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You're Just So Cute!

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Self conciousness is not an attractive quality...

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"They're so cute!" Mikey squealed from somewhere in the room. Why can't he just go away?
"Shh! Don't wake them up, I wanna get a pic to use against 'em" Gerard whispered evilly; my brain supplied me with the image of him in a black top hat, twiddling a moustache the same white-blonde as his hair between gloved fingers as he laughed evilly... I am so gonna Photoshop a pic of him to look like that!
"Don't bother" I mumbled trying to hold back the giggles I felt building.
"Dammit..." he huffed before giggling as I felt Frank shift somewhere next to me "hey Raven?" I don't like that tone, it can only mean trouble or embarrassment... same thing.
"What?" I yawned, barely awake as I scrunched my eyes shut tightly against the bright morning sun leaking through the curtains.
"Did you fall asleep like that or what?"
"Huh?" I warily peeked out "what the?"
I couldn't help laughing to myself quietly.
If this is what I get for sharing a bed with Frank then I gotta do it more often. Our chests pressed together, mine on his, noses only an inch apart, my hand resting limply over where his heart beat its strong, repetitive beat, his arm hung around my waist.
"You do look adorable like that you know" Mikey smiled as Gerard nodded, arms folded as he leaned against the doorframe.
"You do" he agreed"you should just tell him that you like him." He grabbed Mikey's shoulder and turned him pushing out the room as he walked out.
"Sure thing" I mumbled blinking away the sleep in my eyes, placing my head back on his shoulder.
"Huh?" Frank's grip tightened as his relaxed muscles tensed, the arm around my waist pulling me closer as it did. His hazel eyes fluttered open to meet my own.
"Nothing. I just woke up and..." I blushed, smiling sheepishly as he looked us up and down. "You're really comfy by the way."
"Erm, thanks?" he chuckled, shifting beneath me as I moved, lying on my side beside him. Face to face how we'd fallen asleep. Gazing into his perfect hazel eyes, windows to his very soul no doubt. So deep and pure they ensnare you, pull you deeper. I sigh scared of my own thoughts. Feeling the wave of self loathing rush through my veins like tsunami, hitting me with a force to rival a wrecking ball.
"I'd better get up" I mumbled sadly, sliding out of the bed and stretching, joints popping after the lack of use "I'll see you later."
I sighed again walking from the room with a forced swing to my hips. I had to keep up appearances for him, he doesn't need to know.
"Ah! The first of the lovers are up" Gerard smirked, sipping at his coffee.
"Shut up Gerard" I narrowed my eyes, giving him the coldest look I thinks' ever graced my face."Where're the towels?"
"Honey, what's-"
"They're in the cupboard next to the shower" Mikey's voice was low and calm, his features projecting understanding perfectly.
"Thank you" I could feel the tears beginning to well.

Walking into the bathroom I slid off the silky night gown, the black fabric falling from my ivory arms. I don't know why I wore this thing.
Stepping in the shower I twist the knobs, not caring if the water was scorching or polar. Water always calmed me down when I was like this. The warm water pummelled my body, the drops leaving trails of moisture as they ran to the floor. I looked at myself in the glass partition.
Size 10 and 5ft 9" in height; everyone always told me how I was attractive.
Normally I don't care. But he brings out the self-conscious little girl I used to be.
I sighed running ahand through my hair as tears began to dribble weakly down my cheeks. A sob wracked my body, breaking through my lips as more of a cough, followed by more and more until I was gasping for air.
I slid down the cool tiles, sitting on the floor knees tucked into my chest.
I'm pathetic.

Time Lapse

I wrapped the fluffy white towel around myself, holding it tightly as I walked briskly to Gerard's room.
I knocked on the door before entering. Gerard lifted his head looking me up and down sleepily before letting it drop back onto his pillow.
"You should totally wear that skirt today" He smirked, eyes closed as I walked over to yesterday's shopping bags.
"Jerk" I giggled "you've been looking through my bags again?"
"Me?" he rolled on his side eyebrows raised "why would a man like me look through a chick's shopping bags?"
"To see if anything'll fit ya?"
"B*tch" he scoffed "anyway get dressed; it's weird having you nude in here." He yawned, slumping back again as I continued to rummage through my bags. A task I might add, seen as there were quite a few. I don't know how I even carried this much crap...
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