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Sibling Wars

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Well this isn't the most entertaining part... more of a filler but *shrug* enjoy anyway

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The door stuck... again. You'd think they'd either fix the damn thing or remember that everytime they push on it hard enough they fall flat on their face. Like Gerard was now.
"I never get tired of that" Mikey chuckled, rising from his seat and striding toward us. "You feeling better?" he whispered, hugging me comfortingly.
"Yeah" I mumbled, hugging back weakly "don't worry 'bout it."
"If you ever need to talk, I'm here you know."
I laughed. "God that sounded so clique!" he chucked, releasing me to smile at his brother, who was still on the floor, cursing into the carpet.
"Have a nice day?"
Gerard glared up, flipping him off.
"Take that as a 'Yes Mikey my dearest brother, yes I did'" he giggled, nudging him in the side with his shoe.
"You're so lucky Mom made me promise not to kill you" Gerard leered, putting his arms over where Mikey was jabbing him.
"Mom never did! You just know I'd beat your fat ass!"
"And I could- wait, did you just say I had a fat ass!?"
Mikey ceased his jabbing, looking wide eyed at his brother before bolting at the same moment he scrambled to his feet.
I swear I have never in my life heard a guy scream more like a girl.
"I heard screaming?" Ray sighed, opening his door to see the source of the noise trying to crawl to safety.
"Just out of curiosity, are they always like this?" Ray shook his head at the boys in question; Mikey's hand pushing Gerard's face up in funny angles as the older boy tried to... I don't even know what he was trying to do; his arms were just flapping in front of him, narrowly missing Mikey's face...
"Yeah. This is the norm... welcome to the family."
I stared down at the two boys, still fighting like they were toddlers.
"Family" I sighed, feeling a wave of sickness crash over me; I missed my own. My Mom, my Dad, even my brother.
"Homesick?" Ray placed a hand on my shoulder.
"Yeah" I chuckled half heartedly before looking up to meet his gaze.
"I know what you mean and I'm not gonna lie. It never goes."

Time Lapse

"Is anyone else bored?" Bob sighed slumping further into his seat. There was a grumbled chorus of agreement.
After half an hour of watching two fully grown men fighting like girls, making bets on which one would 'win' and a heated debate on which was the best graphic novel ever created, we had nothing to do.
So we found ourselves cramped onto the seats in the living room. Bob sat slumped in one of the chunky, black armchairs. Ray sprawled in the other, legs dangling over one of the arms.
Mikey, Frank and Gerard shared the big couch. Frank's head resting on Gee's lap while I sat on Mikey's. Head under his chin, perfectly comfortable the way we were.
"DVD?" I hadn't seen Gee's lips move; my eyes half-lidded and hazy, boredom turning into a strong desire to sleep.
Mikey's shoulders shrugged beside me, pulling me back to the world. "There's nothing else to do..."
"Right. So, what're we watching?" Gerard straightened in his seat, looking between us with a similar sleepy haze in his eyes.
"Nightmare Before Christmas!" Frank chirped, seemingly wide awake compared to the rest of us.
"No Frank!" Ray sighed rubbing his chocolate eyes.
"Sweeney Todd?"
"Nah. Harry Potter?"
"Corpse Bride!"
"Who said bambi?"
Gerard and I had been sat silently, smirking as the others debated among themselves. Bob seemed the only one to notice.
"What 'bout you two?"he sighed "you pick something."
"Not bothered. Whatever" Gerard shrugged, absentmindedly stroking strands of hair out of Frank's face.
"Anything by Burton" I smiled, shifting in my seat as Ray sighed, looking over to me, a pleading look in his eyes.
"No more, please. Frank's played Nightmare Before Christmas to death!"
"Corpse Bride then" I grinned before pouting and batting my lashes "please?"
"Fine" he sighed wandering off to find said film.
"Nice one!" Frank grinned once Ray was out of earshot. High-fiving me from his position lounging across Gerard's lap.
"Yeah" I smirked "it's great being a girl."
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