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Welcome To Mystery - And You Fall Down A Hole

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It was 12:00 pm. The misty glow of the purple sunrise rose from behind the red sea and the pink grass. Yes, this place is truly amazing and particularly odd. Day brake happened at human midnight and vice versa. The gentle chirping of the saffron sparrows soon became a choir of gossip.

"Sally! Sally! Sally!" chirped one of the birds, "Sally! It's Suzie! Did you hear? Did you hear about Dr. Benzedrine? Apparently he's coming out today!"

The second that was said all of the sparrows stop there chattering and turned to look at Suzie and Sally.

"What?" One of the birds, Stacy, asked, "Did you just say…"

"Yes," Suzie confirmed, "I was over at Dr. Fever's house this morning to see Rae. She said he and Dr. Odd was planning to go and see there dear old friend and try to bring him back into the world."

"Oh speak of the devil, there's the doctor now…"

"What a day! What a wonderfully, magnificently odd day! Don't you agree Doctor?" the peculiar man in a bright multi coloured suit said to the man standing on his doorstep. The other man, who was wearing a red blazer, black dress trousers and a black top hat, looked up from the floor and smiled.

"Yes, yes I believe it is. Its wonderful weather for fevers, business should increase fabulously if it continues like this." They shared a smile and looked away.

"Of chores."

"So, are we visiting Dr. Benzedrine today?"

"We are indeed Dr. Fever. We need to find out what happened to him, and we will have to keep trying until we do!"

They looked at each other once more and nodded. Dr. Fever stepped out of his house and started to walk with his friend down the sandy path. The further they walked down the path, the more the sand turned from a golden brown colour to a lemon shade.

The sand was practically as bright yellow as the sun when Doctor Odd suddenly stopped and dropped down on his knees to the ground. Dipping a tattooed hand into the supposed sand, he brought the tiny pieces to his mouth and poured the small partials down his throat.

"Delicious," he said, "Lemon sherbet always takes my fancy."

"You know, you really live up to your name Dr. Odd" Fever laughed. Out of all of the people Dr. Fever had ever met, odd was the oddest of them all. He would do the most random things at the most random times and that was what Fever loved about him.

It had been so long since they had seen Dr. Benzedrine. They missed him dearly. His polite nature gave him a wonderful personality and he would always say the most amazing things. He could remember a few weeks before he was babbling on about a greater force than gravity and how one day he'd meet someone else with incredible powers. He was ever so good at dreaming.

They continued down the road to the very yellow house surrounded by saffron sparrows. The squawking of the birds suddenly died down and they turned to watch the two.

"Good evening lady's, lovely day is it not?" Doctor Odd asked.

"'Tis quite," Chirped Suzie, "So boys, what are you doing here?"

"We are here to see Dr. Benzedrine." Fever snapped, unpredictably, "Now if you don't mind we must be on our way, good day." Dr. Odd flashed the birds a apologetic smile and stalked on after Dr. Fever

"Well… good luck I suppose."

"How rude were you, Fever. She was being nice."

"She called me a boy! I'm a man; I'm 237 for god's sake!"

"Barely! You've just become a man, plus you look about 210 anyways! Don't be offended!"

"How dare you?"

"Grow up! Now look. We are here" Fever stumbled over to the door bell, still in rage and pressed the button. They waited for a few minutes before pressing it again. They continued to do it for maybe a hour without success.

"Maybe he's dead…" Odd twisted laughed erupted into the air.

"I don't know but I'm going to find out." Fever began to barge the door, ever 3 seconds he bashed and screamed. "BENZEDRINE GET OUT HERE NOW!"

"Now, now Fever. Carm down or-" He was cut of by a loud scream. It appeared that Fever had managed to barge the door but it wasn't busted open or open in anyway.

"Fever! FEVER!?"
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