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The Rec Room

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'Cause being in a room, just the two of you isn't that nerve wracking.

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"What the f*ck is that?" Gerard sighed, staring at his younger brother as he sighed.
"Are you actually that old you haven't played Heaven or Hell?"
"I'm not old!" his voice hit a pitch even mine wouldn't reach "I'm only twenty-nine!"
"Yeah. Nearly thirty"Mikey smirked "old!"
"Shut up and explain the god damn game" he huffed, folding his arms with his bottom lip jutting out, making him like a sulking five year old.
Mikey opened his mouth, the glint in his eyes making it obvious he was planning on taunting his brother. So I took it upon myself to explain.
"It's the game where two people go in a room, one's in charge and the other has to do as they're told, right?"
Mikey's mouth remained open for a moment after I stopped talking before he closed it and nodded.
"Yeah, but when you say it like that it sounds like something Gee'd do in the bedroom." He ducked, smiling as he narrowly avoided a swinging hand.
"Shut up!"

"So, we doing that or is there something else to do?" Bob sighed, scanning the room with his normally sparkling blue eyes, disinterested making them dull. Almost dead.
"I don't think so..."Gerard's voice was the wariest I'd heard it; it was obvious he wanted someone to come up with at least one alternative.
"Okay then!" Mikey's mouth twisted into an almost cruel smile "first victim is Bob."
"What!? But I-"
"Which room are we using?" Mikey interrupted, his hazel eyes flitting between us.
"The rec room?" Frank shrugged, looking over to one of the doors in the darkness "its sound proof."
"Good call! Bob go wait in there, please." Bob stood up flicking his blonde fringe out of his face.
"I feel like I'm getting whored out" he said it as if it were the most normal thing he could say, before turning and trudging into the shadows.

"Okay, who's going with him?" Mikey whispered excitedly as the door clicked shut.
"I nominate Ray!" I grinned, earning a dirty look in return "all those in favour?"
Everyone but the nominee raised a hand. "Screw you" he sighed, standing and dragging himself into the dark.
And so the game began.

Time Lapse

Thirty minutes passed and three couples had gone in the room.
Ray and Bob, Mikey and Ray then Bob and Mikey.
And while they were in the room, we drank more and more and more booze... well, Frank did. Gee'd made it through the night with nothing but those bottled diet sodas. And I'd only had the one more since the end of Truth.
The 'rec room' did exactly as Frank said: you couldn't hear a thing going on in it and the silence in the room was piercing. Only the sipping from bottles for the first few moments.
A quiet whisper issued from the darkness.
"You two are like apair of gossiping school girls, you know that?"
One of them 'shh'ed me while the other giggled.
Total. Freakin'. Girls.
"Seriously, I feel left out!" I pouted as the rec room door opened, light spilling into the vortex of black.
"I say Raven and Gee next" Ray smirked "Gee's in charge."
Mikey chuckled, skipping lightly to our small gathering. "Don't do anything I wouldn't."

A bead of sweat rolled down my next as I wandered slowly to the door. Wrapping my slender fingers around the metal handle, trembling slightly as it clicked open.
I don't know why Ifelt so nervous; it was just gonna be me and Gerard sat in a room. Nothing stupid that I'd regret. Nothing I'd be obliged to keep to myself.
"So..." Gerard's shoulder brushed against mine as he passed, a white light following a click. It exploded to life, blurring the figure beside it.
"Thought there was apower cut" I giggled nervously, squinting as my eyes adjusted to the lack of darkness.
"There is. I just keep a battery power lamp in here... got it in England."
"Why England?" my eyes were still failing to adjust and focus on Gee as he perched on the desk top.
"'Cause England was fantastic an' I got it for a fiver" he chuckled quietly afterwards. I think he was attempting to do a good ol' British accent.... And failing, no matter how amazing he was at everything else.
My parents are from England, Yorkshire in fact, and they sound nothing like what he did. Not even my friends from London sounded like it.
Another silence descended on us like a thick fog. Slowly choking what I had to say out of me.

"Okay!" the word exploded from my mouth as unintentionally as if I'd thrown up. "I gotta get some things sorted out. And you've got some explaining to do."
I couldn't help the agitated tone of my voice or the way I tugged at the bottom of my hair.
"You've gotta explain everything."
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