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School's out, FOREVER!

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Being a half demon half feline had become, with only some reluctance, second nature for Nero. But damn, why did it keep getting weirder along the way? Was there no end to the seemingly random effec...

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A/N So, you're probably wondering –but not complaining- about why I made more than one update for one posting eh? Simple, I was bored, had all day to be bored...and I ended up doing one chapter that was too long for this fic, you may notice that every chapter in this is never over 5000 words. Always somewhere between 4000 and 2000 maybe on a special occasion 5000. But yeah, this one was like...10 000...and that was WAY too long for one chap, so I split it if that's alright! Ok, on with it!

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"Any idea who it was?" Nero nodded, wincing as his head pounded with the action, was it just him or was there an odd buzzing noise coming from somewhere? Nero blinked when his cheek was tapped lightly. "Nero? I asked you a question, did you catch who was summoned?" Nero refrained from nodding again.

"Yeah, some 'Grigoriea' or something or other, hey, what's that buzzing noise?" Asked Nero as he suddenly tipped forward. Dante caught him easily and frowned as he tilted Nero's head back slightly. He was out cold it seemed. Dante sighed.

"Always charging in head first eh kid? Well, looks like this time you got a bad concussion out of it." with that he lifted Nero up bridal style and turned to head back to the car. He'd rather leave Nero where it was somewhat safe then in the Inn where he'd be found easily, it seemed Grigoriea had an interest in his kitten, and that didn't sit well with Dante, not one bit.
Warnings: Swearing, violence, bloodshed/gore and surprisingly, Horror themes. I know, I was feeling creative! XD

Words: 4, 816

Mission 6: Schools Out, Forever...

When Dante entered Wenhella once again after leaving an unconscious Nero in this car, the first thing he noticed was that the fog had thinned into a light mist, so he could actually see more then five feet in front of him. Grinning at his luck finally turning Dante wondered back into town, head straight for the town Hall where he'd run into Grigoriea with Nero. Grigoriea, now why did that name sound so familiar? His name was in a tome you flicked through when you were looking for something on Nero's curse moron. He's a con artist by trade, tricks humans into worshipping him and setting him free in the guise of a God of Purity. A disgrace to all Devil's, but is no push over in power, he has a love for illusions, so use your head. A monkey like you should be able to get through it though... Dante scowled at his inner Vergil, none to please with the insults, but thankful for the info. He had indeed come across that name when looking for some info on Nero's curse in the beginning. With more information than before Dante continued on his way towards the Hall, about to start whistling when something large and solid smashed into him from the side, throwing him through the wall of the building he was walking past with a crash.

Dante pulled himself to his feet and dusted himself off, shaking his head to shake the dust from it. He blinked, then sneezed when the dust got up his nose. He whipped his nose on his sleeve with a huff and looked around the room he found himself in, it looked like a school actually... a classroom to be more exact. He scanned the room for the thing that had knocking into him but came up empty. He scowled at the Dante shaped whole in the wall, then sneezed again.

"Stupid –achoo!- plaster –achoo!- dust." He said between sneezes. He rubbed his nose on his sleeve again as he made his way to the door of the room, pushing it open without anything attacking/maiming/eating/hitting and/or jumping him. He looked down both halls, twitching at the emptiness of the building. He wondered down one of the halls, spinning on his heel with Ivory drawn and aimed down the hall when a piece of paper flittered across the floor. He rolled his eyes and continued on, gun still in hand. He passed by several locked classrooms, a cleaning closet and several rows of lockers before he came to what could only be the cafeteria. He wrinkled his nose as the scent of rotting food met him in a fowl smelling wave. He waved his hand in front of his nose in an attempt to ward off the smell, ultimately failing. He shrugged it off and entered the eating room, passing by the food counters, glancing into each one as he passed, nose wrinkling even more at the horrible smell. Something was off here, and not just the food. He twitched when he saw a slice of pizza that had sprouted fur and mentally cursed the one responsible for wasting god's gift to man.

