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3: Who Knew Science Teahcers Were Hot?

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Lacey sat down in the back where she normally sat for Mr. Haner's class. She smiled. Gates was a God in human form. Alice sat right next to her best friend and got out her Physical Science binder. "Class," Mr. Haner spoke strong, turning around. The girls in the class sighed as he smiled at each and every one of them, like he was some sort of rock star. "we have a new student today. Please welcome Frank Iero."

Frank stood awkwardly in front of the class, just as he had done that morning. He hated being the center of attention, even though he was an angel. Well, a used-to-be angel. Mr. Haner smiled at Frank, his hand resting on the student's shoulder. Frank's gaze drifted with curiousity on all the kids sitting in their seats. A lot of girls were staring dreamily up at Mr. Haner. He noticed that one of them was Lacey.

Lacey stopped staring at Gates' pants and averted her attention to the guy she met earlier that day. Once again, her eyes held his and she looked down, blushing.

Frank smiled. Lacey was cute when she blushed. Mr. Haner cleared his throat, clapping his hands together, no doubt bringing every girl out of her daydream. "Frank, go ahead and sit down right there." he pointed to an empty seat in front. Lacey raised her hand high in the air, her best smile playing on her lips. "Yes, Lacey?" she smiled wider when her name rolled off of Gate's tongue.

"Can I move to the front? I can't really see, Mr. Gates." a few of her classmates stared at her when 'Gates' came out of her mouth. Their teacher only smiled.

"Absolutely, Lacey. Take a seat next to Mr. Iero." Lacey nodded and got up from her seat, abandoning Alice and her herd of friends to go get a good look at what was beneath the semi-tight pants of her science teacher. "Today, we will begin with..." as soon as Lacey heard 'we will begin with', she automatically zoned out. Science was so boring. The only fun part was Mr. Gates and his demonstrations. Somebody behind her whispered something in her ear, making her gasp.

"I am not licking a crayon!" she gasped loudly, mortified. Mr. Haner turned around, an amused smile on his face.

"Is that what they call it nowadays?" he arched an eyebrow, staring straight at Lacey.

"Well, uh, I mean..." Lacey stammered, looking down. Mr. Haner smiled as he grabbed a slip, writing on it quickly.

"After school." he told her, sliding the slip on her desk. She groaned. Two slips in one day?! She already had Baker after school! She stopped freaking and let a sudden truth seep into her mind. Baker, Gates, and her all in one classroom... Alone... Nobody else... She smiled mischeiviously to herself. She'd have a ton of fun with them two. A whole lotta fun.

Frank looked over at Lacey, who looked like she was busy thinking about something other than the Earth's rotation. What was she thinking of? He wanted to know so badly. Somebody tapped him on the shoulder. He looked behind him, noticing one of the girls Lacey hung out with.

Alice waved an invite to Andy's party in his direction. 'Do you want to go, New Guy?' she mouthed. Frank thought about it for a second. He quickly nodded back, smiling. If Alice was there, then Lacey had to be there, right? He sure hoped so. He'd have to talk to Alice after class. Glancing back over to Lacey, he noticed the way she stared at Mr. Haner. A twinge of jealousy hit him. Why didn't she look at him that way?
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