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Chapter 13- The Temple of Time

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What ended up happening to me and the other Zoras that were flushed away from my terrible ocarina playing was this: We were washed out through the river and ended up in a moat that went around the castle. There were bars that kept us from going down to Gerudo Valley’s river, so that made us all sprawled out. Fortunately, I was able to stay with Ruto for she grabbed onto my floating device.
I glanced over and saw Ganondorf in the whole mess, so I grabbed Ruto and helped her climb out of the moat. I threw the floating ducky into the moat behind us, which must have caught Ganondorf’s attention because he yelled my name. I turned around and just waved to him, then I grabbed Ruto’s wrist and went through a huge door.
We were in a small opening and there were a bunch of guards outside scratching their heads. They had no idea why the moat was overflowing and why there were a bunch of Zoras floating around and acting disoriented. The water was slowly overflowing this opening and I glanced over and saw my rubber ducky floating device just bobbing around and confusing the guards even more. Unfortunately, it seemed that the guards of Hyrule weren’t the brightest crayons in the box.
“Where are we going?” Ruto whined.
“I need to find Princess Zelda,” I said and I pushed passed all the guards and came to the entrance to the castle lobby. Thankfully, to get to this door, I had to go up a long flight of stairs, so that meant that it would take a long time for the castle to actually get flooded.
I burst through the door and entered the lobby, which was where the double staircase was. The King of Hyrule, Zelda, and Impa were out in the lobby.
“Ash, good to see you again,” the King said. “Do you know what all the commotion outside is all about?”
“Uh, nothing, just a small leak somewhere,” I said quickly. “Zelda, I need to talk to you for a second please.”
Zelda nodded and she took me to the loft that I had fought Ganondorf in previously. We sat down on the nice sofa. I looked over at Ruto who was mesmerized to be meeting Princess Zelda.
“You’re the Princess of Hyrule?” Ruto asked breathlessly.
“Yes,” Zelda said with a smile, “and you must be Princess Ruto, the Zora princess, correct?”
“Oh yes!” Ruto said. “I didn’t know the Princess of Hyrule knew my name!”
“Please, call me Zelda,” Zelda said gently. “Now then, Ms. Brandt, what is it that ails you.”
“Zelda, this here is Ruto, as you know,” I said. “She is the one who holds the Spiritual Stone of Water. In the Zora culture, it is known as the most wanted engagement stone in the world. Unfortunately, Link and I don’t want to get, well, married, so I brought Ruto here, or rather had to, because I need you to convince her to let this stone go.”
“Oh, is that so?” Zelda asked. “I probably should’ve told you and Link that the sapphire is very well known as the most wanted engagement ring stone around this kingdom. It would’ve saved you two a lot of trouble. I’m glad you brought Ruto here though, for I’ve always wanted to converse with the other princesses here in Hyrule.”
“Really?” Ruto asked and she had a little sparkle in her eyes.
“Why yes,” Zelda said. “I would love to show you around the castle, but Ash here needs that sapphire of yours for a rather important job.”
“Zelda, Zelda,” I heard a voice call and I recognized it. The voice belonged to Link who entered the loft suddenly. Lux was running beside him and he was panting while his ears dripped of water.
“Raichu!” Lux shouted with glee and he ran over to me and I gave him a hug.
“Oh, Link,” Zelda said, “do come and join us. I’m about to get you the last stone.”
“We might have more to worry about,” Link said and he didn’t smile when he responded, so I stood up. I could tell that something was extremely wrong.
“Link?” I said.
“Ganondorf has an army, Princess, and he’s going to infiltrate this castle,” Link said.
I unsheathed my sword and said, “He’s not getting passed those guards. There are too many of them.”
“Zelda, Impa is getting an emergency horse ready for you to depart the kingdom,” Link said seriously. “Your father has taken his place among the ranks of soldiers. Ruto, your father has also decided to fight alongside the King. Ash, you and I have to get these stones to the Temple of Time as soon as we can.”
Zelda stood up, but kept a calm expression on her face. Ruto was a bit scared, but she took the sapphire out from somewhere and held it in her lap.
“Link, Ash,” Zelda said, “before I depart, I have these two ocarinas to give you.” Zelda then reach in a pouch of hers and handed Link and I two blue ocarinas that had the Triforce symbol on them. Mine, however, had been cracked down the middle of the Triforce which I assumed made it unplayable, and probably for a reason, since it was my terrible ocarina playing that got us all into a mess.
