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Chapter 1

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Gerard Way just wants to fit in and he'll do anything for that... Even if it means giving up things on the way.

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'They're laughing at me' I thought to myself, realising. They weren't just laughing at my dorky clothes or the fact that I was listening to Iron Maiden on full volume either... I knew what everyone was laughing at. My weight.
I looked down at the sandwich I was about to eat. I shuddered and threw it in the bin, hating myself for wanting to eat that garbage.
"It makes you fat!" I whispered to myself "You'll be fat forever unless you stop!"
I knew half the girls didn't ever eat and I admired them for that. It was cool not to eat.
Sitting down next to my only friends, I realised they were worried. "Not eating again today Gerard?" Frank asked me.
"Left my lunch at home." I lied, shooting my little brother Mikey dark looks to keep him silent.
Mikey just shrugged and pushed half of his sandwich towards me "Here, have half of mine."
"No, I can't take your food."
"Really, I want you to have it!"
"NO!" I yelled, giving it back to him "I'm... I'm not hungry, okay?" At that point my stomach growled angrily.
"You sound hungry." Frank said "Want my chocolate bar?"
"Do you know how many calories are in that?" I sneered, but I longed to have it.
"Uhh... No."
"I didn't think so, otherwise you wouldn't be eating it."
Ray sighed "Anything wrong Gee?"
"NO!" I snapped, getting up from the table "I'm fine, now just leave me alone."
I walked out of the dining room and headed to the one place that to this day I know I should never have gone to... Football try-outs.

It hadn't ended to well. I passed out on the court and woke up in the nurses office. She wanted to check me over, but I insisted I was fine and went back to my lessons straight away. When I walked in, everyone apart from Ray and Bob began to laugh. I heard fragments of each conversation as I walked to the back of the room to sit down...
"He's such a girl, look at his hair!"
"Watch him walk, he waddles!"
"What a loser, I can't believe he thought he'd make the team!"
"He's SUCH a pansy!"
"I'm surprised he's even got friends!"
I tried to block out the conversations after that, but the words kept hitting me like angry mosquitos.
"He'll never get a date for prom in those stupid clothes!"
"His taste in music is bad enough!"
"His little brother's a dork aswell!"
I had wanted to hit the person who said that then, but when I glanced in that direction I realised it could've been any of them and I didn't have the courage to ask which. I knew the answer would be just a flick of the middle finger anyway.
Ray and Bob looked at me with curious eyes as I sat down, but I ignored them and listened to the teacher talking about magnets. When she set the task we were supposed to be doing, Ray and Bob started hitting me with awkward questions.
"We heard you tried out for the football team, is that true?"
"And you didn't score one goal..."
"And you passed out on the field?"
Ray shook his head in disbelief "Gerard, this isn't like you. You have to start eating again."
"No I don't!" I replied, getting off my stool "I don't ever have to eat again. I just need to lose weight... And cut my hair."
I stormed out of the room, and heard the distant laughter behind me. There was one sentence that couldn't leave my head.
'His little brother's a dork aswell!'
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