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155 to 162

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A Few Words: 155 to 162

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A Few Words: 155 to 162

Word 155: X-treme

Seifer watched as Raijin dashed out of Icicle Inn with his snow board in hand for another day of extreme, or as the holiday package brochure had said 'x-treme' snowboarding. He was angry and frustrated because he took a bad fall and twisted his ankle so painfully that he would be confined to his room for the rest of their snowy holiday, to put it simply, it sucked. Then Fujin came in with a couple of cups of cocoa having decided to keep him company for the day, talk about a blessing in disguise.

Word 156: Yarly

Even if no one really invited them, Rinoa and Selphie liked to hang out with Fujin, they were probably persuaded to do so by the inhabitants of Garden when they grew tired of their antics.

Seifer had already forgotten what the conversation was about, maybe Rinoa was telling a story about Squall doing or saying something or other and Selphie was expressing her surprise. It was something like that, but Seifer couldn't and didn't want to remember the specifics. The point was that for the past hour or so the exchange between the two invaders remained the same.

"Oh really?" Selphie would express her surprise.

"Yeah, really!" Rinoa would insist over and over.

The repetition was driving Seifer insane until Fujin put a stop to it with a loud, "Stafu!" and sweet silence reigned supreme, at least for another two minutes.

Word 157: Zorro

The sword scribbles were not only Zs they were every letter of the alphabet and some that didn't even exist. Catastrophe stroke when Squall and Seifer showed up at the same costume party wearing identical costumers. They thus proceeded to attempt to prove who the best Zorro was by slicing a Z on the other's costume. One Z led to another until the entire alphabet, along with some illegible scribbles, was displayed on the ragged outfits of the Zorros.

All the girls present, save for Fujin who was naturally quiet, cheered loudly, breaking Seifer and Squall out of their battle focus and making them realize the state their costumes were in. They ran mortified, hoping their masks, the only part of the costumes that remained unharmed, would hide their identities well enough.

Word 158: Raven

"It's looking at me," and it was unnerving, the big ebony raven kept staring at Seifer screeching loudly every now and then when he least expected it.

"I think it's cute," Raijin approached the big black bird and petted it softly, receiving no complaints from the animal.

Fujin then returned to the living room where the raven's perch was with some food, which the raven happily ate. Throughout the course of all of this the raven's eyes remained focused on Seifer instead of on the one petting or feeding it.

"Why does it keep staring at me?" It was agonizing, Seifer could feel the raven's cold coal eyes burning into him, it was indeed so terrible it deserved a bad metaphor.

Fujin should have known the simple task of caring for the pet raven of the couple down the street while they were away would somehow be made complicated. She took the raven in her arm and walked over to Seifer who began to back away but froze upon Fujin's firm, "stay!"

She placed the raven on his shoulder and the bird joyfully cuddled him. Raijin looked infinitely amused by this, "aw, Lenore likes you."

"Share," it was the last word Fujin spoke for the rest f the day.

Seifer would forever wonder if Fujin was telling him and Raijin to share the raven or if she was telling the love-stuck Lenore she was willing to share him.

Word 159: Throat

Raijin shifted uncomfortably and bit his lip, he wanted to finish watching the horror movie with Seifer, Squall, Zell and Irvine to officially complete the guys' movie night forced upon the group by the last two, but that cut throat assassin was just too creepy.

Then when they least expected it, Fujin returned to the house, having lost the patience to continue the girl's night out with Rinoa, Selphie and Quistis. The TV screen had been the only light and the sudden scream of the assassin's victim came out just as Fujin came in.

The five men echoed the scream, absolutely certain for a fleeting yet eternal moment that the assassin from the movie had invaded the house and they would inevitably die with big cuts in their throats. Desperately, Zell leapt for the lights and in the added illumination it was easy to see that the intruder was actually an angry Fujin. Suddenly, the throat cutter assassin from the movie didn't look so scary.

Word 160: Makeup

Her hair was brushed out of her face and held back with clips, her face was painted perfectly and she looked like someone else. She infiltrated the party said to be filled with terrorists pretending to be high society and when they revealed themselves, she revealed herself as well and they were out cold before they knew what hit them. Other than for that one mission in her days at Garden, Fujin had never used such an amount of makeup, she didn't need it.

Word 161: Change

Changed was inevitable in some aspects. From their days in Garden to their days fighting against other SeeDs, to the present time, living together, there were many things that had changed, though their friendship changed only if it was to become stronger.

"Ow!" The basket ball was retrieved from under the table at the cost of a bump on Raijin's head. Never let Raijin attempt to pick something up from under a table, that much never changed.

Word 162: Parasol

Seifer threw his head back in laugther as Rinoa indignantly declared, "it's a parasol," and hit Squall on the head with the aforementioned item, after he asked for the seventh time why she needed an umbrella if it was bright and sunny out in front of the posse's house.

It didn't make any more sense to Seifer if it was an umbrella or a parasol; though he had a feeling Fujin might know the difference, simply because she knew a lot of things. Either way, at least Seifer came to realize that maybe Rinoa occasionally dragging Squall over to visit wasn't so bad if he could get a laugh out of it.

More to come...

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VIII. I finished up the alphabet and started using words out of order after that. This way I'll get to the requested words faster. Word 158 was requested by TamaChanMyu. Word 159 was requested by sissyHIYAH. Word 160 was requested by Romantic Jester. Words 161 and 162 were requested by Xeno the Hedgehog.
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