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Being a half demon half feline had become, with only some reluctance, second nature for Nero. But damn, why did it keep getting weirder along the way? Was there no end to the seemingly random effec...

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A/N HOLY FUCKING SHIT I UPDATED! How long has it been now? No idea, but I have a reason. My USB was stolen, the thing had all of my fanfiction on it, all three years' worth of it...Yeah I was a little stricken...It's taken me a while to make new pieces to work from and what not. But I have returned MWUAHAHA! I'll make this a nice long chapter to make up for lost time eh? Enjoy!

I do not, nor will I ever own DMC! (Did you know they're making a CG devil may cry movie for the cinemas? Well you do now!

Any who on to the freaky silent hill spin off!


Nero could take care of himself... Yes that's why six months ago you were crying over his dead body like the wibling baby you are. Dante ignored his 'inner Vergil' and continued onward. Want an explanation? Ok, you know that voice everyone gets in their head telling them shit they don't want to hear, like their conscience. Well Dante's was no different, he'd simply given his a name, because seriously, it sounded so much like Vergil it was almost fucking insane. It bitched, it insulted him, it never took his side, it never had anything nice to say and the one that got was always right! He made a mental note to find some drugs that'd shut it up.

Because seriously, there was nothing wrong with him...

Not, a thing...


Now Nero was looking at him funny...

Warnings: Violence, bloodshed, yaoi smut (Maybe) humor and Nero's mouth.

Mission 5: No Comment...

It'd taken a little over an hour but eventually Nero and Dante had found an Inn, well rather it was a crap heap with windows but hey, beggars can't be choosers. After standing in the front office for about ten minutes waiting for the inbred moron to figure out he had customers they had payed for the only functioning room and grabbed the key. Turns out the room only had the one single bed, no couch, not even a carpet. A broken television, moth eaten curtains, unknown stains on the walls, a cracked mirror (Who ever did that will have 7 years bad luck) and a bedside table. The light flickered at random intervals and it didn't take demonic hearing to figure out there were rats and god knows what else in the ceiling. All in all, it was their own little slice of hell.

Dante said he'd rather hell...

The only thing the older hunter had to look forward too was having his kitten sleep on top of him, as he himself was big enough to take up the single bed on his own, and unless Nero wanted to curl up on the floor it was his only choice. Dante wasn't complaining, Nero just sighed, Dante always tried something when they slept together...

You could imagine how active their relationship would be just from that, considering they shared the same bed back in the DMC.

Sex was good, especially with Dante, but you get sore after a while...

Dante seemed to forget Nero didn't have as much demonic blood as he did. (Poor Nero)

On to other news...The 'thing' Nero had heard, was hanging around the Inn, stalking them. Currently Nero sat against the headboard of the bed cleaning Blue Rose to perfection. He ignored Dante for the most part, still pondering the man's odd behaviour on the way through the town. He'd never seen him so quiet and detached before, it was as if he'd taken on his twins persona -He'd heard all about the guy from Lady- and it was creepy as hell. A quiet Dante meant hell was having a snow day. And if hell was having a snow...they were all screwed.

Finishing with Blue Rose Nero glanced up at Dante, who was currently flipping through a random magazine he'd found in the small bathroom, with a twitch Nero noticed it was a porn magazine...with naked women. Had Nero been the jealous type he'd have snatched the thing, torn it to pieces, used Red Queen to light it on fire then shoved it down Dante's pants. Oh the dance that would follow! Shaking his head absently Nero flicked a piece of his hair out of his face and looked at the window, raising a brow at the moth eaten fabric that looked like it'd turn to dust if he poked it. He ignored Dante's perverted giggling from the floor at the foot of the bed and stood, this room was going to drive him insane. Holstering Blue Rose and sheathing Red Queen Nero headed over to the door, opened it, then turned to Dante, who was sitting cross-legged on the floor with his nose buried in the porn magazine.

"I'm gonna go for a walk, check out the town while I'm at it, be back later." Dante lifted his face from the magazine and eyed him for a moment.

"Sure thing kid, if you find some hidden trove of cat nip be sure to-" Nero didn't even let him finish as he slammed the door shut and stalked down the hall.

Dante shook his head. "Yeah well, be careful kid." Then buried his nose back in the magazine, releasing another giggle as he turned the thing length ways as a page doubled out.