“One of you two play the Song of Time, which is etched on a pedestal in the Temple of Time, once you have placed the three stones in their correct spots,” Zelda said. “This shall open the Door of Time and inside that door should be one, and only one, Master Sword. Link, it’s up to you to use that sword and kill Ganondorf.”
“Yes, Princess,” Link said and he nodded strictly.
Zelda smiled and leaned forward. She kissed Link on the lips. A little shock went through me, reader, one that sort of hurt, but I knew I couldn’t let one little kiss get to me. I had to fight for the kingdom, even though I wasn’t the legendary hero that would wield the Master Sword and save the day. I just had to know my place, and the quicker I got Link to that Master Sword, the quicker I could leave Hyrule and stop feeling disappointed.
“Good luck,” Zelda whispered and she left the loft.
Ruto stood up and held the sapphire in her arms. “So, you really need this, huh?” Ruto asked.
“Yes,” I said and I started to feel bad. That stone was her deceased mother’s engagement ring’s stone. “Unfortunately, we need it to save this kingdom.”
“Ruto, the King has set up a room upstairs for you to rest in,” Link said. “Two Zora maids are out in the lobby to assist you.”
“Yes,” Ruto said and she handed me the stone. “Please, Ash, just take good care of it.”
“I promise I will,” I said. “Once this is all said and done with, I will return it to you. I promise.”
Ruto’s eyes began to water, so she took off. I waited for her to leave before I stuffed the stone into a satchel that I had at my side. I looked at Link who had a very serious expression on his face.
“Ash, I honestly don’t know how we’re going to be able to reach the Temple of Time,” Link said. “One of us may have to be left behind to distract Ganondorf.”
“That shall be me,” I said.
“Wait, what?”
“You’re the chosen hero,” I said. “You need to get that Master Sword and save this kingdom once and for all.”
“But I don’t want to leave you here,” Link said.
Suddenly, there was a loud bang and it sounded like a door. The sound wasn’t too far away, so I knew that someone bad was coming. I looked around and found an open window. I grabbed Link’s wrist and showed it to him.
“What’s going to happen to you, Ash?” Link asked. “I can’t leave you here.”
“I will be fine,” I said. “You’ve been chosen for an important part in history and you need to do your duty.” I reach into my satchel and got out the sapphire. I grabbed Link’s hand and held onto it for a couple of seconds and then handed it to him. “Go. If I can, I will meet you at the Temple, but don’t wait for me.”
Link nodded and he took off because the loft door flew open. I looked down at Lux who was staring at the door. His wet, damp fur started to stick up like little spikes.
“Well well well,” a voiced boomed in the loft. “It seems I have you just where I want you, my dear. But where’s that little runt boyfriend of yours?”
I turned around to face Ganondorf who had out a sword. The tip of the blade was splattered with blooded. Ganondorf smirked at me as he wiped it off with a small, silk rag he pulled out of his pocket. I tightened the grip on my sword reader, for I was preparing to die.
“I see you’ve gotten passed the Hyrule defenses already,” I said as calmly as I could.
“Yes yes, but it wasn’t really that challenging, you know,” Ganondorf said. “I mean, for one, I have been studying this defense ever since I got here and for two, this damn castle didn’t have that much of a defense anyway. The castle here is guarded dumbasses.”
“So, what do you want?” I asked.
“Well, I want those three, pretty little stones that you have seemed to slip from my fingers,” Ganondorf said.
“You can pry them from my cold, dead fingers, you bastard!” I shouted.
Ganondorf just smiled and showed off his yellow, but strong looking teeth. “That’s precisely what I was hoping you would say,” he said and he threw the silk rag like it was nothing and quickly charged at me with his sword.
I didn’t expect him to attack so quickly, but I dove out of the way and onto a couch, which I used to help me jump above Ganondorf’s head. From there I put my sword underneath me and tried to stab it directly on top of Ganondorf. I missed however, and got my sword caught between the stone floor. I desperately tried to pull it out, but Ganondorf was already coming for me, so I ran out of the way.
Ganondorf stopped right at my sword and stared at it for a bit. He pulled it out with ease and looked at the blade. “So, this is the piece of shit sword that the legendary heroes of Hyrule use,” he said and then he sheathed his sword and gripped the blade of my sword with both hands. He then broke it in half and dropped the pieces as blood flowed from the palms of both hands.
I was amazed and my eyes were wide. I wasn’t sure what I would do now, especially since my sword was gone. I raised my right hand up and looked at it. I let sparks crawl around my hand and I looked at Ganondorf.
