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Chapter 9

Seba... You got some splainen to do...

"Seba... You?" Larten temporarily forgetting his proper grammar. Seba nodded, "Yes, Larten. I blooded Nyx, but for good reason! She was eight at the time and was being neglected and I could not bear to see a good friends child die, so with the permission of Vancha I blooded her and left her in his care. With the new law passed I could not have possibly just waltzed in with her like you did with Darren... And with the laws concerning orphaned children... I did the best I could. Vancha, however, failed in his task to keep his eyes on her..."

Seba gave Vancha a nasty glare."I did my part Seba Nile! But I had to feed on something more then bottled blood. So I left her in the temporary care of Jimmy." Vancha shot back. "Speaking of which..." Vancha turned back towards Nyx. "I thought I told you to stay with Jimmy, pup?" Scolding her.

"Jimmy is dead Vancha. The purple monsters got him!" Nyx insisted. "Purple monsters?" Larten asked now interested. "And what did these purple monsters look like?""They were purple, with red hair and red eyes, and long nails and they kept asking Jimmy questions.""What kind of questions?" Seba pressed, this was bad, so very bad... If the Vampeneze were out on the streets... Seba did not wish to think about that."They wanted to know where the frog woman was. Jimmy didn't know. So they killed him...

"I ran, they didn't see me." Nyx answered, blissfully ignorant of what was really older vampire were very quiet. They all had a very bad feeling about this. What did the Vampeneze want with Evanna? What ever it was, it was not good.

So sorry it's so short... trying to keep up with school right now!
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