Nero grumbled as he stuffed his hands in his pockets, kicking a rock into a trash can as he wondered the streets of Wenhella. "Stupid old man, one of these days I'll scratch that mug of his until he's singin Kumbia from my poison." With a huff Nero kicked a larger rock, freezing when it smashed through a random window, causing a few dogs to go off. Nero cursed as the porch like flicked on and a rifle shoved the door open. Not eager to get shot Nero bolted behind another house only to yowl when a dog launched at his face, only to get yanked back by its chain. The dog continued to bark and snarl at him and Nero smirked as his ears swivelled forward.

"Awe, is the poor poochi all chained up? Boo hoo for poochi." Nero stuck his tongue out at the dog, who seemed to pause, then redouble its efforts at the snickering feline in front of it. Nero was about to taunt the dog again but yowled when the dogs chain broke, letting it lunge at him freely. Nero hissed and spat as he jumped up onto a pile of crates, yanking his tail up just as the dogs teeth closed in its place. He hissed at the dog as it tried to jump up onto the crates, succeeding only in failing and making Nero laugh at it. "Nice try poochi, but you ain't getting this cat any time soon!" Nero frowned suddenly at his own words. "What the hell?" Since when did he refer to himself as a cat? He blinked, then shrugged. "Oh well." He gave one final wave to the snarling dog and jumped the rest of the way onto the roof of the building the crates were piled next to. He stuffed his hands back in his pockets and wondered over the rooftop, hopping onto the next one while whistling the same tune Dante had been in the car.

Sometime later Nero had come across what could possibly pass for a small town hall, and upon finding what appeared to be the majority of the town's population inside he quietly jumped from the rooftop he was on to the balcony of the hall, glaring at the closed doors. He climbed onto the railing and shuffled along the wall until he came to an open window just big enough for him to see through, but too small for him to squeeze through. He took in the people crowded into the small hall with curiosity, noting all of the women were wearing black veils to cover their faces while the men wore black masks that just covered their eyes. There were no children present, but the majority of the people were noticeably in their older years. "Hey, maybe it's bingo night." Nero thought with an amused huff. He frowned however when who appeared to be the leader of this congregation entered through two large ornate doors at the front of the hall, where a raised platform and podium stood. The leader was an old man wearing black robes, all in the same fashion as a priests. Nero was suddenly reminded of the old codger Sanctus and his giant evil paper mache Saviour. Nero perked his ears forward as the Sanctus try hard stood at the podiem and began to speak to the gathered crowd.

"Welcome back my brothers, my sisters, to the Purging!" Nero shivered at that.

"Sounds like some cliché horror movie." He muttered.

"Every year we gather here on this very night, the night of the blood moon, to offer our gifts to the great Grigoriea, so that he might once again Rise to purge our home of the unwelcome filth of the outsiders." Nero's slitted eyes narrowed dangerously. This was defiantly demonic worship...He glanced at the sky. And oh look at that, a blood moon. Suddenly nervous Nero looked back to the proceedings, eyes nearly popping out of his head as all the women in the room suddenly tore off their dresses, leaving only there veils to cover their faces. He watched on in disgusted fascination as each women turned their backs to the gathering, all lined up side by side, arms entwined, giving Nero a clear view of the twisted, grotesque black lines that marred their flesh. Each line twirling and twisting from one pale, scared back to another, and with dawning horror Nero recognized the lines and runes for what they were.

A Summoning...

Of a very powerful devil by the looks of things. No ordinary demon would need that many keys. Demons needed circles and sacrifices, a few spooky words and candles to be summoned.

Devils needed devout worshippers, devoted enough to carve the keys to its own gate, in Gaelic, with a silver knife dipped in the blood of a true innocent into their own flesh...and to truly believe in it.