“I guess you already have a backup plan,” he said smartly. “Smart girl.”
I got ready to use my electric power, but before I could I felt a darker, much scarier power pull me towards Ganondorf. He had used his power to pull me close to him and I kept eye contact. His red, bulging eyes were bloodshot as he breathed slowly, but heavily in my face.
“I’m sorry to say this, but I think it’s time for you to die,” Ganondorf said and I felt a huge, sudden force push me backwards. I shut my eyes, but I felt my back burst through glass. I wire frame lodged into my shoulder and shards of glass pierced me in several areas of my body. I landed on a hard, grassy surface.
I sat up as quickly as I could and opened my eyes to see myself in a small but peaceful courtyard and in front of me was Ganondorf, who was charging at me. I rolled out of the way and into a small stream. I saw some of my blood leak into the stream as I got on my hands and knees to get back up. Ganondorf wasted no time and he grabbed my small neck and held me up. I squirmed around, but couldn’t break free and that was when I realized I was done for.
“Wait, what!” I heard Ganondorf yell. He dropped me and then grabbed my right wrist and looked at the back of my hand. I could see it glowing a bit and I looked to try and get a better look at my hand. I saw the Triforce, but the middle of it was glowing the brightest.
“It can’t be,” Ganondorf said breathlessly. “This is supposed to only be a myth. There are only supposed to be three pieces, not four.”
Ganondorf seemed to be stunned with the back of my hand and I saw an opening. From my palm burst an electrical charge that knocked both Ganondorf and I backwards. I just landed on the grass, but Ganondorf blew through a huge glass window and slammed his back into a stone wall. I watched Ganondorf for a second and it looked like he was knocked out cold.
I looked at my right hand which still had a Triforce on it. I hadn’t studied too much into the whole Triforce myth, but it was my understanding that there were three Goddesses who created the land of Hyrule and three Spiritual Stones that went with those Goddesses, so there must have only been three Triforce parts, but who had them, and why did my hand have a Triforce on it and with the middle glowing so brightly? Something wasn’t right.
I needed to get to Link as fast as I could, but I knew that the castle was under attack, so I wasn’t sure if Link actually made it to the Temple of Time. I climbed through the window that I was thrown from and decided to leave the loft and see what was going on. I got out into the lobby and there were Gerudo females fighting with Hyrule soldiers. I didn’t have my sword, so I couldn’t join in.
I was trying to make my way through the fighting crowd, but a Gerudo female saw me. She was a generic guard with a staff that had a blade at the end. They were called halberds are something, but that was the least of my worries. I still had my electric powers, so I shot her with them as quickly as I could. She became paralyzed, so I grabbed her halberd. Now I had something to work with.
Lux was beside me, sending out waves of electricity that surged through all in his path. I wasn’t really that good with new weapons, but the fighting that was going on around us was rather unorganized, so I didn’t really need any skill to kick a few asses. I tried to not kill the Gerudo females, for I didn’t like to do that, so I hit them with the blunt end of the halberd so that they would be knocked out cold.
The castle guards were total cowards, so most had already fled the scene. I wasn’t sure where the King of Hyrule was, or if he was still alive, but I became surrounded by Gerudos. They circled around Lux and I and I held the halberd to my side. From Lux’s cheeks, sparks began to come out because he felt threatened.
“Alright Lux,” I said quietly, “let’s open up a can ‘o whoop ass on these bitches.”
“Rai,” Lux said harshly.
I took the halberd and held the end and swung it around so that the blade spun like a fan. Below me, Lux was firing off electricity. I decided to try something, so I let electricity surge through my palms. I couldn’t see too well, but I saw the bolts climb up the halberd like thin snakes. The bolts of lightning shot out from my halberd’s blade and started to take all of the Gerudos out. I spun around on the tip of my boots like a ballerina and once I was sure that all of the girls were down, I stopped and looked down at Lux who was smiling at me.
“Good job, buddy,” I said and I scratched behind his ear.
“You’re not done yet, my dear,” I heard a deep voice say and, of course, that voice belonged to Ganondorf. He was standing at the loft door and he had his sword out.
I gripped the staff of the halberd and let the electricity surge through my arm. I began to shoot Ganondorf with balls of lightning. I didn’t notice, but he shielded himself behind his cape and that kept my lightning from getting to him for some weird reasons.
“Hah,” Ganondorf boomed, “you’re pathetic. Why don’t you give up?”
“Because you don’t know who you’re dealing with,” I snapped.
