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'He's much nicer in person'

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Jasmine and Natasha find Gerard but Jeff tracks them down...

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Jasmine's POV

"Can we stop there?" Natasha asked, looking at the ice-cream stand we had just passed.
"No!" I screamed.
But after a teeny bit of complaint from Natasha, I stopped and turned back. We quickly payed for Natasha's vanilla ice-cream and hopped back on the bike. I cycled faster than ever, scared that the black car would pop out of no where.
"Want some?" Natasha asked. I had to think about what she meant for a second before I realised.
"No, I'm good thanks." I said sarcastically, cycling even faster.
I quickly turned my head round for a split second and screamed. I focused on what was infront of me instead, trying to get as far away from the black car as possible.
"Are they still there?" I asked Natasha.
She twisted her head "Yeah, they're..." She dropped her ice-cream "My ice-cream! Can we get another one?"
"No! How close are they?"
"Uhhh... Pretty close."
"I have an idea." I quickly changed route, and darted through the park. The part of the park where cars couldn't access. And finally we were at the lake.
"Where's Gerard?" We both asked at the same time, looking around wildly.

Frank's POV

"Slow down!" I screamed, as we turned a tight corner, flinging us all to the right side of the car.
"Shut your mouth!" Jeff yelled back "We will follow these girls until we find our little stroppy singer!"
"Look, can't we just give him a break?"
"No. We're gonna find him, no matter what!"

Jasmine's POV

"Where the hell are you?"
"Grabbing a bite to eat, where are you?"
"Where you said you were! I told you not to move!"
"I got hungry! I'm sorry."
"You should've stayed put. Where are you now?"
"Burger King."
I got back on my bike, Natasha hopping on the back. I started pedalling to Burger King.
About half-way though, we saw a group of screaming girls running towards something. We cycled ahead of all of them and saw Gerard Way running at the front.
"Hey there!" I said, smiling at him "I'm Jasmine and this is Natasha!"
"The girls with my phone?" He asked, smiling "Nice to meet you both!"
"I did tell you to stay put."
"Hmmm I know. Can we get out of here?"
"Yeah, follow me.."
We managed to ditch the fan girls in the forest and hide inside some playground equipment.
"Do you have my phone?" Gerard asked.
"Yeah, but you don't want it." I told him "I got a text off Frank saying they're using the mobile to track our every move."
"Ahh good old Frank." Gerard smiled "But still, everything I need is on that phone..."
"Like your song lyrics?" I asked eagerly "I read Welcome To The Black Parade and Famous Last Words... But my favorite was Helena, who was that about?"
"My grandmother." He admitted "I wrote it for her, it was supposed to be everything to do with her... She wouldn't have wanted it to be a major downer. But you know, Jeff went and ruined it. The asshole."
"Well, here..." Natasha took the phone and pressed some buttons. We heard some beeps. "There, I sent your REAL videos and lyrics to every living person in this earth. Everyone is now going to see the REAL Gerard Way."
"Jeff is going to kill me..."
"Who cares!?" I asked "He's gonna kill you anyway, because you ran off..." I suddenly remembered something really important. Mum was going to KILL me. Unless... "And he's going to be even more mad at you later."
"We helped you." I told him, turning to him "Now it's time you help us... And my mom!"
"Will you play at my moms rally?"
Gerard sighed "I shouldn't really... But okay."
We all crawled out of the playground and began to walk to the 100 year old house...
"He's much nicer in person!" Natasha whispered into my ear and I giggled.

Franks POV

We tracked them down into a playground... We saw Jasmine's bike next to a small tube thing that kids crawled in and out of. Two bodyguards snuck up either side.
"We have them now." Jeff said, putting his hands on his hips.
"Just let them..." But the body guards came out, just holding the phone.
"No sign of Gerard or the girls." He said.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Jeff screamed, making me giggle although this wasn't the time for giggiling...
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