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Something nooo-one saw coming...not even me. Lol

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Chapter for my dear friend 'non-bearded Georgie'. Lmao! Sorry bay-beee but it was damn funny. XD

Frank's P.O.V

Rachel had been avoiding me for the past three days. At least I'm pretty sure she was. I hadn't really seen her properly. She flitted in-between either Lilli's room or the bathroom. She had Ray bring her in tray's of food which always came back barely touched. I was going out of my mind with worry. Plus Georgia wouldn't let me in!!! Apparently Rachel was good for Lilli, it helped her "heal" or some other stupid shit like that. I obviously sympathise greatly with her.I know what it's like but I miss Rachel!
I sulked on the floor just in-front of Lilli's door. She had to come out eventually. After 4 hours she eventually did come out. I decided to get her on the way back.

I caarefully scouped herup and she shreiked shirlly in my ear.
"Jeez, you tyring to deafen me" I teased as her cheeks turned a bright red.
"Sorry" she mumbled looking away. Awww she's so damn cute when she's embarassed. And that's when it hit me...her blood. It smelt differnt somehow. Something new was in there. It's the only way to describe it. I couldn't work out what it was. But I didn't like it. I mean yes it still was her scent but it was tainted somehow...not in a bad way but just odd.

She turned her head away from me, a look of shame clouding her features. I didn't say anything but carried her through to where I was staying. Her eyes pricked with tears as I laid her on the bed. I didn't technically sleep but it was still nice to pretend once in a while.
"Why do you smell different?" Tears began to make there way softlydown her face. Well isn't that just fucking great!!! I've made her cry for fuck sakes!!!
"No, shhh kitten. No tears" I tried to wipe them off but she just cried harder.
"Please tell me...please" Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry...
"You'll be mad" she whimpered, still not looking at me.
"Shh, no kitten, I promise. You can always tell me anything. I swear baby...just tell me" Her eyes flickered to my face before looking back down to the pillow.
"I-I'm...pregnant" Silence hit the room like the wrecking ball. I couldn't move. It just wasn't possible...was it? I never got a chance to explore that further because the door then came bursting open.
"GEORGIA, I'M STILL IN LOVE WITHYOU WE NEED TO-...well this clearly is not the correct room...again." The door slammed shut just as fast as it'd opened.
"Myrnin" I muttered darkly under my breath.

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