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A Little Less Touching Perhaps?

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"Get your hand out my boxers!”

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"Damn. Door" Frank grunted, twisting the key in its lock a little harder than necessary as he shoved his weight against the wood. "Bloody. Nuisance."
Ramming his shoulder into the door again the lock clicked, swinging open and face planting him on the floor.
"The door keeps sticking" Gerard smirked from his seat, taking his eyes away from his drawing pad only to spare Frank a mocking look. "Just so you know."
"Thank you, Gerard." Frank huffed into the carpet, rolling over.
I giggled as I jumped over the body and bags, placing my own down as I pulled him to his feet. Helping him dust himself off, my hands may possibly have started to drift down his back...
"A little less groping this time?" Gerard grinned, small pointy white teeth only just visible." Frankie might start expecting it whenever he trips."
"Screw you" I giggled, turning to pick up the bags Frank had dropped.
"You went shopping?" I heard Gerard's pad hit the glass coffee table as he strolled... perhaps 'skipped' is a more appropriate word? Yeah, defiantly.
He skipped over to 'help pick up the bags'. In other words he came over to be nosey. "Yep, sorry we didn't get you anything but... it was mainly clothes, y'know?" he just shrugged, looking into one of the bags.
"Get anything nice?" he chuckled, his hand darting quickly out the bag as I looked to him.
"Mainly clothes, a couple of CDs... what've you got?"
His eyes gave him away: a mischievous sparkle amidst the layers of golds, greens and browns.
"Nothing" his eyes glinted as he shoved whatever it was down his back.
"Seriously?" I raised an eyebrow at him; was he really going to make me jump him for it?
He nodded as I shook my head. "You're being childish."
"Mhm. Oh! Frankie, while we're all here, has Raven told you she-" the rest of the sentence was lost in a gust of breath as I flew into him, knocking him onto the floor and pinning him.
"WHAT THE HELL! Get your hand out my boxers!" he laughed, trying to squirm from under me as I searched the back of his shirt, back pockets and eventually his boxers. Ew.
"A-ha!" my hand rose above my head as I stuck out my tongue. "Now, unless you want your hair purple in the morning, hands off the underwear!"

"What?" Ray looked down at us on the floor with a look half way between amusement and confusion.
"Gerard here seems to like women's thongs" I giggled showing Ray the slither of lace.
"DO TOO!" Mikey's voice filtered in from the next room.
"STOP SHOUTING!" I yelled at Gerard, still underneath me. "You're killing my ears!"
"Um, Raven..." Frank's voice broke through weakly "when did you buy those?"
"While you were checking out those belts" I giggled, looking away from Gerard for far too long.
"Ha!" he rolled over, pinning me to the carpet "just remember who's older." He smiled.
"Just remember who's got the balls" I grinned back as his eyes clouded over with confusion.
"Wha-?" I rolled over, placing my knee over said body part and smirked. "You gonna steal my underwear again?"
"No" he squeaked, probably scared I'd actually do something.
"Um... guys?" Bob appeared from one of the rooms, Mikey following behind "why are Gee and Raven on the floor?"
"Because Gee's a whore?" Mikey piped up.
"Get screwed!"
I looked between the boys wondering what the hell they were going on about.
Actually no, better not to ask. I want to stay remotely sane.
"Okay..." Frank looked about as confused as me.
We sighed at the same moment, setting me off giggling. "Ah! Get off!" Gerard joined in the giggling, trying to shove me off him, seen as I was still pinning him.
"Ha! Raven and Gerard sitting in a tree, F-U-C-"
"One more letter, Michael, and I'll spill!"
"Please don't, I really don't need to see that."
"What?" I questioned stupidly, before the answer slapped me round the face. "Ew! Bad images!" I screamed covering my eyes as I stumbled to me feet.
"I'm gonna go before I get mentally scarred" I mumbled, trying to shake the images from my head as I picked up my bags "I'll be in my room."
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