 - Updated: 2010-06-26 - 543 words

"GERARD!" Frank screamed, jumping on his back; muscular arms wrapping around his pale neck, legs around his non-existent waist.
"Frankie!" he exclaimed in mock surprise, tugging at the fleshy clamps around his throat."Wow, you've both finally left her room then?" Okay, that smirk is defiantly suggesting something dirty! Frank hopped from his back looking confusedly between the two of us.
"What you been doing?" Mikey's voice from behind me forced an embarrassingly high-pitched yelp to escape my lips.
"Drawing" Frank's voice was a quiet monotone as he looked intently at his feet as if they were the most interesting thing around.
"Oh?" Gerard smiled, glancing mischievously at Mikey "'drawing'? Is that what they call it now?"
They bit their lips, sitting down on the bar stools.
"Um... Gerard?" I mumbled holding up the papers as his eyes focused on me "they're designs for my room..."
I felt my own emerald eyes shift to glance quickly at Frank; his cheeks were flushed, hair falling slightly into his face. "Frank's a really good drawer."
"You mean you actually have been drawing?" Mikey's mouth hung open slightly, genuine shock clear on his face.
"Yes" I answered curtly. I can't believe they think we were... and I've only been here a day!
"Well... you both disappeared to 'find a shirt' and didn't come out for ages so we... jumped to conclusions?" Mikey smiled, looking to his brother for support.
"Right... um, where're Ray and Bob?" Frank piped up trying to change the subject not so subtly. He was still shirtless.
"Xbox" Gerard motioned over his shoulder to one of the doors. "I like it!"
"What?" what the hell was he talking about? Playing Xbox? Frank shirtless?
Although I can understand the Frankie one, I mean wow. He's just so-
"These" he waved the papers "I'm gonna start painting it now... you two go play or something."

"So" Frank sighed, pushing his skeleton gloved hands into the pockets of his Misfits hoodie as we walked along the pavement.
"So" I sighed back, looking around the apparently abandoned buildings towering over us. There was so much more to this place than the wasteland I arrived at.
"What you wanna do?" he grinned awkwardly; all the childish bubbliness and giggles I'd began to expect evaporating into the cool air.
"Where is there to go?"
"Well... the park, cinema, shopping, just... wander. Whatever." He shrugged as though it was all so obvious. But the place was dead; a graveyard of concrete and glass, merchandise still in shop windows.
But as I looked harder I noticed it wasn't so dead; shadows, like those I saw on my first day following the float, flitted in and out of buildings, drifting down the streets. Window displays were free from dust and cobwebs, windows were clean, not a spot of grime on the glass.
"Shopping?" he suggested with a smirk "you're gonna need new stuff since all you got is what you're wearing."
I nodded; I was not going to stay in the same pair of skinnie jeans and black vest for the rest of the week, let alone the rest of my semi-death!
"Shopping it is then"he grinned, grasping my hand and pulling me into the closest shop.
This should be fun.
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