Dante decided it was time to leave before the smell killed him and turned to do just that, only to see a shadow dart past the door. He was after it before it even past the door completely with Ebony and Ivory in each hand. He flew past several more classrooms, following the fleeing shadow but had to turn sharply as it darted down a stairwell off to the side. He used the wall as a springboard as he shot down the stairs, coat flapping behind him as he shot out into the lower floor hall, skidding to a stop, his boots giving a long drawn out squeak as he stopped. He looked down both halls, frowning at the lack of the mysterious shadow. Scratching his head with the barrel of Ebony Dante started down a random hall, nose twitching as he tried to sniff out anything that wasn't supposed to be there. He almost jumped out of his skin when a high pitched ringing suddenly sounded, echoing all over the school for a drawn out few seconds before finally stopping. Dante glared at the innocent red school bell on the wall, but frowned when the sound of many doors opening reached him. He looked to the nearest door, only to raise a brow as several human shaped shadows exited and filled the halls, walking past and through him as he stood in the centre of the hall, spinning this way and that. When he span again everything suddenly lit up in colour and the shadows suddenly became people, teenagers to be exact, all rushing past him to their next class, books held in hands and bags on backs. Nerds, jocks, cheerleaders and even teachers hurried past him without seeing him, giving no indication that anything was amiss. He shuddered when a cheerleader walked right through him, sending chills over his skin.

"What the hell?" He muttered as he pushed past the crowd, only for everyone to simply pass through him. He pushed through a particularly broad –even to him- quarterback and entered a pair of large double doors. The second he entered everything went back to being empty and dark, the only light coming from the blood moon through the windows. He looked around what had to be a gym, if the polished wooden floors where anything to go by. He wondered into the large room, turning in a circle to take it all in as he moved. He paused when a basket ball rolled into his leg, causing him to look down. He tilted his head slightly then knelt down to poke the ball, upon being able to touch it he picked it up and dribbled it a few times before spinning it on his finger. He smirked and threw it over his head, continuing on to the other side of the room even as the ball fell through the hoop. He reached out to open another set of double doors when the room lit up and the sound of sneakers on polished wood sounded. He span around to see two teams playing against each other in a game of basket ball and a group of cheerleaders cheering them on in the corner. He raised a brow as one jumped up to slam the ball into the hoop, holding onto it even as the glass shattered and everything snapped back to normal. Dante blinked. "I'll say again, what the-SMACK-" Dante stumbled back as a basketball ricocheted off his face and bounced away and out the other door. Dante's brow twitched. Devil of illusions remember! Or haven't you figured that out yet hmm? Stupid monkey. Dante ignored the voice in his head, and the ball that was rolling around out in the hall by itself –weird- and turned back to his own door only to blink when he came face to face with the ugliest woman he'd ever seen.

"And just what do you think you're doing young man! Your were supposed to report to detention, not play ball!" Dante blinked incredulously at the transparent woman in front of him, then shrugged and punched her in the face, only for his hand to pass through without resistance and the woman to fizzle out of existence. He blinked, then looked at his hand, then shook his head.

"Come on Griggy! This crap don't scare me! If anything it's kinda sad, weird too, I bet if Nero were here he'd have a blast!" Dante called as he span again with his arms out. He nearly tripped when he saw a familiar figure standing on the other side of the room mid spin. "Kid?" he asked as the teen stepped forward into the red tinted moonlight. White ears flat against his head and tail swishing wildly behind him in a show of anger. Dante blinked. "How's your head kid?" he asked, he frowned when he received no answer. "Nero?" Then it dawned on him, this was obviously not Nero, but another illusion. He scowled. "Oh come on Griggsy, that's a little below the belt don't you think?" He paused. "An illusion though he is, you still got a few details wrong, you see his-" whatever he was going to say was interrupted when a glowing blue fist collided with his face, sending him several yards back until he hit the opposite wall. He pulled himself to his feet as the not-quite-an-illusion-after-all Nero approached him again. He frowned. "Ok, not an illusion, then what?" The not-Nero smirked dangerously as he flexed sharp claws and in a voice that sounded more like Dante in his devil Trigger said.

"What's the matter, Son of Sparda, scared?" Dante scoffed.

"Not really, that you Griggsy?" The Not-Nero suddenly shifted, white hair stiffening into platelets and turning black, smooth pale skin turning grey with streams of glowing green, jeans turning into nothing but black scales and hoody turning into a leathery tail, Devil Bringer shifting and turning into a scythe like limb tinted green and silver and cat ears lengthened and curled into ram horns while legs snapped into an odd angle and boots became hooves. Dante raised a brow as slate blue eyes turned black with flecks of neon green. The first thing that came to Dante's lips was:

"Whoa, your seriously one ugly mother fucker." Grigoriea simply laughed at that, his odd double toned voice bouncing off the walls.

