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A Tall secret

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Every one has a secret.... Even Mr. Tall, but what does his past have to do with our little Nyx hmmmmm?

Category: Cirque du Freak - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Darren Shan - Published: 2010-06-29 - Updated: 2010-06-30 - 652 words

Mr. Tall sat in his trailer, humbled by his thoughts. In his hand was a picture of the only woman he had ever loved, Madam Truska, she had died 10 years ago, not a few weeks after giving birth to a child, a little girl, with midnight black hair, like her father, and emerald green eyes like her mother. His child, his daughter... Tears gathered in his eyes as he remembered the day she had told him that she was pregnant... Oh how full of joy he had been, he'd sworn to her he'd make her an honest woman and marry her! They had married but one month later. The next eight were full of joy and passed quickly. And his daughters birth was the happiest day of his life, that chilly October night. She had been so tiny,cooing up a him, as if she already knew he was her father. The weeks that followed had been glorious! Not even he could have predicted that tragity that was to come.

The Vampeneze had come that night, looking for Larten, who was at the time still with Darren at Vampire mountain. The treatened Mr. Tall to reveal his location. But he never uttered a word. The Vampeneze threatened his life, his business, but he held firm.

And when he refused to tell him, the threatened to set the wolf man free. Mr. Tall had laughed saying that the wolf man would kill them on sight! They smiled and reminded him that the wolfman would kill everyone else too.They flitted away and Mr. Tall had ran after them, fearing for his wife and his child...

He ran as fast as he could, only to find that he was too late, his wife was dead, her beautiful body bloody and torn to shreds. His daughter, by the grace of god, had been with Twobelly at the time. He had agreed to watch the little one for her so that Truska could surprise him with a little romantic night to themselves, shed wanted another baby.... And now she was dead...

In his rage, he had found the wolfman and put the beast down, for good. Then he had wept for his beloved wife and from the knowledge that he would have to give away his daughter, Nymphadora Tall, for fear she too became a pawn in this war.

And so he had, and he'd hated himself ever since. Were was she now? Was she happy? What did she look like? Those questions haunted him night and day. Tears rolled down his face as he silently wept. Then there was a quiet knock at his door.

"Mr. Tall, it is I, Seba Nile. I am here with Larten, we wish to speak with you." Seba? Seba Nile? Mr. Tall wiped his eyes and calmed himself, it would do him some good to see his old friend. Mr. Tall opened the door. And let them in. "It has been a long time my friend." Mr. Tall stated, Larten looked embrassed and uneasy. Seba noded. "Larten has to tell you you not Larten Theador?" Seba growled. Mr. Tall cocked an eye brow and held back a grin,Seba sounded like he was scolding a small child for doing something naughty. Larten opened the door to his trailer and motioned for someone to come in. Slowly, someone did, a small girl with midnight black hair and emerald green eyes. "This is Nyx, it Isherwood I have hidden from you, I am sorry for doing so, but believe me when I say that I had good reason to do so." Mr.Tall had frozen he knew that face, it was the one of his beloved Truska.
He could not believe his eyes... After all these years, his daughter was finally home.

I know this chapter is way short but I promise the next one will be slot better!!!
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