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Category: Cirque du Freak - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2010-07-19 - Updated: 2010-07-20 - 250 words

Larten, Seba and Hibernuis stood in awe as they watched the two.

"Oh my little pup! I have been worried sick about you." Vanche gushed, raining kisses over her head and hugging her tight. Nyx laughed, "I'm ok Vanche! Larten and Seba Nile took care of me." Vanche looked down at her smileing, "I can see that! I'm not expert on fashion but red is not your color my dear!" She did in fact look very bad in the color red. "I met my daddy Vanche! I have a daddy!" Nyx was practicly bounceing in Vanches arms. "Did you now? And does you daddy know?" Nyx grew quiet. "I don't think so..."

"What is it that I do not know" Hibernuis growled, not at all thrilled that this filthy prince holding his baby. The vampires got very quiet and exchanged nervous glances. "Hibernuis..." Larten started.... "your daughter is well.... She is, ah...."
"Im a half vampire, daddy." Nyx bared her small fangs. "What!" Hibernuis balked, causing Nyx to jump. "She' just a baby! I thought the Vampire councile voted to abandon the blooding of children!" Vanche nodded, "We did, it is only done now in dire emergencies, or with the permision of a prince...." Vanche looked over at the other two vampires. "Who blooded her then?" Hibernuis exclaimed. "I blooded her, Hibernuis." Seba amitted.

Gasp! Seba Nile blooded Nyx! Who saw that coming?! Me! Hahaha! Cuz I'm the writter that's why!  Sorry it's so short! But I loved the cliffhanger!
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