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The Arrangement

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“You’re not the prettiest thing to see in a morning yourself."

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"Of course" he chuckled removing his hands from my eyes. Blinking wildly I realized the sun had started leaking through the windows, filtering through black and red curtains. "So, care to tell me why you're up so early?" he spoke in a mocking tone, probably trying to sound like a dad catching his daughter sneaking out.
"I could ask you the same" I smirked into the semi-darkness; a few of his pale features highlighted in the faint, growing light.
"Fair enough" he chuckled "now sit down." His arms wrapped around my waist, slinging me over his broad shoulder.
"MIKEY!?" the screech cut through the air like a razor, the silence spilling away as displease moans and waking grumbles bled into the air.
"Jesus Christ, Raven!" Mikey huffed loudly, dropping me on the couch "you just have to shout don't you?"
"No" I huffed back sulkily, crossing my arms and pouting. He was the one who'd picked me up!
"Wa's 'appening?" Ray yawned, flicking on the lights.
"IT BURNS!" hissing I scrunched my eyes shut, pulling a cushion over my burning eyelids.
"Rav!" Mikey flicked my arm, my muscles twitching instinctively, my lips letting out an unintended squeak "it's like... three in the morning... on a Sunday!"
"It was worth it though" I grinned as Frank stumbled out, eyes smudged with red eye shadow and black eyeliner from the day before.
"Oh really?" Mikey grinned back noticing the not-so-inconspicuous way my eyes were lingering on the zombie-like form. 'You like him?' he mouthed, titling his head.
Hadn't I already confirmed that? To everyone but Frank?
I nodded, smiling awkwardly as he mouthed something along the lines of: 'Aww! That's so cute!'
... I swear he's gay.

"Morning sleeping beauty" Gerard appeared ruffling his short white hair.
"Shut up, Michael." Gerard croaked, rubbing a hand over his eyes "you're not the prettiest thing to see in a morning yourself. You-"
"Don't!" Bob's voice was lower than usual. Lower with sleep. Lowered like his half-lidded eyes. "It's too early for your stupid brother wars."
"It's just too early!" Ray half chuckled "who woke everyone up anyway?"
"Princess here" Mikey's eyes zeroed in on me as everyone else's fixed on Frank.
"Hey! Unless I'm mistaken I have a lack of boobs and a-"
"OKAY!" Gerard laughed, his hazel eyes shifting to me "we just forgot you ain't the girl anymore."
"Don't worry, I'm sure she'll let you keep the tiara" Ray grinned, ducking as a pillow flew over his fluffy brown curls. "Hormonal b*tch!"
"Woah guys, calm down!"
Frank glared at Bob, his eyes seeming slightly vacant.
"I'm still tired and I'm getting fed up of your bickering, joke or not. I'm off back to bed" Bob grumbled turning on the spot.
"Yeah, we all better do. We won't get much sleep tomorrow." Gerard nodded.
Tomorrow? What was happening tomorrow?
Never mind, don't ask, keep out of it.
"Can I share with one of you four?" I asked quietly giving Gee an apologetic look as I spoke to the others.
"Share with Frank" Mikey sighed, pulling me to my feet and walking back to his room.
"Yeah, good idea" Ray yawned, closing his door behind him.
"Frank?" my voice had reached a pitch a dog would find hard to hear as I looked at the now wide eyed man.
"Um... are you okay with me..."
"I guess..." he shrugged, smiling awkwardly back.
"You two have fun" Gee giggled, skipping back into his room. Twat. No matter how much I look up to that man he's a twat.
"You coming?"
Heaven help us!
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