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Mr Tall has a daughter.... With a dark past

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I'm sorry I can't be perfect....

Hibernius Tall stared at his daughter, it was all he could to not scoop her in his arms. She was a spitting image of her mother. She would be ten by now but she was quite small for a ten year old, she looked to be more around the age of seven maybe eight at most by certaintly not ten. Idly he wondered why. Her hair was as black as the midnight sky in long soft slightly wavy locks, big radiant eyes that would put even the finest green emeralds to same, and olive skin, if a bit pail... And she was beautiful. Just like her mother, she was simply beautiful. With an impish heart shaped face, full lips that were the color of wine. She was wearing a red outfit the clearly didn't suit her at all. Clearly that was Lartens doing!

"Seba..." Hibernius' voice was strained. " Is this..." Hibernius could not finish the sentence. "Yes, it is my friend. She is home." Larten gave his mentor a questioning look. "Not at this moment, Larten, but I will explain this to you."The small girl looked up at the man. He was, obviously, extremely tall. She regicnised him as the angry man she had seen before, one of Mr. Crepsley's friends. Nyx clung to Larten's leg, terrified of this new man."All is well little one. He will not hurt you. I promise you that." Seba spoke to the child soothingly and motioned for Hibernius to crouch down, so as not to frighten the child further.

Larten gave Nyx a small push, " Go on little one, he is a friend." Nyx peered up at her guardian curiously. Larten smiled and nodded, "Go ahead." Nyx slowly released Lartens leg from her grip and slowly made her way toward the tall man who was now crouched down, but was still much taller then waited as his daughter crept towards him very slowly and untrusting. It broke his heart, what would cause an innocent child to fear others so much? He refused to let that thought finish in his mind."Come to me little one, don't be afraid." Hibernius cooed gently to the child.

This seemed to give her a bit of courage as she took a step closer and another and yet another, until finaly she was within his reached out to touch his beloved daughters cheek, and she instantly recoiled from his hand with a small whimper. " Shh, don't be afaid, I won't hurt you. Shh," Nyx looked at him like a frightened wanted nothing more then to scoop his daughter in his arms, hold her for dear life and never let go, but he would wait. He would wait for her to trust him, wait for her to come to him. And hopefully he wouldn't have to wait too was this man? Nyx thought. She recognized his voice, but his face seemed so familiar... Like a long since forgotten dream.

Slowly she reached out to touch him and he let her."Do you remember him little one?" Seba broke the silence. Nyx shook her head. "I'm your papa, your father..." Nyx's eyes went wide as she looked at the man, then at Seba in nodded silently. The man closed his black eyes and smiled and placed his hand gently over hers, pulled her close and embraced her. It didn't take too long before she returned closed his eyes and sighed deeply as he felt his baby pressed against him, her little arms around his neck. He dared to run a hand through her hair, just to be sure this was real.

But the moment he did, Nyx yelped as if it hurt, and memories flooded Hibernuis' mind.

(FLASH BACK! Horay! flash blacks!)

He saw Nyx curled in to a small ball as merciless fists rained down on her and boots kicked her... Silently sobbing in a locked cupboard bloody and brusied... Starving and shivering from the cold, but to fearful to ask for food and warmth. Hair being pulled back until it bled... Screaming, bleeding, bond by ropes on a bed, yelling, beatings, heavy books hitting over and over again, and Nyx praying for it all to stop, but never saying a word...

(End of flack back)

I am soo evil...
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