"So arrogant, but for how long? When I'm through with you, I'll be finding that juicy little kitten and having me some fun." As it turned out, that was seriously the wrong thing to say in front of Dante.

"Fucker, I'll kill you!" Dante let loose a barrage of bullets, but just as they hit Grigoriea fizzled out of existence just as the ugly lady had. Dante seethed as he scanned the room, nostrils flaring and eyes tinting red as he kicked open the doors and shot off into the halls in search of the devil. "Come back here and fight you ugly ass son of a bitch!"

Grigoriea's laughter filled the halls.
Nero groaned as he came to yet again. He opened his eyes and blurrily gazed up at the roof of Dante's car. He frowned. "How the hell did I get here?" He paused to think, then groaned as it caused his head to throb. "Ow, stupid old man just had to leave me out here." He mumbled as he used the back of the driver's seat to pull himself into a sitting position. He groaned and rested his head on the seat in front of him. "My head..." he mumbled as he rubbed the side of his head, rubbing his ears while he was at it. Thankfully he seemed to have his normal hearing back and it didn't sound like he was listening through a wall of water. And hey, the buzzing was gone! He rubbed his face and looked at the digital clock on the dash board. He frowned. From the time he left their room at the Inn, arrived at the hall, got blasted and knocked out again, he seemed to have been out for a total of...three or four hours. Great, if Dante wasn't dead yet he was in trouble. Giving himself a mental shake Nero fumbled with the door, then kicked it open as he climbed out. He stood on shaky legs for a moment, then straightened himself out. He patted himself down and frowned when he didn't find any of his weapons. He turned and stood before the boot, popping it open to find his sword and gun inside. He mumbled something about meddling old men as he strapped Red Queen on and holstered Blue Rose. He was about to close the boot but paused when he saw a familiar purple air guitar resting at the back of the boot, half covered by one of Dante's duffle bags. He grinned as he pulled the purple instrument out. He strummed a few electric blue strings and smirked as Nevan cried out in relief.

"Finally! I've only been sitting there for hours! Thank god you found me kitten, I was begging to go stir crazy." Nero sighed at the nickname and used his Devil Bringer to absorb her.

"I might need your help anyway, something tells me this devil is gonna be a pain."

"Oh, who is it hun?" Nero blinked.

"Grigoriea, or something." Nevan hummed in thought.

"Grigoriea, Devil of Illusions, a real prick for sure. He gets off on tricking people and freaking them out. How'd he get out?" Nero huffed.

"Some stupid humans thinking he was a god summoned him, I tried to stop it but I was too late, got hit for it to, been out for a few hours it seems. The old man brought me back here to recover while he went off to steal all the fun." Nevan snorted.

"That buffoon is going to get himself killed one of these days, I swear if you don't knock some sense into him, I will." Nero hummed in agreement as he passed under the rusted welcome sign. He looked around and noticed the mist had faded to almost nothing.

"Hmm, that's good I 'spose, I won't be running into anything then." With that he took off in a sprint through the streets, heading for the town hall once again.

"Is it just me, or is this place oddly deserted?" Nero nodded absently.

"The majority of the population is unconscious in the town hall, the others, I have no idea where they went." Nevan hummed again. Halfway to the hall Nero skidded to a halt at a suspiciously shaped hole in the wall of a school. He frowned and sniffed the air, smirking when he scented Dante. "Keh, idiot wasn't paying attention." With that he jumped into the hole, leaving the class room without a backward glance. He followed Dante scent through the halls, ears perked to catch even the smallest of sounds. He followed the hunters scent to a cafeteria, only to promptly walk back out while holding a hand to his nose and mouth as he walked in the other direction. He followed the scent down some stairs, through a set of double doors and into a vast hall lined with lockers. He frowned slightly when the sound of cheering echoed faintly through the halls, followed by several unmistakable gunshots. He took off in the direction the shots were coming from, passing through a gym and several more halls before coming to a halt in what had to be a chemistry lab. He wondered into the large room, big enough to hold several classes and looked around, even ducking to check under tables as he passed them. He came to another door and opened it only to stumble back when a booted foot nearly collided with his face. He pulled Blue Rose from her holster and aimed her at...Dante? he blinked.

