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151 to 154

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A Few Words: 151 to 154

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A Few Words: 151 to 154

Word 151: Triple

Three, always three, whenever they were at the ice-cream shop the order was triple; buying tickets at the movies the purchase was triple. Going here or there, doing this or that, it was always triple. It was triple because there were three of them, and the three were always together for triple the fun.

Word 152: Underneath

He tossed the coin to the air and caught it again; the action was repeated until sudden loud voices made him cringe and the coin slipped away from him, rolling into Fujin's private territory of the house, she had left the door to her room open. If it had been just some gil, Seifer would have abandoned it, but it was a collectible coin that he had a hard time tracking down, he regretted foolishly tossing it up and down in his joy, if not for that, it would be on its way to the safety of his album. He could ask Fujin to retrieve it from its place having rolled under her bed, but that felt silly, he would just get it himself, he wouldn't touch anything so Fujin shouldn't mind.

Seifer looked under the bed, spotting the familiar shine of the coin on the other side, the bed being pressed against the corner, allowed only so many angles of approach. Seifer crawled under Fujin bed, thankful that there was no accumulation of dust as there would be under his bed, Fujin's room was always spotless. His entire body was hidden underneath the bed when he finally reached his priced collectible coin, but crawling out of the confined space would not be so easy, especially with the arrival of the owners of the loud voices to Fujin's room, along with the unwilling Fujin who did not want to 'hang out and discuss crushes' with Rinoa and Selphie.

From underneath the bed, Seifer felt three bodies sit on top of it, underneath it all, he felt claustrophobic, trapped and he didn't want to admit it, afraid. Underneath it all, he didn't care to listen to the confessions of Rinoa and Selphie about who they liked, he already knew anyway and didn't care either way. Most of all, underneath it all Seifer was terribly disappointed that Fujin kicked the other girls out of her room and their house before they could get her to admit who she liked. Then, when Fujin returned after showing them the exit and looked under her bed, as if having been aware of his presence there from the start, underneath it all, Seifer knew he was doomed.

Word 153: Vengeance

In other to avoid Fujin's wrath when Seifer was caught apparently eavesdropping on her unwilling conversation with Rinoa and Selphie, though Fujin was not really saying anything anyway, he offered to take her to a movie and buy her whatever snacks she wanted as an apology, because he knew he could never truly explain his situation. "Agreed," with that one word their fate was sealed and later that night they ventured to the movie theater, for once going as a pair instead of a trio of friends.

Luck was not on their side as Seifer and Fujin found Squall and Rinoa at the theatre being all lovey-dovey as they waited to get their tickets and then while they waited for the movie to start because there was only one worth-while movie playing anyway. It seemed that Rinoa and Squall didn't even have the decency to wait until the lights were off to start wasting their tickets and kissing while ignoring the movie.

Squall and Rinoa were a little too close that day, though seeing them walking around hand in hand was not rare, especially since the Garden vessel just loved to come by near the town were the posse's little house was located. Maybe it was their anniversary or something because it was as if they wanted to make the world jealous of their love.

Seifer pouted and Fujin glared lightly, she was annoyed, though she wasn't as obvious in showing it as Seifer. Then she turned to him and called his attention away from the couple a few seats away and to her, "Seifer," the lights were turned off and the usual pre-movie trailers started playing. He closed his eyes and leaned forward, then opened his eyes again as he was pulled along by the hand down the row of seats and up the hall to the stairs leading to the balcony above.

From the second floor, Fujin threw their bucket of popcorn watching, despite the relative darkness with the only source of light being the movie screen, as it landed perfectly on Rinoa's head. Fujin smiled in satisfaction and she and Seifer fled the scene before they were caught. Walking home, Fujin's mood had taken a turn for the better since she had the opportunity to exact some form of vengeance, though she did wonder if it might have been better not to interrupt Seifer that time...

Word 154: Watching

He was watching, always watching, watching from a distance, so close yet so far. They lived in the same house, they saw each other every day and Raijin was well aware of the situation giving them one opportunity after another to say what needed to be said. Fujin, being a woman of few words, didn't look like she was going to say anything. However, she was also a woman of deep thoughts and perception, she was well aware of the situation better than Raijin, who had the benefit of the extra awareness of a neutral spectator, and she was certainly better informed than Seifer who seemed to be caught in the confusion of being one half of the dilemma. Maybe that was why she did not speak of it; instead pretending she didn't know he was watching.

Once again Raijin went fishing on his own saying this was a battle between him and the fish and that he had to face the challenge alone. Surely he would get bored without anyone to talk to and start singing, which would inevitably scare off the fish much more than what the noise of a conversation would have, and cause the clumsy fisherman to come back empty handed. But that wasn't the point, the point was that Seifer was determined to speak up and tell Fujin how he felt. There she was outside their house, the rays of the sun making her silver hair shine, her expression was serene but alert, she knew she was being watched. In the end that was all he did that day like every other day, he continued watching from afar. It was alright for the time being, there was no need to rush, he told himself. For now, he would be satisfied just watching and she would be pleased just being watched.

More to come...

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VIII. Words 151 and 152 were requested by Xeno the Hedgehog. Words 153 and 154 were requested by TamaChanMyu, the concept for 153 was Rinoa and Squall being all romantic and causing jealousy.
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