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I love you daddy

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I love you daddy.....

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Hibernuis found himself filled with a rage that frightened him.  His baby had been hurt! His baby had known fear, abuse and hunger, cold and neglect! How dare they lay a hand on her!
A growl rumbled in his throat. He'd kill those whom dared to cause his baby to shed tears, whom dared to cause her pain, he'd kill them all! He'd kill them by hand if he had to!

He heard Nxy whimper and Seba's voice comforting her, and barking his name.

"Hibernuis!" Larten shook his friend by the shoulders roughly. Hibernuis blinked rapidly. He was standing now, fists clenched and shaking in rage. Nyx looked at him from across the room, in her eyes he saw fright, distrust and tears. The rage drained out of him in an instant. He'd have time to be angry later, his baby needed him right now. Takeing in deep breaths, Hibernuis patted his friend on the shoulder. "You may let go now Larten." Laarten stood still for a moment before noding and doing so.

"Is my daddy ok, Seba?" Nyx finaly spoke. Hibernuis savored the sweet sound. It was that of his beloved Truska, so light and sweet, musical even... It was the most beautiful sound to ever grace his ears.

"Yes, little one, your father is well." Seba replied. Nyx slowly approached her new found father. Hibernuis saw the tears in his childs eyes, picked her up and wiped them away with his thumb, and just held her close not saying a word.

Seba took Larten by the shoulder and push him towards the door. "I believe we should let Hibernuis have some time alone with his daughter. Come, Lartrn, I shall explain all of the happenings when we are inside of your trailer." Larten seemed reluctent but followed Seba out the door and closed it behind them.

( with Hibernuis and his daughter)

"Daddy?" Nyx asked cautiously. "Yes, little one?" Hibernuis sighed contently. "Was I a bad girl?" Hibernuis was caught off guard by her question, pulling back slightly. "A bad gri..... What?" Nyx shifted uncomfortably in his arms "Isnt that why you left me? Because I was bad?"

"No, no..." Hibernuis paused and shook his head. "No, love, you were not a bad girl.. I had to leave you because I couldn't protect you from.... Very bad people." Nyx cocked her head in a very Truska like way. If it was not for the current situation it would be have been quiet comical.
"I swear to you right now, I will never willingly leave you ever again."  "Promise?"Nyx asked holding out her pinkey finger.  Hibernuis chuckled softly, "I promise." holding out his own and wraping it gently around his daughters, in the ever binding pinkey swear.

Nyx smiled and hugged her new found papa again tightly and sighed sleepily. Hibernuis sat down in a soft chair, his eyes closed, completely content to simply hold her. Her head rested on his chest, listening to steady heartbeat. "I love you papa." To Hibernuis, those were the most beautiful words he had ever heard. " I love you to, my Nymphadora."

Can we say Awwww? Next chapters will be up soon!!!
How will Hibernuis react to finding out that his daughter is a half vampire? Who blooded our little Nyx in the first place?
Those questions and more will be answered in the next chapter!!!!!  Plus a special character apperance!!!!!! Who will it be????
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