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Wouldn't It Be Grand?

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‘I see you lying next to me. With words I thought I’d never speak. Awake and unafraid. Asleep or dead’

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"Are you asleep?" Frank's voice was barely a whisper as we lay in his dark room. Black shrouding most of the room, all except for the small patch of light on the wall where the light had begun to creep through the curtains.
"Of course" I mumbled opening my tired eyes.
"Really?" he smirked, leaning over the edge of his bed. Face inches above my own.
"Yes?" I squeaked, wide awake now as his warm breath gliding over my cheeks.
Now, for just one second put yourself in my place: I have the guy I've had a crush on since I was fifteen hanging over me within kissing distance...
Choice: let the opportunity pass and regret it for the rest of my existence or go for it and risk the possibility of it being awkward between us.
Risk it.
Pushing myself up as fast and controlled as I could, hands planted firmly on the soft carpet, eyes closed, face colliding with the edge of the bed frame.
Head. Ow! Dizzy, brain pounding. Pain!
"Are you okay?"
Ow, I forgot I'd laid like this; half hidden in the shadow of the bed. Ouch.
"Would it be sad if Isaid 'I'm not okay, I promise'?" I winced feeling along the line of pain across my forehead.
"Extremely" he chuckled sleepily "hey you wanna have the bed? I'll be okay on the floor..."
"No way are you sleeping on the floor!" It's his room and his bed; I'm just a'lodger'.
"Fine" he huffed melodramatically barely hiding a smile "get in." he shuffled under the covers, moving to the side furthest from me. Holding up the covers to me.
"Are you been serious?" I sat up giving him a questioning look as I placed my chin on the mattress.
"It's warmer than the floor" he mumbled, shrugging as a light tinge graced his cheeks.
"You sure?" awkwardness dripped from my question as he nodded "thanks."
I climbed into the king-sized single bed slowly; it was just big enough for us both if we packed ourselves in. My face was inches from his for the second time this morning.
He gave me a sleepy smile, his eyes flickering shut as he relaxed into the pillow we were going to have to share.
He's just so perfect, even when he's asleep. I'd give anything for him to like me more than just afriend. Just a stranger.
This is more than acrush. More like I love this perfect angel of a man, and I wanna tell him so badly.

'I see you lying next to me.
With words Ithought I'd never speak.
Awake and unafraid.
Asleep or dead'

His lip pouted and his cheek smushed up slightly. I sighed.
I'm tired and there's still the whole 'tomorrow night' thing. I closed my eyes, lips relaxing into asmile as I shifted further under the covers closer to Frank's warm body and shut down to the world.
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