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Backfired Didn't It?

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“Gerard, darling. You have a problem with us sharing a room?”

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"Raven! One sec" Gerard grabbed my arm, pulling me back as I reached for the silver handle to my room. "It still needs a little work, and the paint's still drying"
"So... why can't I go in?" I knew I was being slow but my brain felt fuzzy as I continued breathing, suddenly feeling like I was lighter. He sighed.
"I'm an artist. Idon't like people seeing my work 'til it's done... and you'll probably do what me and Frank did last time and get high on the fumes from the paint." I giggled.
"You have a problem with me being high?" I was joking of course; I'd never gotten high in my life. Ever.
I was a good girl. Didn't really go drinking like my mates; every night, downing shots 'til they couldn't remember anything. I never took drugs... well illegal ones anyway, and Ionly used prescription when I had to. Pills shouldn't be trusted. Period. Yeah, I was pretty good like that.
But you don't need to know that.
"Hell no!" Gerard's crooked smile spread across his face, infectious as I joined in with my own lopsided grin "you'd probably be hilarious drugged up!"
"Fine" the word was more of a sigh than anything else. "But. Where am I gonna stay while you finish your 'masterpiece' and make sure I don't end up high?"
"Frank's room?"
"What!?" we said in unison, looking to each other with wide eyes.
No, never. I am NOT sleeping with the guy. I mean.... I talk in my sleep. Stuff I don't want people to hear. Ever. Usually about him!
"No way Way. I'll sleep on the couch." I motioned to the black fabric and cushions.
"Aw, I don't want you sleeping on the couch! What's wrong with sleeping in Frank's room?" Gerard tried to sound innocent but the mischievous spark was back in his eyes.
"Don't" I gritted my teeth and growled low enough so only he'd hear. "Anyway, if you don't want me sleeping on the couch; I'll share with you." I grinned, starting to walk to his room with my bags.
"Wait, my- what!?" he stumbled over the words like he was stumbling over himself, jumping in front of me. "No."
"Gerard, darling. You have a problem with us sharing a room?" I gave him a sweet look as he struggled for words; his mouth opening and closing as he decided against arguing. "Thought not."
I twisted the silver handle to his room and flicked on the light.
I gawped, just stood there and gawped.
"Still wanna share with me?" he smirked, chin on my shoulder. I was seriously thinking about claiming the couch; if ever I thought Gee's room would be neat and tidy, I was gravely mistaken. You'd think it belonged to a teenager: clothes on the floor, CDs and comics stacked on sides...
"Gerard Arthur Way" I shook my head and sighed, stepping in and beginning to pick up the things littering the floor. "You ain't getting rid of me so far. Remember; you're the one stopping me sleeping in my room."
"Ha! First time he's slept with anyone in ages!" Mikey chuckled, ducking as a red converse narrowly missed his head. "No throwing shoes!"
I giggled to myself, turning and walking over to the unmade bed; the sheets were older than mine, feeling soft as marshmallow under my ass. I sighed, laying down completely and closing my eyes, ignoring the weird smell of cigarettes, coffee, sweat and something I don't even need to say.
"You aren't actually gonna share a room with him are you?" Bob's face was devoid of any humour as he stared at me in disbelief, Ray backing up his disbelief with an almost identical expression. His brown eyes flitting between me, the bed and the invisible floor.
"Sure, why not? It can't be that bad."

Time Lapse

I swear to god, if that man snored any louder the walls would literally cave around us. Sighing Icrawled from where I laid, not bothering to be quiet; no way could anyone hear me over that.
Stumbling into the kitchen, my hands groped for a mug, my mind numb with lack of sleep. Finally grasping a mug I started the process of making a coffee, my way. Rubbing my sore eyes and yawning I considered my options:
One. Go back to Gerard's room... no chance.
Two. Sleep on the couch... might be uncomfortable but maybe.
Three. Sleep with one of the others... I meant share a room with one of the others! Hmm, not so keen on that one but still an option.
Four. Break the rule thingy-me-Bob and sleep in my room. Possibly getting high in the process... Right, bedroom it is.
Finishing my coffee with a small smack of my lips I placed my mug on the side; I'd have another one later. Turning in the general direction my room was in, I started walking.
"And where do you think you're going?" his hands over my eyes stopped me seeing him in the already non-existent light. I had a vague idea in my sleep deprived mind who it might be but then again I'm usually wrong.
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