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Non Parlo Italiano!

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Note to self: Learn Italian Okay, so there is a lot of Italian in this... Sorry #)

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“Hey Gerard?” I giggled, sitting on the edge of his bed smoothing out the creases in the midnight blue waves of my dress. “Gerard?”
“Five more minutes” he mumbled, pulling the pillow over his head.
“Dude c’mon!” My hands grasped the pillow trying to pull the limp white item from over his head. “It’s nine already!”
“WHAT!?” he flew up, pulling on a nearby t-shirt “F*ck, it took you an hour to get dressed?”
“No. It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to find something to wear, get changed, do my make up and my hair.” He just looked at me, mouth slightly open for a moment before he mouthed ‘an hour and fifteen minutes?
“Never mind, we’ve got stuff to do” he mumbled, practically pushing me out of the room in front of him. “Grab a jacket, we need to go out.”

Time Lapse

“DDG?” I repeated the letters Gerard had just said as we stood outside a small shop. Lincoln green paint chipped slightly around the large calligraphy letters. Try imagining the shops on Diagon Alley in Harry Potter, that way it’s easier.
“Yeah; Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.” He smirked, stepping forward and pushing the matching green door by its dull bronze handle.
QUINN?” Gerard all but yelled as the fairy sized silver bell above the door sounded. Behind an ancient looking counter was a doorway so dark it seemed to be where the night sky rested during the day, the blackness appearing to swirl like fog. “Gerard!?” the excited voice came before the body flung at him.
“Lucy?” he grinned hugging the girl back.
Lucy. She was slightly taller than me as she was wearing boots, with dyed red hair that barely reached her shoulders was spiked in an oddly feminine way and eyes the colour of polished marble. “GeeGee” she giggled hugging him tighter. How old was she? Oh wait, meeting Frank first time… never mind.
“Hey” he chuckled pushing himself up again before brushing himself down “where’s Quinn?”
“Trying to fix the electric since he blew the freakin’ system” she chuckled; if you could see and feel her voice it’d look like pink ribbons in a pinker mist, with little pink hearts pebble dashed within and would feel like puppy fur and silk… fcking annoying, sickly sht.
“That sounds about right. Any chance I could talk to him?”
She rolled her lavender-grey eyes before strutting like a pampered cat to the door way.
“GESÙ CRISTO LUCY! VENGO GIÀ!” a strong, accented voice boomed as a clatter of metal on wood echoed faintly down the stairs.
Italian. Great, I don’t speak a word of Italian.
Cosa?” he stumbled from the darkness ruffling his hair. Wow. Now I know why they call this place ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’. He was almost as perfect as Frank!
His skin was only just darker than Gee and Mikey’s, where the Way’s skin is on the verge of paper white his is more… peachy? And his hair. I would kill for hair like that! It was the stereotypical, overused ‘scene’ style but the way he pulled it off made it just so individual, with the flashes of the same red as Lucy’s in amongst the straightened black.
“Ciao Quinn” Gerard smiled, triggering a smile almost too wide for his face.
“Gerard?” he grinned as he nodded “GEE!
He launched himself at him and wrapped his arms around him, patting his back and laughing. “Molto tempo, che non ci vediamo. Evitato me?” he winked, his near black eyes sparkling.
“Certo che no!” the way Gerard nudged him assured me they were joking around, reassuring seen as I can’t talk Italian!
“Ma ho portato un amico per ottenere ... um, misurato?”
Quinn finally let his ebony orbs drift to me. Smirking before he turned back to Gerard.
“Lei è sicuramente bella” his eyes seemed to scan me from the corner of his femine eyes “dove hai trovato questo? Io di certo non l'ho vista in giro.”
Gerard laughed shaking his head. “Lei è uno dei 'rari'.”
Quinn nodded, his red and black fringe flopping in front of his perfect face. “Che lo spiega. Quindi, ciò che si vuole?”
“Un uniforme per adattarsi Raven. Lei ha ancora avuto modo di vedere 'Madre'…”
“Great!” he clapped turning to me pulling a tape from his exceptionally tight jean pocket “Non ho avuto un lavoro in età!”
My stomach squirmed as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the swirling darkness, calling “torno subito!” before he pulled the door closed behind him.

“Ora, se non mi dispiacerebbe togliere il vostro bel vestito così posso fare il mio lavoro” he smiled, slinging the white tape measure over his broad shoulder.
“Erm?” I blushed, looking over my shoulder to the door he’d just closed.
“... non si capisce quello che sto dicendo?” he rolled his eyes chuckling to himself. He grinned holding up the tape measure, pointing from it to my waist.
“You want to measure me?” i swear my eyes were the size of saucers.
“Sì!” He nodded “ora per favore, il tuo vestito.” I looked at him, completely bewildered.
He shook his head still smiling. “Il tuo abito ...” he made an action of taking of a top…
“Take this off?” I giggled, holding the edge of the blue fabric.
“In front of you?” he shrugged.
“Ti verrà indossando solo la biancheria intima quando ti misura comunque.”
I shrugged and slid the dress off, standing in front of this attractive young man in nothing but a thong and an incredibly lacy bra…
I closed my eyes as the embarrassment filled my cheeks with pink. Note to self: learn Italian.
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