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My Antidote

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In this case should we thank them for the venom?

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I managed to beat Mikey up the stairs. Frankie was already occupying the couch with an expectant smile. I took my place next to him, awaiting my brother's arrival. He surfaced in seconds. Frankie raised an arm to point at him while pursing his lips into a goofy frown.

“What?” Mikey asked

“Extinct dinosaur!!!! You should be dead!”

“Frankie, all dinosaurs are extinct.”

“Liar. Are not. They're just hiding.” He crossed his arms in a solemn but childish way.

“Yeah, uh huh. Sure, Frankie.”

“SHUN THE NON BELIEVERRRRR!” Out of nowhere, he sprung from the couch and tackled Mikey where he stood. Alarmed slightly, I stood. They hit the floor with a big thud. I couldn't help but laugh as he had Mikey pinned.

“What the hell was that for?”

“Dinosaurs are NOT dead.”

“Yes they are.”

I saw him pin Mikey ever harder.

“Damnit, Iero let me go.”

“No, not until you say it.”

“You're fuckin' nuts”

“Say it!”

“No.” Mikey shook his head laughing, trying to get away to no avail.

“Say it.”

“Mikes, I think you should listen to him before he starts foaming at the mouth.”

“Okay, okay. Dinosaurs aren't dead, they're hiding.”

“Damn skippy.” Frankie happily released him and returned to me.

“You're so cute.” I grabbed him by the hips and pulled him to me so I could kiss his forehead.

“Hey bro.”

“What, Mikey?”

“Blecccchhhh!” he acted like he was puking.

“Shut the fuck up.” Frankie stuck his tongue out at him.

“Whatever. Let's just watch the goddamn movie, okay?”

“Mhm, sure thing.”

Frankie took me by the hand and led me to the couch, sitting on the floor like last time. I assumed my spot from the previous night. Frankie squeezed my hand. It was like a jolt of emotion pulsing through my veins. Dear god, how I loved him. Frankie laid his head on my lap and I felt complete. Mikey popped the dvd in and retreated to the couch. I giggled remembering how we messed with him in his sleep. The beginning credits began. It was called Dead In The Water. Probably something about lake monsters or haunted swamps. I didn't really care. I was far too lost in the beautiful boy in my lap. He was now my oxygen. Everyone needs to breathe. No one ever wants to stop unless they were contemplating suicide. I was far from that sort of contemplation. All because of Frankie. I ran my fingers through his hair, paying no mind to the screams of the victims pouring from the television speakers. The whole world could be ending and I wouldn't give a damn as long as he was in my arms. I looked back to my brother who was already asleep. Typical Mikey. I wondered if Frankie had done the same.

“Frankie? You awake?” I shook him gently as I spoke.

“Yeah, Gee. I'm awake.” He rose and I saw him look to Mikey.

He smiled and placed his lips on mine, sliding his tongue in my mouth. It had only been mere hours, but oh how I had missed this. I pulled him close to the deepen the kiss. To my surprise he straddled my hips and continued to kiss me. He bit my neck and began to grind himself against me. I bit my lip trying to suppress a moan.

“You like that, huh?”

“God yes, but chrissakes my brother's right there.”

“So? He's asleep.” He trailed kisses on my neck.

“Exactly. If we wake him, he'll catch us and be all grossed out.”

“Learn to be quiet.” he slid his hand in my pants and through my boxers.

“Frankie.” I breathed.

“Ah-ah-ah. Shh.” He smiled and began stroking me.

I couldn't stand this. It was torture but it was sure as hell sweet. I thought it wouldn't go any further than this but he surprised me again. He slid my pants down and took me in his mouth. I had to bite my lip again. I was damn sure it would be bleeding by the time everything was said and done. Frankie bobbed his head up and down. I saw him lower a hand to satisfy himself. Damn it was sexy. He quickened his pace and I felt like I was going to scream. I grabbed the pillow Mikey had kicked off the couch next to me and squeezed it for dear life. I was on the brink. I didn't know if I could take this much longer.

“I'm close, Frankie.” I whispered.

At my words, he licked and sucked twice as fast. This time I knew I would scream. Not knowing what else to do I pulled to pillow to my mouth, shoved it in and bit it like hell to muffle my moans. I thought I was just about to explode then he stopped suddenly. He got on all fours, peeling himself of the pj's he borrowed. He was panting.

“Take me. Now.” he whispered.

I removed the pillow, slightly embarrassed. I was so close I didn't care. Fuck consideration, he was sleeping like the dead.
Taking him by the hips, I plunged into his tight cavern with reckless abandon. Trying to conceal my moans, yet again.
Both of us came within minutes. He pulled his pants back on and turned to kiss me.

“Be right back.”

He returned with a towel to clean our mess and then he proceeded to put it in the hamper. Frankie sat next to me again.

“I love you, Gerard Way.”

“And I love you Frankie Iero.” I kissed his forehead hugging him to my chest.

“Hey Gee?”

“Yeah, Frankie?”

“You're my antidote.”

“Antidote, babe?”

“To this poisonous world.”

At his words I hugged him even closer.

“I'm tired, Frankie.”

'Off to bed then?”

“Yes, please.”

“Okay, sounds good to me.” He stood and I followed suit and began to walk. He stopped in his tracks.



“What about Mikey?”

“Leave him.” I looked to find him snoring and glasses completely askew.

“Okay.” We laughed and he took my hand leading us to my room.

The next morning I woke to Frankie sleeping soundly on my chest. It was Saturday. I was so wrapped up in Frankie I had lost track of the days. The clock on my bedside table read 9:30 am. Way too damn early for a weekend. I let myself fall asleep once more to find a vacancy next to me. I stood, pushing my hair out of my face and straightening my shirt. I walked upstairs to the kitchen to find Mikey playing his bass in the living room. I faintly heard Frankie singing. I walked over to the coffee machine and wandered through cabinets for a clean mug. Frankie still sang,eating Lucky Charms looking at the back of the box.

“Hey, gadget, you're still a faggot.”

“Wait? Who's a faggot?” I asked stirring creamer in my cup. He looked up to me.

“You are!” he declared like a child. I walked over and hugged him by the shoulders.

“Only for you, Iero.”

Mikey walked in to retrieve his toast.

“Wait a second. Isn't faggot a derogatory statement?” He chomped his toast in one puzzled bite. Frankie and I couldn't help but to laugh. He'd never quite understand our relationship.
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