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It Ain't Exactly What You Planned...

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Sorry it's so short.

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“Okay. Così, con tutte le misure e un disegno già in mente di completare quella figura deliziosa, sarei finito in un paio di giorni minimo” Quinn grinned as he re-entered the shop, me trailing behind awkwardly. “Per curiosità, lei è single?”
Quinn!” Lucy’s voice was lower, her voice a perfect warning for whatever he said.
Gerard laughed, shaking his head. “Non ci penso.”
I looked between the two men, brow furrowed in confusion. “Would someone explain what everyone’s been saying ‘cause right now I’m feeling a little uncomfortable.”
“Oh, sorry. I kinda forgot you might not speak Italian…” wow, I must have sounded pretty harsh if I made Gerard look that embarrassed “Quinn here was just saying how he should be finished with your uniform pretty quickly…”
“And that’s what you were shaking your head at?” I raised my eyebrow as he chuckled.
“Not quite. Vediamo dopo Quinn” he half sighed, half giggled.
“Ciao Gee” Quinn giggled, placing a friendly kiss on each cheek. “Ciao Raven” he giggled, sideways glancing to Lucy and Gerard as they said their farewells, placing a chaste kiss on either of my cheek and a peck on the lips before chuckling “voglio ancora il tuo numero, sai.”
“We heard that!”

“Now you’ll explain?” I sighed, pushing my fingers into the pockets of the jacket Gerard had leant me as ewe walked back to the ‘base’. He smirked and shrugged.
“He was just asking if you were single and then later he said he wanted your number… that’s when Lucy said ‘we heard that!’” he mimicked her voice perfectly, all squeaky and girly. I giggled.
“And what did you say?” both guilt and excitement filling my stomach and knotting my insides.
“That I didn’t think so…”
He didn’t think so?
“Why don’t you think I’m single?” did I act like I had a boyfriend or what?
“To be honest I was sparing Frankie the competition.”
“… What?”
“Never mind”
Wow. Frank and Quinn… apparently. Now since I don’t think Frank actually likes me like that and I don’t understand Italian I can’t believe or confirm either of them does. Hmmm, I wonder if I have enough time to learn some basic Italian before we have to go pick up my uniform…
“Oh! And Gerard would you mind explaining about this ‘uniform’?”
“It’s like our Parade jackets. For when you meet Mother.”
“Okay… who’s ‘Mother’?”
“You’ll find out… soon” he sighed, his smile vanishing.
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