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Home (Not So) Sweet Home

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Nat visits her family

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Hello my friends! Here is an update for all you pretty people! OMG can I just say this? GREEN DAY ARE AMAZING! I love them 10 times more after seeing them for the 5th time On thursday the 2nd xD BILLIE JOE FUCKEN ARMSTRONG PULLED ME UP ON STAGE FOR EAST JESUS NOWHERE! AND MIKE AND JASON FREEZE ACKNOWLEDGED ME WHEN I MADE MIKE A HEART WITH MY HANDS AND POINTED TO JASON! and I got tre's drum stick and mike's pick! (i had billie's pick from the Carson Daly show back in November xD. OKAY! i'm done with my rant...sorry bout that hehe

The first thing I did when we got back was I dropped my bags and then headed straight to my room. I plopped down on my bed and was just about ready to fall asleep. That ride home was a bit awkward but the air cleared between Frank and I after about an hour or two. I felt the bed shift as Frank's weight was added to it. My eyes were closed but it didn't stop me from questioning him, "Frank, what are you doing here?" "I live here, duh." "No, in my bed." "Oh, um, I think I may have another nightmare tonight, so i thought I'd just save you the trouble of waking you up in the middle of the night and just sleep here with you instead." "Okay." If I didn't mention it before, Frank tends to have a lot of nightmares when he's sleeps alone. A condition he got from traveling and not having restful nights all the time.

Before I could fall into a deep sleep, I felt eyes on me. I opened them to see Frank, who was just an about an inch away from me, staring at me. "What?" "Oh, um, nothing. Good night tigger." "'Night monster."

When I woke up in the morning, Frank was literally on top of me. That boy moves around a lot in his sleep. No wonder I couldn't breathe last night. "Frank." "..." "Frank." "Hm." "FRANK!" And with that I threw him off of the bed. "Ow! What was that for?" "You were lying on top of me and I wanted you off of the bed." "Why?" "'Cause I want coffee." We both looked at each other with coffee on our minds and both ran out of the room and into the kitchen fighting for the first cup. After we drank our coffee, Frank was looking at me and said "you know what, I'm gonna need to take a cold shower." "Ew...why?" "'Cause it will help me wake up." "Didn't the coffee do that?" "No, besides, I want to." "Ugh, gross. There's no reason for it to be awake so early. You weren't thinking dirty were you?" "Pfft, no." And with that he got up to head to the bathroom, and there was a huge bulge in his sweats. "Ew, Frankie, you do have one!" "I never said i didn't" he said as he gave me the finger and left with a smile on his face...and pants.

Once I finished taking my shower and getting myself ready, we were both ready to leave the house. We went to the mall and went straight into Hot Topic, the best store in the mall! I bought myself a Misfits sweater...yay! And Frank bought himself some fingerless gloves that have skeleton bones on the fingers. He's probably gonna wear those all the time. And, of course, there were fans looking wide-eyed at him. Some were asking to take some pictures and others were just looking at him then would run off laughing and screeching in hysteria. For a band that only has one CD out so far, they're pretty well known. Later on, we have to leave to go have dinner with my family...and I'm dreading it. So might as well have some fun for now.


When we arrived at my parents house, I asked Frank "are you sure you wanna do this? You know that they don't like you very much." "Yea, I know. But I'm there for you." I sighed, "to the end, right? Okay, lets get this over with." He grabbed my hand and laced his fingers with mine as we walked to the door...for emotional support of course. Mom opened the door and looked at us with a sneer. "Hey mom. Is Andrew here yet?" "No, not yet. What, you come just to see him after all this time of touring." "Well, no. But he's the only one I--" Frank squeezed my hand to tell me to stop. "I see you brought the low-life wimp?" This time I squeezed his hand. "Hello Mrs. Sanders." She nodded. "So can we come in or do we freeze to death out here?" "I prefer it that you freeze, but then I'd get sent to jail for child abuse. Come in." After her comment, low-enough to not be heard, I replied "like that ever stopped you before." "What was that dear?" "Nothing dev-, I mean mom." "That's what I thought. Dinner will be ready soon." As she headed into the kitchen, Frank and I went into the living room to find dad sitting in his recliner chair and Sam on the sofa with the remote in her hands. Some things never change. "Hey dad, Hey Sam." "Hello Nat and Frank." "So I see you guys finally hooked up?" He quickly let go of my hand, "no." I didn't even realized he still had it. Then Andrew walked in, relieving all the tension in the house, "Hey! Nat! Frank! You're here!" He hugged us and was genially happy to see us.

After, Andrew helped us stay away from everyone. We were all in my old bedroom and he sent Frank away to his old bedroom go look for an old photo. Andrew then asked me "so you and Frank, huh?" "Not you too!" "What?" "Everyone either assumes we're together or tells us that we need to be." "Maybe they're right." "Andrew!" "Okay, sorry. But have you seen the way he looks at you?" "We're just friends. Best friends at that. Can we please just talk about something else?" "Okay, um, have you gotten anywhere on your book?" "No, struggling with writers block right now." "Oh, okay."

During was horrible. Mom, dad, and Sam never left alone the fact that I'm different from them which makes me not as good as them. Of course, I hate when they do that but I didn't say anything 'cause that would just make things worse. But what really got to me was when they started dissing Frank, telling him that he was never gonna become anything and that he's wasting his time with that whole band thing. Telling him that he was a nobody and always will be. I couldn't take it anymore. 20 minutes into the dinner, I took Frank's arm and we left. The ride home wasn't very fun, it was a quiet ride. And when we did get home, I started thinking about tonight how how much I hate my family. Frank opened his door and with one foot out, I started bawling. I heard Frank's door close and felt his arms slip around me and lift me until I landed in his lap where I rolled up into a ball. We gently rocked back and forth until my sobs turned into soft cries and I fell asleep.

Frank's POV

I felt bad for Nat, I know how much she hates her family and what happened tonight was unacceptable. I took her inside and gently laid her down in my bed. Her bedroom was too far for my lazy legs to carry me all the way to. I was about to get into bed myself when I heard her phone ringing. I looked at the caller ID that read 'Andrew' and answered.
-"Did I call the wrong number?"
-"No, this is Nat's phone."
-"Well, where is she?"
-"She's asleep."
-"Oh. I just wanted to see how she was doing. She seemed pretty upset when you guys left. How was she when you guys went home?"
-"Not too good. We got home and had a breakdown. So I just took her in my arms and held her till she fell asleep."
-"Look, I'm really sorry for what happened."
-"It's cool, man."
-"No, man, it's not. What they did was real cold. After you two left, they all started laughing and saying how much fun that was. I had to leave right after you guys did."
-"Why don't they like her?"
-"I don't know. I guess 'cause she's different from them. But at least she has someone like you in her life."
I smiled
-"Thanks man."
-"Well, get some sleep dude. You had a long day. Goodnight."
-"Night." [click]

I laid down next to Nat, and drifted into sleep, hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

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