“You’re a thick headed little brat, aren’t you?” Ganondorf said. “That power you have, Ashley, you have no idea what it can do. It can destroy things, many things. People with powers like you are destined to be evil. You can give up now and join my group and bow down to our leader, our lord.”
“I think not,” I said.
“You have some evil in you, I can tell. You are the owner of the Triforce of Balance.”
“What’s that?”
“The middle of the Triforce,” Ganondorf said, “has been debated for years and years. Some say it doesn’t exist while others say it does. You have proven those who doubted the middle Triforce wrong. As you should know, the original three Triforce pieces are the Triforces of Wisdom, Courage, and Power. In the middle is the balance and whoever owns that middle is piece is a balance of all three pieces and that person can fade between good and evil. You can evil, even if you don’t want to and you can join our ranks and take over Hyrule.”
I was shocked. I was told that I had no part in the whole legend thing in Hyrule, but I was being told that I owned a piece of the Triforce. Something wasn’t right. I was supposed to keep the balance or something, but I hadn’t been in Hyrule for all but a couple weeks. My name was also randomly chosen from a hat, but my having the Triforce couldn’t have just been a coincidence.
“It’s your job to keep the balance,” Ganondorf said. “But, what kind of balance? The balance of good, or the balance of evil?”
“You lie,” I shouted and I started to shoot Ganondorf with lightning. After I was done, I felt breathless and lightheaded. I looked over at Lux who had shied away from me and he looked extremely scared. Once a bunch of smoke cleared, Ganondorf came to my sight. He was still standing, but he had his cape over his body. He pushed his cape back and smiled at me.
“Now, I would hate to keep you,” Ganondorf said. “I do know that you need to get to your precious boy in the Temple of Time.”
“Don’t let anyone touch him,” I snapped.
“I won’t,” Ganondorf said. “At least, I won’t yet.” Suddenly then, Ganondorf flew up and spun around. He disappeared into thin air and I knew where he was headed.
“Lux, c’mon,” I said quickly and I started to run out of the castle. I jumped over a bunch of bodies; some dead, some just paralyzed. I pushed passed the huge doors and went down to where the water was rising. Zoras were sprawled around in the water and there was some blood floating around. Gerudo thieves were also floating in the water.
Lux and I tried to run as fast as we could to get to Link, but the water was still flowing and it was rising higher. It took about five minutes for both of us to get to the Temple of Time. I had never been in it before, but on the outside it looked huge. It was on a higher ground, so the water wasn’t inside it quite yet.
The entrance to the Temple of Time was basically a big opening. I walked in slowly, trying to be cautious, but Link came to my sight quickly. I heard him playing the final notes of a certain song and then, above what looked like a door, a Triforce began to glow and the temple began to shake as a huge slab opened up a room. I couldn’t see much for I was at the entrance to the temple, but in the middle of that room seemed to be a bright, beam of light.
“Link,” I said and my voice echoed off the stone walls, the high ceiling, and the marble floor. Link turned around and smiled and behind him were the three Spiritual Stones. They had been set in the proper order and were spinning.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, Link was punched. He flung to the side and I heard his body hit the wall. I looked at where Link once stood and there was Ganondorf. He had on a huge grin and was looking right at me. I went to unsheathe the sword on my back, but there was no sword because Ganondorf crushed it into pieces.
“So, it looks like I won,” Ganondorf said.
“Not quite yet,” I said. I looked over at Link who seemed out of it. The impact of the wall must have caused him to go in and out of consciousness. He kept bobbing his head like he was trying to wake up, but it wasn’t working out.
“What do you mean I haven’t won yet?” Ganondorf snapped. “It seems to me that I have. I mean, I’m only a couple steps away from the ‘Blade of Evil’s Bane’ as they call it and your friend, the real chosen one, is in a pathetic state, so there is no way he can pull the Master Sword from its pedestal.” Ganondorf paused for a second. “Can I ask you a quick question?”
“What?” I asked.
“Would you like to be the chosen one?” Ganondorf asked.
“What do you mean?” I asked carefully and I began to walk closer. Lux tried to step in front of me, but I kept walking.
“You were brought here without being asked. You’re being used, Ashley, because the chosen ones are too weak to fend for their own. You’re just a little punching bag who has to deal with the evil guys that the chosen ones couldn’t fight. You could be much more than what you’re being used for. You could command an army of minions and get a hold of powers that you could never imagine. You will no longer be used, Ashley, and you will be free, as long as you follow certain orders and destroy certain things, you can move up in the world of evil. How do you feel about that?”
