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Most Children know who their father is. Most children live happily with their parent’s all their lives. Not me. My mother had died two minutes after I was born, my father never even knew I had be...

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December 12, 2008, 5:40

Most Children know who their father is. Most children live happily with their parent’s all their lives. Not me. My mother had died two minutes after I was born, my father never even knew I had been created. So, my entire life I had lived with my grandmother, until two months ago, she died.

A tear slid down my cheek at the thought, the cool wind blew against my cheek and I reached into my bag for my Newports, but I had none left. He should have been here ten minutes ago, my father. On my twelve birthday, when she started getting sick, my grandma had told me who my father was. Immediately, just by the name, I knew he was someone important, I goggled him, having hearing the name before. He was in a band, a very successful band. Since then I listened to the music, found out all I could about him, after all he was my father.

I hugged my arms around myself. All I wore was my thin misfits hoodie. The state had claimed the house, sold most of our shit, all I had was this suitcase, a backpack, and my messenger bag. I sold all my other things for money, living two months on your own wasn’t easy. Until the state caught on to who my father was. And now I was waiting in the Los Angela’s airport entrance/ pick up zone waiting for him to come.

15, minutes, I began to doubt he was coming, great, now I was all this way across the damned country, stranded. I thought he would actually come get me, but no, he probably has more important things to do, he probably forgot.

Then I heard jogging footsteps, I turned my head around to see a tallish man- 5’10, in all black coming my way, with black messy hair and big rectangular shades, he stopped four feet away from me.

“For the sake of my sanity, please say your name is Rose?” The man asked.

Out of all the times I envisioned meeting my father, this had never been one of them. “Only if you say your name is Gerard.” I said, a fairly witty comeback.

He sighed with relief and took off his shades, revealing swollen bloodshot eyes and a pale face. “Sorry I look like shit,” He muttered awkwardly, reaching over and taking my suitcase. “The car is this way,” He said. I followed him across the parking lot to a black and red Trans am, he put my things in the trunk and unlocked the car. I quickly got inside, it smelled like coffee, cigarettes and cologne. “Sorry I’m late,” He said, pulling out of the airport. “The meeting with our manager went longer than planned.”

“It’s okay.” I said in a small voice, it all felt so awkward, not at all how I thought it would be.

“No, it’s not okay,” He said bluntly, “I told you I would be there on time and I wasn’t.” He said, stopping at a Sheetz and putting his hand on his door handle. “I’ll only be a minute, anything you want?” He asked.

Um, well….. “ I’d really appreciate a pack of Newports please?” I asked.
He didn’t say a word, just nodded and went into the store, coming back out with a little white bag carrying several little green boxes and a large coffee.

“Help yourself,” He told me, passing me the bag.
“Thanks,” I said, lighting one as we got back on the highway, rolling the window down a little. “You don’t care?”

“No, that would be highly hypocritical of me.”

“But I’m only 15, I thought you say something.” I muttered, blowing out smoke.
“I should,” He said, lighting one for himself. “But we’ll cross the bridge some other time.”

“Ok,” I said. “I mean, it’s not like I’ve done it for years, it’s just these past two months, I’ve picked up a few bad habits, these calm me a little.”

“I know who you feel,” He said, turning off the highway and on to a main street. His phone rang in his pocket, he pulled it out and handed it to me. “Could you get that, I don’t talk while driving.”

I took the black shiny phone and took the call. “Gee babe do you get her from the airport, was she there?” A woman voice said quickly and excitingly form the other end, Lindsey.

“Yeah, he did, it’s me Rose.” I told her.

“Oh my god, hi sweetie!” She said happily. “Well, I was just calling to make sure- tell Gerard dinners ready, I’ll see you when you get here Sweetie, bye!” She hung up the phone.

“She’s so excited.” Gerard explained. “She’s been like that all day.”

“She said dinner was done,” I told him, finishing my cigarette and putting it in his ashtray.

“She’s been working on that all day too.” He said, taking a turn onto a different road, which wasn’t s o crowded with houses, he turned and pulled into a white and black Victorian style house with green vines covering the from porch but not overgrown. He parked in the garage, pulling out a pack of gum and giving me a piece. “I’ll explain to her the smoking thing so she won’t give you hell.” He said, putting a piece in his own mouth. “She hates tasting it on me”

He got out and carried my things to the back door and we entered a laundry room, then a kitchen that smelled deliciously like tomato sauce and spices. The kitchen was big and open, a caramel color with all stainless steel appliances and a white marble counter top. Gerard led me down a dim hallway, past a few doors and up a black staircase to another, more bright hallway, opening the second door on the left. It was a medium sized room, with clean white walls and a large double bed with a simple gray comforter and white sheets, there wasn’t any furniture but a little nightstand by the bed.

“It’s not much,” He explained. “It was all we could manage in such short notice, we had used this room for storage, but I cleared it out. We’ll get you some things, clothes, furniture, what ever you want.” He said.

“It’s great, thank you so much, really.”

“Your welcome, ready to be ambushed by my wife?” He said, and I followed him back down the stairs, into the kitchen.

“Gee!” Lindsey entered the room. She wore simple jeans and an oversized Escape The Fate t-shirt, no doubt Gerard’s, with her long black hair pulled sloppily into a ponytail, she was pretty, prettier in person. She gave him a quick peck on the lips and hugged me, she smelled like lavender. “You look tired, are you hungry, I made lasagna- from scratch, if you do want any.” She said.

“Sure, thanks.” I said, not that tired, across the room, looking at Gerard, he was the one who looked tired, he was the one who looked like he needed a good meal and some sleep.

Lindsey already had the table set and she soon had salad, breadsticks, and a glass pan on lasagna on the table. It was delicious, but I wasn’t really hungry, Gerard had barely touched his plate, and he was getting paler by the second, until Lindsey spoke up.

“Gee, your going to make your self sick.” She said softly, touching his arm.

“Too late,” he muttered, hurrying out of the room and down the hall, slamming a door. Lindsey groaned and slid her empty plate away from herself, then getting up from the table and putting it in the sink.
“Is he alright?” I asked cautiously, putting my plate in the sink too.
“I don’t know.” She said. “You have to understand, he only found out he had a 15 year old daughter two weeks ago, it’s been harsh on him.” She sipped her glass of water. “You look so much like him.” She said, touching my hair and smiling. “So pretty and you look so grown up for fifthteen.”
I noticed her left arm was covered in tattoos, she noticed me looking. “Do you have any tattoos?” She asked.

I shook my head. “No, but I want a black rose on my left wrist.” I told her.
“Cool,” She said. “Did Gerard show you your room?”
“I wanted to wait until you got here to decorate it. Gerard had this elaborate design for your walls- leave it to the artist- but I told him to wait until you got here- we have no idea what you like.”

“Well, I’m not hard to please, I like mostly dark colors.” I said. “Anything dark and slightly creepy, I guess.”
“Good, then we’ll all get along.” she said. “Gerard’s a big Misfits fan too,” She said, eyeing my hoodie.
“Yeah, they’re awesome.” I said, making small talk. “Can I get a shower, I feel dirty from the long plane ride.” I explained.
“Sure sweetie, there’s a bathroom upstairs across from your room, help yourself."

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