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Gerard gets in touch with Jasmine and Frank gets a little worrid...

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Jasmine's POV

Frank hung up on me, he was really angry. Seconds later I got another phone call.
"I'm sorry!" I yelled down the phone, thinking it was Frank.
"I know." Came the reply "I hear you've got my phone."
"G-Gerard?" I asked, nearly falling off my bed.
"Oh My God! I'm sorry, I should've given the phone back sooner. Me and my friend... Those pranks... They weren't meant to go that far..."
"Getting your hair cut and dyed..."
"Actually, that was one of the best things you could do for me."
"Making Eliza jealous so she'd break up with you..."
"Didn't you hear? I broke up with HER. Even if you had the phone or not, I was going to break up with her."
"Uhhh, she was SO clingy. And anyway, this girl Lyn-z from Mindless Self Indulgence, she's way cooler. Do not tell a soul, but I sort of cheated on Eliza."
"What?" I was shocked "You CHEATED on someone? I never thought you were that kind of guy."
"I only cheated because I knew it was nearly the end. In any other circumstances I wouldn't have."
"Hmmm... I still don't think it was the way to go about it."
"Whatever, can I have my phone back please?"
"Yeah... Where are you?"
"On a park bench by the lake."
"Okay. STAY THERE! Don't go anywhere!"
I opened the front door and cycled. I didn't go to the lake straight away. I went to see Natasha.

Frank's POV

"What do you mean he's missing?" Jeff asked, practically spraying spit in my face.
"I mean what I say." I replied "He's missing."
"Well we'll have to find him!"
"Why not give him a couple of minutes to be alone?"
"No. I've got a tracking device in his phone, we'll track him from that."
"Yeah, about his phone..."
"Come on, let's go!"

Jasmine's POV

Natasha was outside her house, picking out some weeds. She was wearing white jeans, a red and white top with high heeled shoes. Uhhh, what a fool. HeHe.
"Natasha!" I sqeueled, hopping off my bike "I'm sorry that I lied to you, it was stupid! But I really need your help!"
"With what?" Natasha stood up "Look, I don't do the whole saying sorry thing... But let's start again... Okay?"
I didn't expect an apology off Natasha. But knowing we can start again is good enough "Great. And Gerard has gone missing. I know where he is though because he phoned me. He wants us to go meet him so I can give him his phone back!"
"Uhhh... But I don't like him!"
"Come on!" I said, handing her a helmet.
"Excuse me, ever heard of helmet hair?" She asked, frowning. Then we noticed a big black car driving up behind us. "On second thoughts, helmet hair is cool! So in!"
She pulled it on, just as some people got out of the car and came running over "Where's Gerard?" a guy yelled.
"Get on!" I cried to Natasha. We jumped on my bike and cycled off. The people got back into the car and started driving after us.
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