"Oh crap, where's the old man when you really need him?" Muttered Nero as his ears flattened to his head and his tail fluffed up. The leader of the group suddenly produced a silver bowl from behind the podium, filled with a metallic smelling crimson liquid that Nero instantly identified with a growing horror, as human blood. The leader moved to stand directly behind the first woman, then proceeded to say a few things in some weird language Nero had never heard before, then dipped his bare hand into the no doubt fresh blood, then smeared it onto the woman's back, causing the blackened lines to light up a sickening green. He moved up along the line of twenty women, doing the same to all of them. Nero suddenly realized he should do something to stop this and cursed himself for not doing so sooner. Suddenly remembering he had a cell phone Nero yanked it out and flipped it open, only to hiss as he saw it had no signal. "Convenient." He growled as he pocketed the useless contraption. He stood from his crouched position outside of the window and jumped off the wall, landing with barely a thud in front of the entry doors that were chained shut. He hissed again, drew Blue Rose and shot the chains off, lifting his leg straight after to boot the doors open with a resounding boom.

He entered the silenced hall with Red Queen over his shoulder and Blue Rose tapping his thigh. He looked around, taking in all of the shocked, angry and confused faces. He snorted rather rudely.

"Damn, had I known there was a party in town I would'a come sooner!" he called as he wondered further into the hall, raising a brow at the humans who parted for him. He heard hushed whispers that no human would have heard throughout the hall.

"White hair..."

"Look at that arm..."

"Strange ears..."

"He's not one of us."


"What is it?"

Nero scoffed at the words and growled at a man who tried to touch his Devil Bringer, causing him to stumble back. The leader of the group suddenly pointed at him with a blood soaked hand.

"Who are you to intrude upon our most sacred gathering heathen!" Nero raised a brow and whistled in disbelief.

"Heathen? Wow, I've been called a lot of things, kid, monster, demon, freak, liar, kitten, but that's a new one!" he laughed slightly at their confused looks.

"Be gone from this place demon spawn! Or fear the wrath of Grigoriea, god of Purity!" Nero's brow twitched. Demon spawn? He mentally bobbed his head.

"Not to far from the truth I 'spose." He thought. Wait, God of Purity? He shrugged.

"Ya caught me! Yeah, I'm not human, whatever. Demon spawn, devil spawn, same diff! But anyway, seriously, you gotta stop this voodoo summoning shit, or I'll have to kick your ass." The man made a sound of outrage and pointed at him again.

"Kill him! Kill the demon spawn!" Nero sighed in exasperation.

"Oh well, don't say I didn't warn ya." With that he ducked under a punch from some random and kicked him in the gut, sending him flying across the room.
Some four minutes later Nero dusted his hands together and looked around the room, snickering at all the unconscious goons. He turned back to the leader and waved.

"Is that all you got? Come on, I didn't even break a sweat!" The man went purple in the face, then suddenly smirked as he pulled out a blood stained tome. Nero's eyes widened as he started up the stairs to the dais as the man began resiting what was written. Nero jumped and tackled the man just as he snapped the book shut and the women screamed and the room lit up in a sickly green light. Internally, Nero smacked himself, then he knew no more as a large explosion threw him into a wall.
Dante mumbled something unintelligible and snored under the magazine on the bed, foot twitching once as he continued to snore. He'd gotten tired of waiting for Nero to show up so he could jump him and had gone to sleep without a second thought on the matter. Giggling perversely in his sleep, magazine on his face Dante happily dreamed off his very own Nero Sundae. (XD) Half way through a particularly loud snore –he would deny it later- he choked and shot upright eyes instantly darting to the window as a sickly green flash lit up the room, followed by a rather loud boom that had him cleaning his ear after it subsided. He sighed, then grinned.

"Time to go to work!" with that he shot out of bed and grabbed his coat, sword and guns, and was out the door before he even had his coat on. He exited the Inn and looked around, frowning when he was met with nothing but a wall of grey. "Well, this is gonna be annoying." He mumbled as he swatted the air. He shrugged and stuffed his hands in his pockets, wondering into the thick fog, whistling a merry tune as he went.
Nero groaned as he swam back into awareness, seeing nothing but white and hearing nothing at all. He moved to rub his ears but for some reason he couldn't move his hands. Looking up Nero groaned again when he found himself chained to a large wooden pole. Maybe they wanted to burn him? Nero scoffed, then groaned as his head throbbed. He was so going to have a migraine later. He looked down and saw his feet were also chained to the pole, with chains going across his chest as well. He frowned and looked around, again only seeing nothing but white, and his hearing only slightly returning with a loud ringing. His poor ears!

