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Dr. Benzedrine POV

The lazy hum of the refrigerator was annoying me. I was sitting in front of the appliance, glaring at it. It had started about 45 minutes ago and I was trying to think of ways to shut the damn thing up. In a way it reminded me of my life. The long noise that stopped and started every 5 seconds resembled every breath I took. The only reason I hadn’t turned the thing off was because I was scared. As stupid as it might sound, I was convinced that if I did I’d die. ‘Maybe that’s a good thing’ I’d would say to myself, ‘maybe it would be better if I was dead.’

I slowly stood up and went forward to the fridge. I took a deep breath, grabbed the handle and closed his eyes.

“One, Two, Three” I quickly yanked the door open, squeezing my eyes tighter, and sucked in my breath. After a few seconds I slowly opened one of my eyes to see if anything happened. Nothing. The noise was still there though. I released my breath and frowned, slightly disappointed. I turned to walk away when a loud ‘Banging’ sound erupted into my ears.

"BENZEDRINE GET OUT HERE NOW!" now that frightened me. In a deep state of distress I quickly enabled the portal by my door. Silence.

"Fever! FEVER!?" I voice called from behind my door. Holy crap, it must have been Doctor Fever and that sounded like Doctor Odd. Oh deary me.

I pulled open my door and the reaction I got was rather weird. I didn’t quite know how to take it. I was right, it was indeed my teenage friend Dr. Odd and like me he had changed a lot since we were teens.

I, myself, use to be a slightly chubby teen. I had long sandy brown hair and big pink cheeks. Now im skinner and had shorter, darker hair.

“Oh god lord, Dr. Benzedrine…Is that you?”

“Yes, it is indeed. Im assuming your Dr. Odd, am I correct?” before anything else happened I was pulled into a hug by Odd. He had me trapped in a cobra like grip.

“Yes it’s me, god it been a long time Dr. I’ve- we’ve missed you.”

“As have I. Uh Dr., you’re strangling me” I genially pulled away and smiled. A genuine smile, haven’t done that for years.

“Oh right, sorry.”

“It is fine.”

“Thanks…Not to be rude or anything, but Dr. Fever was here a second ago and he has somehow managed to disappear. He was trying to get you to come out, were was you? We were ringing the door bell for an hour.” Oh, it was the door bell, how stupid of me…

“Um, never mind. You alarmed me quite a bit since nobody ever rings here anymore so I put up a portal, he must have fallen through that.” He looked worried. I could see he knew I was worried to. I didn’t actually know where the portal went to.

“So where is he?” he trembled.

“Im not sure, I better call someone to help.” He looked confused and angry. I could understand why, I haven’t seen him in god knows how long and I’ve suddenly sprung all this on him. He must be upset too since I kinda, almost killed his best friend. Or, Ya’know he could be dead, you never know…

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