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2: Mr. Baker's Class

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Lacey groaned as the bell rang, still staring into the guy from her dream’s eyes. Frank smiled, outstretching his hand. If only he could touch her… Just once… Lacey felt his hand brush her arm, and immeadietly stepped back. “Get the fuck away from me, perv.” She growled, her manicured nails cutting into her palm. Frank nodded sadly and put his arm back to his side. He didn’t want to make her angry.

“Lacey, I-“ she cut him off.

“How do you know my name?” her blue eyes narrowed. Frank swallowed. He had never lied before…

“Uh, the guy told me…” he hoped that it didn’t show he was lying. Lacey’s eyes narrowed even more.

“What did Jesse say about me?” So the guy’s name was Jesse… How did she know him? All the times he’d been watching over her she’d said nothing about a guy named Jesse.

“He said…” a teacher passed by, sighing.

“Lacey Grebar, get to class. Mr. Baker’s waiting for you with a detention. As for you,” he glanced at Frank as Lacey trotted off to Mr. Baker’s class. “you’re the new student. Follow me.” Frank glanced over at Lacey with a sad expression. The teacher grabbed his shirt sleeve and pulled him towards the classroom, making Lacey and Frank go their separate ways.

Lacey walked into Mr. Baker’s class with a wide smile. She loved his class. Mr. Baker stepped away from the white board he was writing on and handed Lacey a slip. “Miss Grebar, glad for you to show up.” Lacey winked at Mr. Baker.

“Oh Mr. B, I wouldn’t miss Health for the world!” A few kids snickered in the back of the classroom.

“What a whore!” one girl exclaimed.

“I heard she’s had sex millions of times!” another laughed. Lacey ignored them and sat down in the front. Mr. Baker turned back to the white board to finish what he was writing.

“Now, class, who can tell me some ways to have safe sex?” Lacey raised her hand high in the air. Alice giggled behind her. “Yes, Lacey?” he sighed. She always answered his questions about sex.

“A condom, duh!” Mr. Baker sighed again.

“Yes, but I meant some other ways… Will anybody answer the question besides Lacey?” Alice raised her hand, poking her tongue out at the pouting Lacey.

“You could use a female condom…” Alice muttered. She was kind of embarrassed to admit she knew something about a female condom.

“Good. Now, let’s continue with…” Lacey drowned out his voice, staring at the back of his head and the rest of him with her blue eyes. She licked her lips. He was easily one of the hottest teachers at her school. Well, Mr. Baker and Mr. Haner. Haner was her physical science teacher, and she loved how he demonstrated some things. Man, how she’d like to have a go at one of them…

The bell rang, breaking her out of her fantasies of Haner and her in bed. Alice snapped her fingers in front of Lacey’s face. She was impatient to get to her next class. Lacey sighed and got up from her seat, waving the slip in her friend’s face. “That’s right, be jealous!” she smiled, walking with Alice to her next class.

“Yeah right. He totally doesn’t like you.” Lacey rolled her eyes.

“We’ll see about that after school! Now c’mon, let’s go! I don’t want to be late to Gates! ….Or do I?” she smiled and winked at her best friend, who stared confused.

“Don’t you mean Haner?” she asked. Lacey nodded.

“But Gates sounds so much… I don’t know… sexier!”
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