With an inward sigh Nero tested his restrains, frowning when he found they were actually very strong, and not the human strong either, these things were made to hold devils! Nero cursed as he tried to reach one of his long claws into the lock, if only he could get even one drop of poison into it, it'd melt the locking mechanism! –nifty trick he'd learnt trying to break into Lady's after she'd kidnapped Dante for ransom...long story short, Dante owed her money- Giving up as it was hopeless Nero slumped against the pole, shifting slightly when he leaned on his tail. His ears perked up when he heard footsteps approaching. He frowned when he heard echoing laughter that sounded too freaky to be human.

"You smell like that Son of Sparda!" Nero scoffed. "No, really, his scent is all over you...hmm, you must be his little toy then!" Nero growled as the newcomer laughed again. "Oh I'm sorry, am I making you angry kitten?" Nero hissed.

"Call me that again and lets see whose laughing!" Only Dante could call him that and live...relatively. The ass hole only laughed again, making Nero's tail fluff up.

"Ah yes, I can see the allure, feisty, I like that!" Nero twitched.

"Who cares what you like? Unchain me so I can do what I like and kick your ass!" Suddenly a pair of glowing green eyes appeared in the fog.

"That's quite enough kitten, there's no need to get testy I was just teasing, beside's, I don't think I've introduced myself." Nero glared as the leader of the gathering appeared in the fog, eyes glowing a sickly green that made his hackles rise. The obviously possessed man swept into a bow. "I am, Grigoriea, but friends call me Grigs." Nero snorted.

"Well my name is fuck you, friend's call me let me the fuck go!" Grigs frowned as he stepped up onto the platform Nero was tied to with the pole. Nero flinched when his hand snapped up and grabbed his jaw with enough force to bruise and yanked his head so he was facing him.

"You've got quite a mouth on you boy, and though it was amusing at first, I do not like my toys answering back." Nero's eyes narrowed.

"Toy? Fuck you!" Grigs released his jaw, only to raised his hand and slap him with enough force to break a humans neck. Nero lifted his head, eyes snapping behind Grigs as a flash of red slipped through the fog, he smirked, then spat blood into the devils face. "Try that again asshole, see what happens." Grigs snarled and raised his hand again, only to screech as several gun shots sounded and bullets ripped into his back until he disappeared into dust that swirled and disappeared into the fog. Nero snorted.

"Took you long enough, what were you doing anyway, taking a nap?" Dante suddenly emerged from the fog with a smirk as he holstered Ivory.

"Actually, I was, how'd you know?" Nero blinked, then dropped his head, mumbling something about stupid old men and so dead possessed men.

Dante sighed and jumped up onto the platform, giving the chains holding Nero a quick once over. Making a contemplative noise, Dante reached up and pulled at the main lock, he rubbed his chin as he looked it over, then nodded to himself. "I'd say cover your ears but..." Nero ducked his head as Dante drew Ebony and pointed it at the lock. With a bang that had Nero's sensitive ears ringing the lock broke and his hands came free. He wasn't prepared for his body to not respond to him as he fell forward, only to be quickly caught by Dante. "Whoa, what the hell did I miss?" Nero shook his head as he pulled back and steadied himself, he must have hit his head harder then he first thought, because he suddenly wasn't feeling so good.

"Not much." He mumbled as he swayed on his feet, swatting away Dante's supporting hands. "Found a party, crashed it, got crashed, then woke up to that asshole." Dante hummed in thought.

"Any idea who it was?" Nero nodded, wincing as his head pounded with the action, was it just him or was there an odd buzzing noise coming from somewhere? Nero blinked when his cheek was tapped lightly. "Nero? I asked you a question, did you catch who was summoned?" Nero refrained from nodding again.

"Yeah, some 'Grigoriea' or something or other, hey, what's that buzzing noise?" Asked Nero as he suddenly tipped forward. Dante caught him easily and frowned as he tilted Nero's head back slightly. He was out cold it seemed. Dante sighed.

"Always charging in head first eh kid? Well, looks like this time you got a bad concussion out of it." with that he lifted Nero up bridal style and turned to head back to the car. He'd rather leave Nero where it was somewhat safe then in the Inn where he'd be found easily, it seemed Grigoriea had an interest in his kitten, and that didn't sit well with Dante, not one bit.

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