"Dante, there you are, what's going on in this freaky ass school?" Dante didn't reply however and began to advance on the feline. Nero frowned. "Dante?" He gasped when Dante suddenly pulled his arm back and punched him in the face, sending him flying into a few tables. He stumbled to his feet and looked at Dante, his head pounding as the elder approached with a cold look in his eyes and a smirk on his lips.

"What's wrong kid, it's just me." He said.

Nero's eyes narrowed. "You're not Dante, who the hell are you? Grigoriea?" Not-Dante paused, then smirked and began to change. When it was done Nero raised a brow at the grey skinned ram like devil. "Huh, has anyone ever told you your one ugly-" Grigoriea growled.

"Yes yes I heard it all before from your partner." Nero snickered at that.

"Well, then it must be true." Nero laughed as Grigoriea growled threateningly at him.

"You try my patients boy, you know, I was going to settle on asking you to be my little play thing for a while, but after that little comment? I think I'll just take what I want from you." Nero raised a brow. Ok, he'd already had a giant cat demon try to rape him, now this ugly ass moron wanted to as well?

He suddenly wanted to blow something up...

"Yeah yeah that's all well and good and all, but you'll find that quest to be a hazardous one, seeing as I'm already spoken for, and well seriously, whose stupid enough to piss off the Devil Hunter Dante? I know I can get away with it, I have special privileges, but you? Keh, you'll be dead before you can say 'Sparda'." Grigoriea hummed.

"Is that supposed to scare me hmm? Well, sorry to disappoint, I'm the one who does the scaring." Nero rolled his eyes and holstered Blue Rose and instead summoned Nevan from his Devil Bringer. Grigoriea seemed intrigued by the action but otherwise remained where he was. "You bring a guitar to a devils fight? What are you going to door, bore me to death?" Nero smirked and slid his feet apart for balance and raised him arm, ready to slam down on Nevan and blast the fucker to kingdom come.

"No, not bore...just blast." With that he slammed down on Nevan, sending a visible shockwave of sound at Grigoriea, whose eyes widened comically at the attack. He didn't get a chance to dodge though as Nevan's attack slammed him into the wall while the shockwaves turned sharp and sliced into his grey skin, drawing dark red, nearly brown blood. He screeched and rolled out of the way of another sound blast, this one accompanied by vicious looking bats made out of demonic energy. "What's the matter Griggy, not loud enough for you? Here, let me crank up the volume then!" With that he slammed down again, sending a neon purple soundwave at the illusionist, who paled and fizzled out of existence, causing the shockwave to slam into the wall and blast it to pieces. Nero whistled as he pet Nevan. "Awesome." He grinned as he poked his head out of the large hole in the wall. Nevan giggled.

"Why thank you."

Nero flipped Nevan over his shoulder and wondered into the hall.

Dante growled as he stalked down the endless halls of the school, briefly wondering if there was an illusion on the building making it bigger or it was really just a maze. He rounded another corner only to wince when what sounded like an air guitar cranked into existence, making the walls and floor vibrate as shockwaves rippled the air around him. He blinked, was that Nevan? That meant Nero was awake and in the school, for real this time...

With a growl he took off in the direction Nevan had sounded, almost tripping when a loud rift blasted down the hall, blowing his coat behind him. He gapped slightly as a purple flash blasted one of the walls in front of him out. He blinked at the damage, then sighed in relief when he saw Nero poke his head out of the hole, then step into the hall with Nevan on his shoulder. "Nero!"
Nero span around at the voice and had Nevan ready for another solo when he saw Dante walking quickly towards him, he raised a hand to slam down when the not-Dante, Dante? Paused, then raised his hands in a show of surrender.

"Relax kid, it's me." Nero scoffed.

"Yeah right, that's what the other one said before he attacked me." Dante's eyes narrowed at this but otherwise remained still. Nero eyed him warily for a moment. "Do I have a tattoo?" Dante grinned.

"Yep." Nero raised a brow.

"Where is it?" Dante grinned even more.

"Right here." He said as he pointed to his own shoulder. Nero lowered Nevan slightly.

"What is it?" Dante huffed.

"A stupid cat who tried to bite my finger off several times." Nero sighed in relief and absorbed Nevan.

"Thank Christ for that. Where the hell have you been old man?" Dante rolled his eyes and lowered his hands.

"Around, this damn school is like a maze." Nero snorted.

"Hardly a maze, more like the Labyrinth." Dante hummed his agreement as he stood in front of Nero and took his chin in his head, turning his head from side to side gently.

