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Chapter 7

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Frank calls the police, Gerard runs from his fears and pays the price. Note - Shorter chapter than usual.

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"Hello? Uhhh my friend's got a stalker. No, we've spoken to her and she claims she has a mission to complete. She has to cut off Gerard Way's head and bring it back to show the uhhhh others she said. What? Yeah. I dunno. Help us then? Okay, thanks." Frank hung up and turned to me "The police are gonna come round and find her. They need a description of her first."
"When are they coming?"
Suddenly, Frank fell to the floor. Behind him was my stalker, holding a fire extinguisher. She must've knocked Frank out.
She dropped it and took a step towards me "Your friend can't help you now. And I know how weak you are on your own."
"What the fuck is your problem?" I yelled at her, backing away.
"What the fuck is MY problem?" She asked, stepping closer "You're the one with the problem!"
"I thought you couldn't talk to me?"
"No, I just said that to piss you both off."
"Shitbag. Now anyway, how am I the one with the problem?"
"If you would just let me kill you, your problems would all come to an end."
"Look you little shit-faced donkey raper!" I yelled, using the first things that came into my mind "The police will be here soon and then..."
But to my surprise, she burst into helpess laughter "What?"
"What, do you think that I've never dealt with the police before? They aren't going to help you."
Suddenly Ray appeared "Hey Gerard..." Then he noticed the stalker "Who the hell is this?"
"A STALKER!" I yelled "RUN RAY, RUN!"
I grabbed Rays hand and ran down the corridor.
"You will pay Gerard!" She yelled after me.
I lied to Ray and told him that the whole stalker business was a joke. We played Guitar Hero for half-an-hour before we heard a knock at the door. And the police walked in.
"Hey..." I started, but they interupted.
"Is he okay?" They asked, gesturing to someone I couldn't see.
I stepped foward and saw Frank, pale as a ghost, rocking backwards and forwards muttering to himself.
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