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The Truth

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Natasha and Jasmine discuss the truth and Eliza gets angry.

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Jasmine's POV

The next time Frank rang I should've given it him back. But I didn't. I stuck to Natasha's plan and decided to keep the phone until further notice.
But things went from bad to worse when I recieved a phone call off of Eliza.
"Hi, is Gerard there?"
"No, who's calling?"
"Eliza, who the hell are you?"
"I'm Jasmine." Natasha was standing right next to me so I thought I'd make a joke out of it for her "And me and Gerard are spending a little alone time togethor for now, so it'd be nice if you didn't interupt us!"
"Excuse me!?" I heard, before hanging up. I giggled and so did Natasha.
But that night it was on his Fan Website and on MTV... Gerard and Eliza broke up. I wasn't laughing anymore.

Frank's POV

After Gerard broke up with his girlfriend, he didn't seem to want his phone back that much. He was worried about all the phone calls and text messages he was going to get about the break up. So he told me to hang onto it for a while. Just as well, because that silly little girl won't give me the phone back!

Jasmine's POV

I decided to go round to Natasha's house, to explain why we should give the phone back. I cycled round to her house and knocked on her door. Her Mum answered.
"Hello sweetie, you must be Jasmine!"
"Hi!" I smiled, remembering how polite Natasha had been to MY mum "It's great to meet you!"
"Natasha's in her room upstairs." I turned to go up the stairs, when she stopped me again "I just want to say, thanks for being such good friends with Natasha. She's a little shy so she doesn't really have many friends."
"Is she?" I asked. Natasha's always seemed so... Confident.
"Yeah. But she'll feel less home sick when her Dad comes home."
"Her Dad comes home?" I asked "I thought he was still in New York..."
"Sweetie, what do you mean STILL in New York? He's there for one week on a business course."
"So..." I thought about it "You've... Never lived in New York?"
"No, who told you that?"
I just smiled at her and said "No one." Then turned and ran up the stairs. She LIED to me! How could she do that!?
I ran into her bedroom but her back was to me and she was listening to loud music through her headphones. I pulled them off and she turned and smiled at me "Hi! How are you?"
"You're not from New York!" I suddenly said, my voice raised "Why did you lie to me?"
"Your Mom told me that your Dad is there for a week! Your parents aren't even divorced!"
"I never said that!" She said defensively "And hey, I'm not the only liar!"
"Oh how am I..."
"Making out you don't like Gerard Way, when it's SO obvious you do!" Natasha said angrily, getting off her bed "When I was at your house, I saw the posters under your bed. And the tee shirts!"
"Your Mom thinks you hardly have any friends because you're shy." I told her "But she's wrong. It's because you're a big fat liar!"
"Well, if I'm such a terrible person." Natasha began "Then why do you try so hard to be like me? You've always been ashamed to just be yourself. And it's pathetic."
"If anyone here is pathetic, it's you! And I'm giving the phone back!"
"Do what you want! But you can't blame me for all the bad things we've done on this phone! After all, you're the one who split up Gerard and Eliza!"
I was prepared to say more, SO much more. But Natasha's mother walked in "What is going on in here?"
I didn't reply, I just turned around and stormed out of Natasha's bedroom and out of her house. I never wanted to see her again!
As soon as I got home, I wasted no more time calling my real mobile.
"Frank, I'm sorry. We'll give you the phone back."
"I wish you had said that sooner." Frank said, sulkily "I told Gerard the truth, about two twelve year old girls running his life... And he disappeared and no one knows where he is."
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