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You what?!

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(Seba and Larten)

Larten sat at the small table in his trailer, both dumbfounded and shocked. Seba had explained the entire situation.
"Gods..." was all Larten could say. Seba nodded sadly. "Hibernuis still does not know his daughter is a half vampire... And I shalll not be the one to tell him!" Seba cocked his head, "Oh no?" Larten shook his head, "No sir I shall not.... You may be the one to tell him. I for one wish to live!" Larten pointed at Seba. "Why must I tell him? You are the one whom found her as such." Seba exclaimed. "Ah, but he trusts you more than he trusts me. Besides, I am the younger of us, with a longer life ahead of me you on the other hand Seba... Do not.... And should he kill you, I shall have time to run away!" Larten remarked slyly. Seba laughed,  "Oh, so that is your game, eh Larten?" Larten smiled.

"Hello! Cirque Du Freak preformers! I'm in need of assistence! Is anyone around?" bellowed a very deep and fimiliar voice.

Larten and Seba exchanged a glance and stepped out to find of the cirque had done the same. They pushed themselves through the crowd and in the center they found their friend and Prince Vanche March!

"HEY UGLY!" Larten shouted Cupping his hands around his mouth. Seba clipped Lartens ear and scowled. "Larten Theador!" Vanche laughed loudly and jogged over.

"Larten! Seba!" Vanche bellowed happily. "Good to see a few familar faces..." Seba bowed, "A pleasure indeed, Sire. You need assistance with something?" the green haired prince's smiled faded and a blush crept over his face. "Yes, you see...." Vanche started sratching his head, bugs litering the ground.

"What is all this comotion?" Hibernius shouted walking out of his trailer, Nyx following close behind. The Prince gasped as the two got closer."Nyx! There you are!" Vancha shouted.

A large smile broke across Nyxs face. "Vanche!" Nyx raced over to the green haired prince and jumped in to his open arms laughing as Vanche spun her around.
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