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Welcome To Mystery

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Hello, Im Mr. Shoe. Im Your Guide To The America's Suitehearts. Welcome To Mystery!!

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This is like no ordinary tale you have ever read before and most likely unlike anything you will ever read again. This is a twisted fairytale only the twisted will understand. Open your mind, think, and most importantly use you imagination. There are many puzzles in life such as how you fall in love and how a simple word make you feel invisible. Those are the things you never take notice of and yet spend all your life thinking about. Now, do you see what I mean? Only the adventurous minded will explore there inner mind and embrace the mystery that lies deep inside that thick cloud of everyday thoughts. The ones who will read this are the ones who dream about the impossible. I personally believe that one day Ill be able to fly. How
about you? Yes? No? Well… I’ll take that as a yes then.

Now open you mind. Imagine, imagine a place you can always escape to, an island off the coast of nowhere. Liquid pools of emerald and turquoise flowers fill your mind. Everything’s beautiful, everything’s pure, everything’s pretty. The tree tops are foggy blue and the skies are like velvet.

The perfect dream…

It seems I’ve gotten a bit carried away. Lets not forget that its time to start the actual prologue. Oh my, how could I have forgotten that? Oh well its happened now; let’s not waste time talking about it. Let’s get down to business. Come, follow me. Let’s take a boat down the emerald goo, that will lead us to the Hollywood hideout and we can take a cloud from there down to Saffron City

Quickly, don’t dilly dally! Follow me before the paparazzi catch you!

We’re here now, look. Do you see that house? The one with the yellow birds surrounding it? The one with the chocolate brown trees, dashed with lemons? Yes, yes? Good, c’mon, take a look inside. There he is. Doctor P. Benzedrine. Let me tell you a tale about him. Once upon a time Benzedrine was a well known doctor. Infact that’s a under statement, he was known throughout the world. He was the best He was famous for his mad mixtures of medicines that provided a treatment for almost every Illness, wrote many a book and was also known as one of the nicest men to ever walk our planet. Then one day something bad happened, no one knows what happened exactly, but all we know is that he hasn’t come outta that house for…127 years and that one day a little beggar girl came to his house in search of a cure for her cold. He shut her out and left her for dead. Since then no one had bothered with him.

We should go now, or we might be caught up by the press. Follow me, let’s take a trip down to Halloween town. Don’t worry, its not as scary as it sounds, just be carful when you pass the swamp. You don’t want to be pulled in. Nasty, nasty creatures live in there, like the Gaskarth Gremlin and Barraky Bolagrh. Those little suckers will have you hands off…

Now, that house right over there. The black one with the dead trees is were we are going next. DON’T Step on that, it’s a ghost trap. It will suck you up like a vacuum and keep you enclosed in a coffin for all eternity. Good, now, step on that skull. No? Ether that or you can sit on the rotting pile of bat and insects. The skull? Good choice.

Do you see that dude in the quirky get-up? That’s Mr. P. Sandman. He’s was… well a sandman. One of those dudes who make you fall asleep and bring dreams. Except something happened to him too, like Doctor Benzedrine. At one point in time Mr. Sandman was the most famous Sandman out there. He got through half of the real world in less than an hour, and everyone’s sleep was filled with happy dreams. There was no such thing as nightmares, that is until something unexpected happened to him too. He started bringing pain to people’s dreams so he was locked away in Halloween town to conceal his sudden desire to bring evil to the people of earth.

I…I think he’s seen us. Quickly let’s get outta here.

God…that was so close. He almost got us. We need to be more carful next time…

Well I think that’s about it. I’ve introduced you to the two main characters in this story. Hahaha, no I lie. I am too; I just don’t know it yet. So is Donnie, and so is Santi and Danke, They just don’t know it yet ether. But now you know it, so that’s all that matters. Now all that’s left to do is…erm…

Oh My! I have just realized that I haven’t told you anything about myself. How rude of me? My name is Shoe or Mr. Shoe if you like but that kind of showing off, but when you’re the luckiest man in the world and showing off come naturally to you. Anyways as I was saying, I’m Shoe and I’m your guide. Im here to help you un-cover the mysteries of my world. To give you the full story of Sandman and Benzedrine and all the other you will meet on the way. Now it’s my time to go, but before I do that, please. Come, come take a look around, explore, express yourself, scream, jump, sing, laugh, cry do whatever and let me be the first to say…Welcome to my home. Welcome to mystery!

This Is The Start Of My Story 'Welcome To Mystery' (No Duh)

Its Based On The Video Of 'America's Suitehearts' By Fall Out Boy.

Name: Welcome To Mystery (Stolen From The Plain White T’s Song)
Summery: Anyways as I was saying, I’m Shoe and I’m your guide. Im here to help you un-cover the mysteries of my world.

Main Characters:
Dr. P. Benzedrine
Mr. P. Sandman
Mr. Shoe
Donnie The Catcher
Dr B. Fever
Dr. R. Odd

(You Will Find Out More About Danke And The Others As The Story Progresses )


Im Hoping This Isnt A Complete Fail

I'd Like To Hear Your Feedback On Whether I Should Finish It Or Not. Thankies Alot People
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