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Get out of my library

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Heat and ghosts

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I hate the afternoon shift. Too much noise. The lobby was crowded and it was only two o’clock. New guests were checking in today, a lot of them. There was going to be a wedding this weekend, a big one. All the guests had to come at the same time too. And if that wasn’t enough I had to have a pair of eyes watching my every move from across the room. Did he have to be there? Wasn’t there like anywhere else he could be? Someone else he could annoy? Off course I made damn sure that he knew what I thought. If glares could kill, Brendon would be so dead that he wouldn’t know what hit him. I felt like I was being judged, or maybe I was just being paranoid. He was sitting in one of the armchairs; it looked like he was waiting for someone, or something. He reached towards the table, grabbing jet another magazine to flip through. Occasionally he glanced up at me and then at the new guests that I was serving, just to flip through the magazine again.
“Here is your key, have a nice stay” I said cheerfully to a middle aged woman who wore lots of bright pink lipstick and had really thick eyebrows.
“Thank you” she smiled and dragged the man beside her, who I’m guessing was her husband, along with her as she left. Pewh I sighed, thank god they were the last ones, time to breathe. I walked out through the main entrance to get some air, it was so hot inside. I heard noise coming from the parking lot and as I got closer it sounded like two guys singing to a guitar.
“The car broke down, the car broke down again”
“We crashed it again”

It came from Jon's van and as I got closer I saw him and his friend, who I’d forgotten the name of, sitting in it. They looked really cheerful.
“What are you doing?” I said, trying my hardest not to laugh.
“Don’t you like our song?” Jon said, pretending to look hurt.
“It’s catchy” I chuckled “but wouldn’t you rather be in the pool, with this heat I mean”
“All right! We’re going!” Jon’s friend said and jumped out of the van grabbing my arm.
“You met my friend Ryan right?” Jon said “c’mon, let’s go” he added as he pushed Ryan out of the way dragging me along.
“Err… I have to go back to work…”
“You can ditch…” Jon began.
“No one will notice” Ryan continued, being childish.
“Yes, because the reception is not empty at all” I teased “I don’t want to lose my job” I added, being serious.
“Oh-kay” Jon sounded disappointed.
“I’ll see you later though” I smiled.
“If you see Bdon or Spence, could you aim them towards the pool?”

When I got back to the reception I tended to some paperwork.
“Hi…” I’d totally forgotten about Brendon, who was standing inches away from me now, smiling. I looked at him in silence, annoyed. “I was just wondering… what you think about skateboards…” he sounded shy, not like the loud, bubbly, attention whore who’d annoyed me at first. But the question annoyed me, a lot. What did he think we thought about skateboards at this place, at any hotel for that matter?
“You can skate all you want” I said plainly “outside”
“Oh” he said, a bit more confident now “I meant you as in” he leaned forward to read my nametag “Noelle, not at the hotel” he smiled.
“I’ve never been on a board” I couldn’t help to smile back at him.
“It’s not that hard” he paused “I could show you some time?”
“What’s with the change of heart?” I said, getting suspicious. Does he actually believe that he can come here being nice after yesterday and I won’t mind? Or is he messing with me?
“What?” he said, still smiling.
“You were a jerk yesterday…”
“I was?”
“By the car…”
“You broke it though…”
“I barely touched it!” I was getting angry. Ian was right; it was time to stand up for myself “besides, I never meant to break anything. I was trying to help!” I could feel the anger build up inside me.
“Giiiiirl, you want me to hold your earrings?” I turned to face Ian. I hadn’t even noticed him there “Aggressive much?” he chuckled.
“How long have you been here?” I asked.
“Long enough” Ian said “you better leave…” he faced Brendon who obeyed. “SHAKE THAT AS SISTAH” he hollered after him.
“Ian!” I said elbowing him. He looked at me giggling.
“I need you help Nell” he gave me the puppyeyes.
“What can I do for you sir?” I bit my lip so that I wouldn’t laugh; he had the silliest puppydog face in history. Not only did he make his eyes gigantic, he bent his knees so that he would be shorter than me and bent his head back so that he was looking up at me. This led to his chin being pushed forward ridiculously much and he had a huge totally cute smile on his lips. “Tell me” I said when he didn’t answer. He blinked his eyes. “I promise I won’t say no, just tell me!”
“I’m thinking I’m gonna take Jon on the ghost tour tonight, he even agreed and I’m gonna scare the shit outa him!” he said proudly “This is what I want you to do…”

That night I was in the library on the balcony behind some bookshelves. I’d tied tread to some books on the bottom floor, in the back, which I was holding in my hiding place. Also I’d grabbed some books that I was to throw without being see, however that was going to work.
“This was the baron’s favorite room” I heard Ian say as they entered. I glanced at my watch, twelve o’clock, right on time. “He loved to read and hated it when he was disturbed”. That was my cue. I pulled lightly at one of the treads so that a few books fell down with a light thud.
“What was that?” Jon said, sounding desperate.
“What?” Ian said. I could see that he had a hard time keeping his straight face. I placed my hands on the other two treads. This time I pulled harder, causing the remaining books on the shelf to fall down with a crash. I couldn’t help but to smile at Jon’s face, he looked so scared.
“That!” he shrieked in a high-pitched voice, jumping up in to Ian’s arms.
“Oh. That’s just the baron’s way of saying ‘I’m reading here, get out’” Ian reassured.
“Shouldn’t we go then?” Jon started to walk towards the doorway.
“No” Ian grabbed Jon’s arm “I want to see him, his ghost”. Jon didn’t look happy but I guess he kind of wanted to see the “ghost” too because they started to walk further in. That was my second cue.
“GET OUT OF MY LIBRARY!” I made my vice sound as deep and dark as I could. It actually sounded a bit raspy too. I smiled at my success. I grabbed the books too, but before I had the chance to throw them I heard a high-pitched shriek and Jon ran away.
“Great job Nell” Ian said as I came out “you should play the baron more often!” he gave me a high five.
“It was fun, we scared him to death” I chuckled.
“Totally” Ian agreed, flipping his hand and shaking his head.
“Shouldn’t you go after him?”
“Oh” Ian strutted away “Seyah later giiirl! Sleep tight!” he hollered as he left.
“Night Ian“ I mumbled. I stretched my arms, time for bed.

If you like it, tell me so that i know how many people enjoy this story. Otherwise there's no point in continuing right? I want feedback, whats good and bad, so that i can improve my writing. Lots of love xoxo B. R/R
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