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Chapter 2

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Shorter chapter but basically Gerard contunies not eating.

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"Gerard, Mikey tells me you haven't been eating at school... Is this true?"
"No Ma!" I replied angrily, putting down my sketch book "I ate all my lunch today as usual."
She shook her head like she didn't believe me and walked away. I knew that it was going to be very hard to skip dinner that night.
I crawled off my bed and walked down the hallway to Mikey's room. I opened the door without bothering to knock and stepped inside.
Mikey was watching a boring cartoon on TV and didn't look away from it as I entered "What have you been telling Mum?" I asked him.
Finally, he turned to face me "The truth." He replied
"Mikey..." I tried to make up a perfect excuse in my head, sort of like a little white lie for my younger brother "I am eating... But I just wasn't hungry at lunch time today."
"Or yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that."
"Well, yeah... Because in lessons, I've been scoffing chocolate!" I lied "And I didn't want you guys to know because it makes me feel really greedy. So, keep it to yourself alright?"
Mikey sighed "Why can't you just tell me the truth?"
Then Mum called us for dinner and I had to think of another White Lie... Why I couldn't eat my dinner.

I sat at the table and stared at the mountain load of food piled infront of me. I watched as my little brother, my mum and my dad tuck in to this big portion. I shuddered at the thought of taking just one bite at it. I could see Mikey giving me puppy dog looks across the table but in all fairness, Mikey sucks at puppy dog looks so it was easy to ignore him. I picked up my fork and began to play with my food. Nobody seemed to notice.
Dad finished, Mum finished. They walked through to the kitchen and put their plates away. I knew how easy it would be to wait until they were in the Living Room to throw my entire meal into the bin. I heard the click of the TV remote and the buzz of the soaps that my parents enjoyed.
Mikey didn't look too happy but I just ignored him and shoved my food into the bin in the kitchen. I put my plate on the side and wandered off to my room, satisfied knowing that I had managed to skip dinner aswell. I felt like I had complete control of my life.

Two days later, I still hadn't eaten a bite. I was drinking but not eating. And I had lost weight, I could see. I thought I must've looked much better because that day a cheerleader actually spoke to me.
"Hey Gerard," She said with a smile "Have you lost weight?"
I nodded, too nervous to say anything. But she contuined to smile "You're lookin' good!" Then she walked off. She probably didn't mean anything by it, but it meant the world to me.
My friends still tried hard to get me to eat but I kept refusing. I was dying to eat something and I kept passing out but I thought it was worth it to be noticed by a girl that popular.
It wasn't just her taking a notice aswell. When I walked down corridors, I no longer heard people call me fat. I heard things like "Looking better than before..."

"When was the first time you had to go to hospital?"
"Uhhh when I was fifteen. I refused to eat anything because I thought it helped my popularity... I was so wrong though..."

I still remember the first time I went to hospital.
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