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Life Between Shows

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Driving to a different state...and Nat makes a new friend

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I know it's been a while since I last updated...but I finally did it! And another update should be coming soon since I have it typed up already :D



~FF>> The Show~

I watched all the boys move around the stage and smiled as they got the crowd wired up. But out of all five members, Frank was the one that caught my eye on the way he thrashed around the stage, how he made-out with Gee (hot!), how he messed with Mikey, and how he annoyed the hell out of Matt. Then all of a sudden, someone who was backstage snuck up on me and scared the shit outta me, "[in a weird voice] give me your money!" I was completely freaked till I looked behind me and saw Brian with a huge grin on his face. "Holy shit Brian! What the fuck!?" "Sorry, there was an opportunity I had to take [laughs]. Anyways, is there any improvement between you and Frank?" "What are you talking about? There was no fight." "I know." "Bee, Frank and I are best friends. And that's all we'll ever be." "Whatever. I'm gonna talk to Frank after the show." "Go ahead. He's gonna say the same thing." "That's what you think." "Whatever." I rolled my eyes and left to the dressing room.

After about 10 minutes of waiting in the room all alone, the music ended and Gerard said his closing speech. When all the guys came back, the room went from a peaceful silent sound to the sounds of their hyper yells making the room into a madhouse. Everyone but Frank was in the room, which meant that he and Brian were having a little chitchat.

After a few minutes, he came in yelling "make way for the master of guitar! I'm here to get the party started!" Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at him. "That's right bitches, you heard me." He ignored all the weird looks and sat next to me on the couch. "So did Brian talk to you?" "Yup." "Did he ask you the same thing he asked me?" "What did he ask you?" "If me and you had gotten anywhere [laughs] how lame was that!?" "Oh, yea, he did ask me that." "Well, what did you say?" "Well...I...what did you say?" "I said that you and me are best friends. That's what we've been and that's all we'll ever be." "Oh...yea...I said that too." He smiled and got up to join the banana peel throwing party......yea, I know -___- boys.


That night we had to drive from Oakland, California to Las Vegas, Nevada (whoo party!). I was on driving duty while Frank was the passenger to help keep me awake then after two hours, Frank was on driving duty while Brian kept him up...oh god, I hope he doesn't crash the van. "Hey monster, how come you've never had a steady girlfriend?" He quickly turned to me from looking out the door window, "what?" "Why was it that whenever my relationships ended, you would break up with you're girlfriend? Especially that Isabella girl. You really seemed to like her." "Oh, uh, she was too stupid for my liking. I like smart girls." "Okaaay. But why did you break up with the other ones?" "I just didn't want you to be alone, okay!? ... How come they broke up with you anyways? Who would want to?" "Because all the guys thought there was a 'thing' between you and me. They didn't understand what our relationship was." "Oh." The rest of the 1.5 hours was taken up a random conversation that started with disneyland and ended with cheese. I have no idea how that jump was made o.O. Once my duty was done, Frank threw a shoe at Brian to wake him up and I got out of the driver's seat to sleep for the rest of the night.

