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A Typical Morning

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whining, coffee, falling, and promises.

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It was three in the morning when I finally fell asleep. Frank kept me up all night moving around and complaining that he wasn't comfortable...and something about a zombie dog chasing him. But he as lying on ME; I should've been the one uncomfortable. But I didn't complain. So at 3 am, I fell asleep.

I was awoken at 6 Frank. "Goddammit Frank. What the hell!?" "You're so grumpy this morning." "Well. I only got three hours of sleep last night." "Why?" "Because of you, monster. You kept whining and kept me up all night." "Oh, I'm sorry Tigger. Here, I'll carry you." Frank lifted me with ease and carried me to wherever we were headed.

Apparently we were in a coffee shop 'cause I we entered the doors and I immediately smelled coffee and woke up. I jumped out of Frank's arms and started my coffee chant, "coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee...." all the way to the table. After what seemed like forever, we finally got our coffee and I almost downed it. Gee and Mikey weren't there yet...Gee overslept and Mikey was straightening his hair...but we ordered for them and their coffee's were just siting there...tempting me. Not even 10 minutes later we heard a thump outside, and they came in laughing there asses off. When they got to our table Mikey was rolling on the floor and Gerard looked like he could pee in his pants. We were all looking at them like they were insane and Ray asked "what the fuck is up with you two?" Mikey replied "Gerard fell in the bushes!" Me: "Mikey! That's not funny [chuckles]." "That's what makes it so funny! You should've seen his face when going down. And he-I-he ripped his pants too!" "You guys are so mean to each other." "Well we are brothers, what do you expect?" I just rolled my eyes and laughed at their cute brotherlyness.

Once that little fiasco was over and everyone calmed down, I noticed I finished my coffee...sadly. So I got up to go order another one. And when I got back and placed my cup on the table, Frank grabbed it and took a swig. "What the fuck Frank!?" "If you drink too much, you're gonna be hyper. So I'm gonna share with you." Brian: "Great, now they're both gonna be hyper." Then I took a drink from it and all of a sudden, Matt starts his shit up again, "ugh, that's disgusting Natalie, he put his mouth on that! You have no idea where it's been! He could've been sucking dick!" "Shut the fuck up Matt! It's too early to be dealing with your fucken bullshit!" Gerard stepped in, "dude, they've known each other their whole fucken life. They share everything. Fuck, they even share fucken toothbrushes! So back off before you and Frank start something in front of everyone here." "Whatever Mr. 'Look at me everyone. I'm Gerard Fucken Way!' I--" Brian interrupted, "stop fighting or I'll give you something to fight about! You're bandmates, your not supposed to be fighting."

So after the coffee shop incident, Frank and I headed to the park. Brian wanted us to burn up some of our energy, so he sent us to the park. We ended up just lying on that little wheel thingy that kids can spin around on. You don't see too much of those anymore. Frank looked at me as asked "hey tigger, remember when we were kids and we said that when we were 18 we were gonna run away together? Run away from this dump shit town we call 'home'?" "Yup. We never did. We just moved in together. " "Remember that day? When we moved? It was raining [laughs]." "Yea, and we still had a picnic. In the middle of my unpacked room. Monster, do you miss the old days?" "Yes 'cause I loved being a kid...but no not really." "Why?" "We couldn't drive. So we couldn't get away on our own." "Yea true. Remember when we got our licenses? It was so weird to see you behind the wheel…and scary." I laughed. Then we just turned our bodies toward each other till we were, like, three inches apart from each other. “Frank?" "Hm?" "Promise me that you'll always be there for me. That you’ll never leave me." "I do." He moved a strand of hair out of m face. “I will always be there for you." "To the end?" “To the end." Then his phone rang and had to ruin our best fried moment. “Shit, its Brian." -"What do you want?" -"Come back now!" -“Why?" -"You have a show tonight, remember? COME NOW." -“Jeeze, alright. bye." [click]

Sorry for the wait. I've been away. Chapter 4 coming up soon =)
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