I was now about two feet away from Ganondorf and I stared at him straight in his red eyes. “No thank you,” I said and I quickly shot some lightning out of my hands.
Ganondorf was quick however and shot his power as well, which clashed against mine. They just stayed there and they were balanced. I used some more power and started to push mine towards his and Ganondorf’s power began to get weaker. My electricity was so close to him that I got careless and Ganon saw this. He then used more of his power and I could feel myself letting go.
Suddenly, a burst of lightning came from behind me and it helped push my power forward. Ganondorf stood no chance now, so I added more surge and suddenly Ganondorf was shot backwards. He hit the Triforce above the new opening in the temple and after he fell it was revealed that he cracked the middle of the Triforce. I focused my power then and lifted Ganondorf up and shot him on the other side of the temple.
Lux ran up to me and smiled. He had been the additional power added to mine. But, I had to hurry and grab Link before Ganondorf woke up. I grabbed Link by the ankles and dragged him up the marble stairs that led to the new room. Lux pushed on Link’s head and tried to help.
“Damn you, Ashley!” I heard Ganondorf’s voice boom and he rushed at me. I didn’t know what to do, but I used my electric power and shot it at the Spiritual Stone of Water. I pulled it towards me quickly and the slab began to fall. Ganondorf was almost at the door, so I was scared he would make it to us. However, the slab closed in time, but on top of the Spiritual Stone of Water.
The sapphire stones broke into a million pieces and the golden brackets that held the stones in place were all bent up. I began to feel guilty, for I promised Ruto that I would get the stone back to her. I had to move on however, so I started to pull Link farther into the room.
This room was very dark, except for the beam of light in the middle. I got Link and I closer and then turned around.
“This isn’t right,” I whispered for in the middle of this room was a circular platform. In the middle of that platform were two pedestals and in those pedestals were a sword. I was told that there would only be one sword.
There was a big Triforce on the floor where these pedestals were. One was in the middle of the Triforce and the other was on the bottom left of the Triforce. The one in the middle had a gray hilt but in the middle was an orange metal. The blade was beautifully crafted, or at least what I could see, and there was a Triforce carved in the blade, but the middle was cracked and I noticed that the crack sort of looked like a lightning bolt. At the end of the hilt and the beginning of the blade, there was a teal colored stone which had a small lightning bolt in the middle. It looked like the Thunderstone I had received from Ganondorf, but in a smaller form.
The sword on the bottom left looked just like the sword in the middle, but instead the hilt was completely purple. The blade also had the Triforce carved into it, but no crack in the middle. There was also a yellow stone on the hilt.
I decided that I liked the purple sword better, so I stood on the pedestal and began to pull it, but it wouldn’t budge at all. I wondered if it was because the sword was too big for me and too heavy.
“Hey!” Navi shouted and she came out of Link’s hat. “Don’t pull that sword! It’s only for the chosen one.”
“Then who is that sword for?” I asked her and I pointed at the sword in the middle. Navi looked over at where I pointed and started to shake.
“That’s impossible,” Navi said. “In every book it said that…” and she sort of trailed off there.
I pulled off my floppy hat and shook Max out of it.
“What?” he asked sleepily.
“Look at this,” I said and I pointed to both of the swords. Max flew up close to both of them and observed them.
“Well, one of them are fake,” Max said. “I’m guessing that it would be the purple one here.”
“Why?” Navi asked. “In all pictures, the Master Sword was depicted with a purple hilt and the gray one of there has a crack in it.”
“But the color purple isn’t the kind of color I would think of when seeing a hero,” Max said. “Gray is less colorful and a bit more serious, which is why I think a hero would use that sword.”
“But the cracks,” Navi snapped.
“There is only one crack,” Max said, “and that crack just shows that the sword has been used. I mean, it’s quite obvious, really.”
The two fairies argued back and forth and I looked at Lux who was annoyed by the arguing. I shrugged my shoulders at him and I walked towards the gray hilted sword. I touched the warm, stone hilt. It was warm only because it was in the middle of the beam of light coming from a stain glass window up high on the wall. I wrapped my right hand fingers around the hilt and I felt weird.
I got this static feeling in my hand, a feeling that I didn’t get with the other sword. The sword, like the other one, was too big for me, but it was still a bit smaller than the other one. I put my two feet on the pedestal and felt the sword budge a little and I was filled with a surge of excitement.
“Ashley, no,” the two fairies shouted, but it was too late.

All I remembered was a light blue beam surrounding us on the platform.

The rest was well forgotten…
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