That morning, I woke up to a van of hungry boys...shouting, hungry boys...not the best way to wake up. I also woke up to the sight of Frank sleeping, lying in my lap. I swear, I'm like his god damn traveling pillow, whatever. I didn't want to move and wake him up so I just sat there watching Gerard and Mikey fight over who gets to buy coffee first...but out of nowhere, someone in the van decides to mess with me and screamed in my ear, thus causing me to "fall" and Frank being dragged along since he was lying on me. Frank and I ended up on the floor, him on top of me...I don't know how that happened since, logically, I should've landed on top of him. Anyways, this caused him to wake up, "whoa, what the fuck happened?" "Brian fucken Schecter is what happened. He fucken pushed us off the seat!" "What the hell man!?" "I didn't push you. Klutz over here fell." "Because you screamed in my damn ear!" "You didn't have to throw yourself off the seat for that." I rolled my eyes and started to reply "I--" but realized he was right and cut myself off. I then noticed something; Frank hasn't got off me. "Monster, why are you still on top of me?" At that, Gerard quickly looked over, "what the hell are you doing? Frank, stop raping her!" "Shut up Gee! I'm not!" "I think we're stuck, help us out Gee Bear?" He tried pulling us up, but his weak little arms couldn't pull us up, we were really stuck. "You know what Nat? You are very comfy." He laid his head down on Awkward much? Matt seemed extra annoyed this morning 'cause he made an odd grunty noise, grabbed Frankie and tossed him off of me, then looked at me with disgust in his eyes and said "get yourself up fat ass." "Jeeze, Otter, what the hell is your damn problem?" "Right now, you're my problem!" Frank got pissed, "hey! Don't you fucking talk to her like that or I'll rip your fucken face off!" Matt looked at me, "oh, so now your little bitch has to defend you? Why do you let him? He's not smart enough to defend you; maybe if he graduated from college, but now, no." With that said, I looked at Frankie and he looked very hurt. So what did I do? I jumped on top of Otter and started to punch him as best as a skinny-ass girl like me could. Apparently, they stopped the van because Brian pulled me off and hauled me out, away from Matt. He sat me and helped me calm down enough to go back to the van without attacking Matt again. We headed back to the van to see Frank pinning Matt to the side of the van with everyone yelling to stop. Brian got a hold of Frank and held him back, "dammit Frank, calm down!" "This little fucker called Nat a whore! I told you, if you say anything about her, I'll rip your fucken ugly face off of you!" "Frank, go sit in the damn van. Here, take him Nat. Matt, come with me, we need to have a chat." So Matt left with Brian and I took Frankie back to the van. "Look, Frank, I'm thrilled to know what you're willing to risk getting hurt for me, but if you do anything to get kicked out of this band, I know you will regret it. So calm the fuck down." "I'm sorry Nat. I just hate it when he, or anybody for that matter, says horrible things about you." "Okay Frankenstein. Well, thanks."

~FF>> Later on that day~

Today is the last date of "The Used" tour. Then we're gonna go home for about a week then leave to go on tour with a band called Taking Back Sunday, who are, like, the band's best friends or something like that.

The show was great and, once again, Frank was very hyper on and off stage. And after the show I had to help de-rockify the stage. My job was getting the able-to-carry amps back to the van. Since I'm a D.I.Y kinda girl, I tried to take an amp back to the van...all by myself. And this amp was HUGE...well huge for me. As I was taking it back, and struggling, I bumped into someone. "Shit! Sorry dude." "It's cool. No worries, I know how tough being a roadie can be." "Yeah. By the way, I'm Nat." "Bob." He stuck his hand out and I took it. "What's your job on the tour?" "I'm the front-of-house- sound guy for The Used." "Awesome! I'm a writer, but also act as an extra roadie for MCR. And Frank's 'bffl' [laughs]." "Nice." He looked down at what I was carrying and chuckled, "hey do you need some help with that? It looks kinda heavy." "No, I'm good. I got this." "You sure? Come on, let me help you before you kill yourself." "Erm, fine. Extra help never hurt anyone." I smiled at him as he took a hold of the other side of the amp. We got it to the van without too many problems...I sure hope that beetle didn't have a family. "So Bob, do you do anything else besides sound?" "Yea, actually, I play the drums. Been playing since I was 4 years old." "Dude, that's totally awesome! Maybe when we kick Matt out, you can fill in." "You're gonna kick him out?" "I don't know. I want to 'cause I don't really like him. But it's not my choice." Just then Brian came up and smiled at me, "hey, I see you met Bob?" "Yup." "Well, what do you think?" "Um, what do you mean? I mean he's cool." "Okay, well sorry to ruin your meeting, but we gotta go." "Oh, okay. Well, it was nice to meet you Bob." "Yea, you too. Can I maybe get your number? Maybe we can hang when we're both in the same town." "Yea sure." So we exchanged numbers then said our final good-byes.

As i sat down in the to Frank obviously...I looked at Bob and waved to him till we no longer could see each other. I couldn't stop smiling, I kinda liked him. Frank was just starring at me and noticed my cheeriness, "so what's up with you and Bob? You like him or something?" I scoffed, "no, that's so dumb, we just met. What a stupid thing to say." "Well sorry miss over-dramatic." I rolled my eyes, feeling rather annoyed with him. Great, not looking forward to the long ride back home.

Look out for next chapter...we have some more drama coming! >=D
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