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ChickenLittle and MCRBoy

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ChickenLittle starts talking to Roxy and MCRBoy seems very keen to meet up with her...

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The next day I got up and logged straight onto my new laptop that my Mum had given me for christmas. I never did tell her about what had happened on the last chatroom. All I told her was that I had met My Chemical Romance and they invited me onto their bus.
MCRGuy wasn't online. There was only about five people on because it was so early, but somebody wanted to talk to me.

ChickenLittle - Hey!
MCRGirl - Hello? Who's this?
ChickenLittle - I just thought we could be friends.
MCRGirl - Oh yeah?
ChickenLittle - Yeah. My name is Frank, what's yours?
MCRGirl - Nicole.

So I lied, but I had to be careful with this guy.

MCRGirl - How old are you?
ChickenLittle - 13, you?
MCRGirl - Same!
ChickenLittle - Cool. What school do you go to?
MCRGirl - I don't think I should share that with you.
ChickenLittle - Come on, we're both 13.
MCRGirl - You could be lying.
ChickenLittle - I'm telling the truth you spoilt bitch.
MCRGirl - Man, what's your problem?
ChickenLittle - Just tell me what school you go to, it won't do any harm.
MCRGirl - No.
ChickenLittle - Your problem is that your spoilt, any other girl would love to tell me what school they go to.
MCRGirl - Well I'm more cautious on the internet after what happened last time...
ChickenLittle - I ain't no rapist or anything, I just want your school.
MCRGirl - NO!
ChickenLittle - Tell me what happened last time den and I might drop everything about the school business.

I thought about that for a while. Until MCRBoy aka. GERARD FRIGGIN WAY logged on. I clicked on the little X to get rid of my conversation with ChickenLittle aka. Frank.

MCRGirl - Hiya.
MCRBoy - Hey, you're on.
MCRGirl - Yes, Yes I am. How are you then?
MCRBoy - I'm good thanks.
MCRGirl - How's Lyn-z and Bandit?
MCRBoy - They're alright as well.
MCRGirl - You're not very talkative today, something on your mind?
MCRBoy - I wanna meet up with you again.
MCRGirl - Why?
MCRBoy - Remember when we played Guitar Hero? And you won?
MCRGirl - Yeah.
MCRBoy - I let you win on purpose.
MCRGirl - (: Whatever.
MCRBoy - No really. You should come round and we could play again... With no cheating this time.
MCRGirl - I don't know Gee.
MCRBoy - Meet me at Claires tommorow.
MCRGirl - No, I don't think I should...
MCRBoy - Oh. So you don't like me?
MCRGirl - Gerard, that's not the reason!
MCRBoy - Whatever.

Then he went offline. We didn't arrange to meet up online at another tommorow. I could stand outside Claires all day tommorow, waiting for him to show up... Or I could stay at home online all day, waiting for him to come on. Neither option sounded very fun.
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