"How's your head?" he asked. Nero sighed.

"Better, but I still have a headache, so keep the yapping to a minimal." Dante hummed and lowered his face to catch Nero's lips in a quick kiss, waiting just long enough for Nero to respond before pulling back.

"Good, you had me worried for a bit there kid." Nero rolled his eyes as he swatted Dante's hand from his chin, fighting down a blush as he cleared his throat. He ignored Nevan cooing in his head.

"Grigoriea's being a pest and haunting us in this school, and since he won't let us leave and won't stick around long enough for one of us to kill him, I came up with a better idea." Dante raised a brow at the wicked gleam in Nero's eyes.

"Well? Sharing is caring." Nero grinned almost sinisterly.

"This school has one of those old fashioned boilers." Dante blinked.

"And?" Nero smirked.

"What happens when you overload a boiler?" At Dante's uncomprehending look his sighed. "It goes boom." Dante's face brightened.

"Awesome! To the boiler!" he announced as he turned on his heel, then paused. "Uh, where's the Boiler room?" Nero slapped his forehead.

"And I sleep with this idiot?"

"Oh hush, at least he makes up for it with his looks eh? How is he in bed? Does that help?" Nero's face took on several shades of red at once as he scratched his nose with his Devil Bringer and cleared his throat.

"None of your business, and if you go looking in my head for the answer I'll smash you on the floor." Nevan giggled.

"Relax kitten, I'm just teasin' you." Nero huffed.

"Well stop." He muttered. Dante looked at him funny.

"Stop what?" Nero shook his head.

"Talking to Nevan, she's being...nosy." Dante nodded in understanding.

"She usually never shuts up with me, always making perverted comments." Nero huffed.

"Sounds familiar." With that he turned and made his way to the boiler room he'd passed before hand. He looked back and noticed Dante was looking at something down the other end of the hall. "You coming or not?" Dante looked at him, then nodded and jogged to catch up, falling in step with his smaller lover.

When they reached the boiler room they found the door locked. Nero hissed at it in annoyance and Dante just chuckled at Nero. With a growl Nero flexed his claws, then shoved one into the key hole of the lock. He withdrew it a moment later and smirked as it began to hiss and release faint blue fumes. Dante raised a brow at him and Nero shrugged. "Picked it up when Lady kidnapped you." Dante rolled his eyes as Nero kicked the door open with little effort when the lock melted. They both made their way down the stairs on the other side of the door, eyes and ears open in the near pitch blade darkness of the descending hall. When they reached the bottom Nero raised his Devil Bringer and brightened it's glow, lighting up the room just enough for their enhanced sight to see. Dante blinked when Nero glanced at him, his normally slate blue eyes reflecting the light eerily. They made their way into the boiler room and Dante flicked the light switch, only for it to not work. He frowned and followed Nero to a large rusted contraption that made an odd humming noise mixed with a bubbling noise. He frowned at the odd thing. Nero moved over to one side where there were several knobs, taps and turn wheels. He proceeded to randomly turned the wheels and taps, switched random knobs and ripping off a pipe for good measure. Suddenly the pressure reader quivered and began moving to the red zone and Nero grinned.

"All done, now to get out before we get blown to bits." With that they both took off back up the stairs and back into the hall. They made a beeline for the hole Dante had made when he'd been thrown through the wall, only able to find it because of Nero's fresher scent from it. When they were within sight of the classroom everything flashed and the hall was filled with students once again. Nero blinked. "What the fuck?" He wondered as the people passed right through him. Dante only snorted.

"This again Griggy? Your running out of tricks." With that he grabbed Nero's arm and pulled him into the classroom with the hole and pushed him through just as an ear splitting boom resounded under the building, causing it to shake on its foundations as several more explosions went off. Dante jumped out after Nero and they both made a mad dash to the nearest building to hide behind as the whole school suddenly went up in flying debris and smoke, soon followed by fire.

Nero grinned suddenly. "Well, that settled my urge to blow something up." Dante looked at him incredulously. "What?" He just shook his head.

"You worry me sometimes kid..." Nero just rolled his eyes.

"Don't we have a Priest to kill? Something tells me if we kill him we break Grigoriea's connection to the human world." Dante hummed in thought, then nodded.

"Should work, of not we'll just send him off ourselves eh?" Nero nodded.

"Sounds like a plan." They ignored the burning school behind them as they made their way to the hall that was layered with thick fog...
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