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Let's Play A Game...

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Okay so.... BLACKOUT!!!!

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It took Ray a good fifteen minutes to find the DVD and load it up on the TV screen.
We'd all moved around, switching seats; Frank sat on the floor in front of Mikey, Gee resting his on his brother's shoulder while I perched on the arm of the couch.
Staring at the screen I felt giddy. Half my friends would kill to be here; sat in a dark room, watching a movie with the My Chem boys.
My grin grew as my favourite scene appeared on the screen. Emily's eye popped out of its socket, the maggot in its place.
"Maggots" she laughed as the screen dies, the image imploding on itself in a sea of black.
"This cannot be happening!" Gerard growled, jumping up from his seat and apparently falling over Frank.
"Watch where you're putting your feet!"
The sound of movement filled the darkness with the strangely calm breathing of the others. A soft padding behind the couch and across the room announced Gee had made it to the light switch. An incessant clicking ensued.
"Power cut" they sighed.
Aw crap...

"So... what're we gonna do?" Mikey sighed, his strong accent hitting me with a strange force in the darkness. To be honest, all their accents seemed more pronounced in the darkness as they mumbled to themselves.
"How about Truth?" my eyes snapped open as the words slipped past my lips. Worst idea ever.
"Hell yeah!" Frank scrambled onto the couch. "Bagsy first go!"
Audible sighs filled the light deficient air as Frank squirmed, mumbling to himself.
"I'll start with an easy one; most embarrassing moment?"
"AGE ORDER!" Mikey yelled before anyone could ask who was answering first.
"F*ck..." Gee leaned on the back of the couch beside me "probably that time on stage... with the moaning..." Gerard mumbled, his cheeks probably filling with blood. A few quiet chuckles ensued before the next answer.
"When someone framed me on video about that mag!"
"Toro, admit it. It was yours!"
"Was not!"
"Alright stop arguing! Um... I don't really remember any" Bob chuckled.
"That's believable. You're the sane one" Gee giggled beside me.
"When a certain brother posted that pic of me on the web."
"But you looked hot in that dress!"
"Shut the f*ck up Gee!" Mikey's voice hit a new octave as his swatted behind him.
"Frank's turn!"
"Erm... oh! D'you remember that time... the thing with Gerard's 'toy'..." he shuddered.
"Oh yeah! That was hilarious, you were smashed!"
They laughed, areminiscing dreaminess to the sound... I don't even wanna know.
"Raven's turn!" Gee continued chuckling.
"It was a really weird incident and all I'm gonna say is Spain, alcohol and cacti, and leave you to think what you want" I blushed at the memory, giggling at myself.
"You're so telling me that story at one point" he nudged my arm. Hell no I wasn't.

Time Lapse

Exactly seven questions into the game the boys decided we needed booze. The consequences being the questions seemed to get dirtier, more embarrassing and overall way more stupid.
"Who wants a go with out with Gee?" Frank laughed drunkenly. Strangely this was one of the cleaner, saner questions asked.
"I do!" Gee laughed, laid on the floor, a bottle in his hand.
"Hell no!"
"Dunno" Mikey chuckled, shrugging "he's my bro, never thought 'bout it."
"Hell knows I would!"
I laughed, sipping the last dreg from my third bottle. "You mean you two never..."
"No idea!" Gee laughed "If we did we must have been falling over ourselves 'cause I don't remember anything."
"No avoiding answering you!" Frank laugh, prodding me in the side.
"Fine! Yeah, why not?"
Someone wolf whistled as the rest of us laughed.
"DARE!" Bob cheered. Mikey and Ray laughing in approval.
"KISS! Gee and Rav have to kiss!" more cheers of approval "twenty seconds!"
The room seemed to explode with more drunken laughter.
Why not? It wouldn't mean a thing.
I giggled as Gerard picked himself off the floor.
"Sorry" he mumbled as he placed his lips on mine, lights filling the room.
We didn't do anything, just pressed out closed lips together while the others peed themselves laughing.
"-4, 3, 2, 1"
We broke apart as soon as we could, both mumbling thanks that the other didn't do anything more.

"I'm bored now!"Frank slurred slightly, pulling an adorable thinking face in the light of the other's cell phones.
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