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I can't be mad at your cute face

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I think he likes you..

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I am sooooooo sorry it took months, I've been really busy with moving and school, I totally forgot and probably lost all my readers but please come back. So this is for my best friend who's been bugging me about this a while now. Anyway R/R and enjoy!

There was a loud thud, thud, thud followed by Ian’s voice.
“What” I muttered sleepily too low for him to hear as I sat up in my bed. I looked around; it was still dark, hours away from morning. What the hell does he want now, in the middle of my sweet dream?
“NOELLE EMI NAKAMURA LEWIS YOU’LL LET ME IN. RIGHT NOW! THAT WAS SO NOT FUNNY!” What is he going on about? I’ve done nothing but go to sleep since last time he saw me and he liked what I did in the library. Maybe I’d been sleepwalking. That really happens to people sometimes. I slipped out of bed, wrapping my duvet around me and walked sleepily towards the door.
“What?” I hissed as I opened it, regretting my tone of voice as I saw his face. Ian looked scared to death. I gave him a weak smile and let him in. “What happened?”
“You” he said breathlessly “playing ghost and all”
“Yeah… just like you wanted me. ‘You should play the baron more often’, remember?”
“That part was AWESOME” he chuckled “I meant late-“
“I went straight to bed, what are you talking about?”
“You mean that wasn’t you?” he looked confused now.
“Err, what are you talking about?” we were sitting in my bed now, both safely under the covers.
“When I ran after Jon… I was like ‘damn he can run fast’. Anyway, he ran in to a room somewhere in the left wing. The door had been open and I found Jon in the middle of the room. He was like mumbling ‘I’m not scared, I’m not scared’. Giiiiirl that boy’s a pussy.”
I giggled, because Jon really looked like a manly man who’s not afraid of anything.
“I couldn’t help myself, it was soooo funny! I scared him even more with a loud ‘buh!’ and I swear he jumped up to the roof! But he made me feel bad when he looked so scared and sad. I had to say ‘noo, I’m sorry I’m sorry, it’s only me, Ian’ and pat his shoulder. AND THEN the window opened from nowhere with a boom and a lamp fell to the floor AND the door slammed shut. I wasn’t scared, Jon was though, huggin’ me tightly.”
“Oh come on! You were scared, don’t lie!” I knew Ian; he must’ve been really scared.
“Okay, maybe a little scared… And the door was locked, I was sure you’d locked it.”
“A little, right… How did you get out?”
“Remember this?” He took out a big bundle of keys “I remembered that I had it and thought maybe one of them fit. Jon rolled his eyes at me ‘that’s like a thousand keys’ he said. But we came out! And I helped him to find his room, and then I came straight here!”

At the day of the wedding, or maybe I should say at the time of the wedding, there was nothing to do at the hotel. Most of the guests were at the wedding, which was in the rose garden, and most of the staff too, so the hotel was empty. I thought I’d take the phone out back and get a tan, but I ran in to Jon instead.
“Morning” He said sleepily.
“Morning? Its afternoon” I smiled at him.
“Oh… Is there any possibility that I could get some breakfast?” Breakfast had stopped hours ago but I was sure Sophie wouldn’t mind.
“Sure common” I led him to the kitchen where we found this big five story cake. It was beautiful.
“It’s for the wedding, I’m gonna bring it out right now” Sophie said when she saw us admiring it “isn’t it lovely? The best I ever made! I secretly hope that there will be some left over so that I can taste it. Don’t tell anyone” She smiled. I smiled back at her and so did Jon.
“We won’t tell. Is there any possibility that my friend here can get some breakfast?”
“Sure! Help yourselves.”
We did, and I ended up getting some food for me too. We ate out back on the porch.
“How do you like this place? I mean working here?” Jon said through chews.
“It’s nice and quiet. And look at the beautiful surroundings! I get to do whatever I want when there are no guests’ around.”
“Yeah… but don’t you ever get bored?”
“Sure I do! I’m glad that you’re here keeping me company now for example. Where’s your friends anyway?” I hadn’t heard or seen them come down now that I think about it.
“I donno. I woke up and they were gone.”
“That doesn’t seem nice…”
“No it’s not like that, they wanted to let me sleep and I’ll call them when I wanna find them. They wouldn’t do anything mean” Maybe that’s true, if you’re Jon, but not if you’re me.
“Yeah? What’s up with you friend Brendon anyway?”
“What ya mean?”
“He’s been acting weird… one moment he’s being a jerk and then he’s nice to me. I don’t get it. What’s his problem?”
“I think he likes you.” Jon smiled. Me? No way, why would anyone like me?
“Likes who? I like you Joooon.” Ian sat down at the table with us, grinning towards Jon.
“I err have to go find Spencer” Jon said in a nervous voice and walked away in a hurry.
“What happened between you two?” I said eying Ian.

I finally got to sink down in one of the loungers by the pool, in my bikini so that I would get a tan. No one was around. I heard the dull noise from the wedding reception, but that was all. I think I might have fallen asleep when I suddenly heard someone shout “KAWABUNGA” followed by something wet covering me. I opened my eyes to see water all over the place, me included, and the guy called Spence in the pool. I assumed he was the source of the kawabunga.
“I am so sorry about that!” Brendon came from nowhere “Spencer can be such a duche sometimes!” he glared at Spencer who floated around in the pool like he was king of the water.
“It’s fine… I…” did not know how to finish that sentence, so I didn’t.
“Do you want a towel?” Brendon smiled and handed me the one he had brought for himself. I wrapped it around my shoulders and smiled at him.
“D’you wanna take a walk?” He looked irresistible, his mouth and the way he smiled with his whole face. I couldn’t say now to that. Maybe he’s not as bad and self-absorbed as I first thought.
“You’re leaving? I thought we were gonna have a water fight?” Spencer pouted.
“Sorry dude, maybe Jon or Ry wants to play?” Brendon took my hand and we walked around the grounds, heading towards the lake.
“Um… so I was talking to Jon…” He looked uncomfortable for a brief second, but he shook it off as quickly as it came.
“Yeah?” I smiled as to urge him to continue.
“I… um… he… pointed out that I’d been kinda a jerk to you… and I just wanted to say I’m sorry. Really, I am. I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me.” He looked like he genuinely meant it but still with a smile on his face.
“You’re forgiven. I can’t be mad at your cute face!” Did I really say that?! I am so embarrassed! I could feel the warm blood rush to my face as it turned red and I looked away from him.
“Hey” he put his hand on my face and forced me to look at him again “you shouldn’t be embarrassed to say what you think” His smile was so cute. It didn’t help though, I wanted to run away. Fast. I forced myself to stay. “Your face is pretty too” he continued. I could feel my heart beat faster and faster. “Was that a smile?”
“No” I fought the smile “okay maybe” I gave up the fight and giggled.
“D’you wanna swim?”
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