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Chapter 6

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Eliza visits Mikey and Gerard in the hospital with less than good intentions.

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Eliza walked into the hospital, fake sadness on her face. She talked to the woman at the front desk, and made her way to Gerard and Mikey's room.

When she got there, Mikey had just woken up.

"Hello, Michael."

"Eliza...What are you doing here?" Mikey asked, anger boiling up inside of him.

"Might I ask why you're speaking to me in that tone?" Eliza asked.

"Shut up, you slut! It's your fault we're in this position!"

"Me? How is it my fault that you're unable to keep a secret?"

"It's not that I'm unable; It's that this isn't a secret to keep from my brother!"

Eliza slowly approached Mikey. Mikey wasn't afraid until she reached into her pocket and pulled out a knife.
Mikey...He's in danger right now. Gerard suddenly thought. He opened his eyes just in time to see Eliza pull a knife out of her pocket.

"Put that down." Gerard growled.

Eliza turned around in shock.

"You were sleeping a second ago!"

"That doesn't matter, Eliza. Drop the knife and get out." Gerard said murderously.

"Gerard, what's gotten into you?" Eliza asked.

"The engagement is off."

"What?!" Eliza screamed.

"You heard me. Now, get out, and I never want to see your face again."

"Fine, but what about your belongings? And where will you live?" Eliza asked, figuring that somehow, she could win Gerard back.

"I'll figure something out." Gerard replied. "Now leave."

After Eliza left the room, Gerard turned on his side with his back facing Mikey.

"Fuck!" Gerard whispered to himself. Eliza had made a good point; Gerard didn't have anywhere to go.

"You can stay with me." Mikey said, as if he could read Gerard's mind.

"Mikey, I couldn't possibly-"

"-You can, and you will." Mikey said, cutting Gerard off.

"I thought I was the older one." Gerard said.

"You are."

"I should be taking care of you, then. Not the other way around."

"We can switch every once in a while." Mikey smiled.

"Yeah...I guess we can."

Maybe Gerard's going to see the light at the end of the tunnel at last...Or maybe he's really just at the beginning. Mikey thought. He attempted to brush off the second part of his thoughts, but the idea kept coming back to him. It haunted him, and wouldn't leave him alone.
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