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I guess I should start from the beginning. Frank and I have known each other since we were babies. Although my family (besides my older brother Andrew) think lowly of me, my mom and dad were very good friends with Frank's parents (before his parents split. Now our parents don't talk). So when we were born, they brought us together.

As I got older, I started to look different from my family. I wasn't blonde, I didn't have blue eyes, and I wasn't tall and thin as a dime. I'm brunet (although I dye my hair black) with hazel/green eyes, short and normal size...and I'm damn proud of my looks. But my family wasn't, so they liked to yell at me and torture me. Every time they were telling me I was never gonna live up to becoming anything, I left and went to Franks. Frank was seriously my only family, of course I had Andrew, but Frank was the only one who completely understood what I went through. He gets me and I get him. That's why we'll be best friends to the end.

End of 2003

So we're on tour right now. And by 'we' I mean 'the band and me tagging along as always'. And always getting mad at Frank and I; he doesn't like either of us. He gets pissed when Frank gets whiney and wants to hear a story.

We're sitting in the van headed to another show, and, once again, Frank started whining from boredom. "Nat, tell me a story!" He told me as he started to stretch his body out on top of me. I can tell that this is gonna be a comfortable trip already. "Okay Frankie. A long time ago in a far away land there lived a--" "No, tell me the other one." "Aren't you sick of it?" "No." "I tell it to you all the time though." "But it's my favorite." "Okay. So Natalia was at home and her parents were, once again, screaming at her to be "normal". It was raining outside and her best friend was away at camp. Although he didn't want to go, he was gone. So Natalia had no one to talk to. During her parent's rage, she stormed off to her room in the second floor and started blasting 'Black Flag'. How she heard it was unknown, but she heard a rock being thrown at her window. To her surprise, she saw Anthony out on her lawn--" "why am I always Anthony?" "Would you rather be Francis?" "Hell no!" "Then shut up. Anyways, Natalia climbed out of her window but since it was raining, she slipped and fell towards the ground. 'What are you doing back so early!?' 'They let me go!' '[sigh] what did you do this time, Anthony?' "I got into a fight.' 'Why?' 'I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't stand being away from you!'" Matt suddenly screamed at us, "would you shut the fuck up with that story already!/ I'm sick and tired of it. I hear it 24/7." "Shut the hell up Otter. You have no right to be hating on our past!" "Shut up shrimpy!" Mikey saved us from taking this fight any further by randomly popping up from the back seat. "Leave them alone Matt. They're just kids." That shut him up...for now. "Thanks Mikey." "Hey! We're only a year younger than you! And what were you doing on the floor?" "Too bad Nat, you're still younger so I get to call you kids." I playfully punched him, "ow! And about the floor...I fell." He laughed.

Yea I know I left off at a really weird place. Like I said, I wrote this a long time ago and it was one of my first "good" stories worth posting.
I'm still working on typing this up (i wrote my story in a notebook) so I'll try to get ch. 3 up as soon as possible.

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