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It's Not Gossip If It's The Truth

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A parody of a tv show you've never seen. Two clich├Ęs collide. You gotta love high school.

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Intro número uno. 
The freaks.

Freaks. Burnouts. Druggies. Losers. Cool kids. Call them what you want, but we all remember those kids in high school. The ones who stood beneath the bleachers during gym class and football games, chattering and cracking jokes we'd always secretly wished we were apart of. The kids our parents warned us not to accociate with. The ones our teachers told us would end up as bums. 
Regarding the obvious any freak would normally get like, oh I don't know; drugs, sex, and booze, it would be pretty damn fun to be one of them.  

Two solid drum sticks strike down rythmically on the silver outside lunch table of McKinley High School. The multi-colored fall leaves that had formed in a small pile are blown away, drifting unevenly to the sketchy sidewalk.   
"God dammit, Kyle, would you stop that!" Dave, a boy with all of the classic good looks and a chocolate-colored head of hair to match, barks at the blond who'd been drumming on the table for the past ten minutes; enough to drive anyone insane. 
Nobody else was in the courtyard and not a sing piece of food covered their table. 
"Why are you so butthurt, man," Kyle shot back at him, a clueless 'what-did-I-do' look covering his face. Insert any given blond joke right about here. An exaspered sigh left Dave. He pressed his calloused fingers to his restless brown eyes. There is nobody else who loathes school quite as much as Dave Melillo. 
"Listen, man, my mom's been giving me tons of shit lately and your little-" Dave stopped mid-sentence as he watches as Kyle's wide, green eyes drift to the lunchroom door. 
Two pairs of feet brush against the leaf-covered sidewalk. One signifantly smaller than the other, not to mention slightly timid. 
"Guys, meet Natalie." There's an unconventional amount of confidence shining through the decidedly older boy that just spoke. A smirk that could coax almost anyone into anything permanently marked his thin lips. She wasn't a new kid; they knew that much.
"Uh, hi." Dave's scowl did not once twitch away and instead of being friendly, he flashed Gabe, the brunette that currently stood towering beside the two slouching boys seated at the table, a look of confusion. 
"Hey, didn't I have you in my latin class last year?" Kyle Burns definitely has the charm of stupidity down to a T. A smile crossed the girl's mouth, but before she could confirm or deny the allegation, Kyle snapped his fingers in a way that you'd think he just discovered the cure to cancer. "You were the one who got an A!" He grinned in the most sincere mannor; gums and blinding white teeth and all. Natalie's cheeks grew warmer, even in the breezey weather of Autumn. Her silly ideas of having new friends for a new year were already burning to the ground, and the heat hadn't even been brought.
"Well, what're you gonna do," she said with a cool shrug of her shoulders, and another smile. Wow, what an effort. 
"I don't know, what are you going to do," Dave shoots, blowing smoke from his newly lit cigarette in the direction of the wide-eyed girl. You've got to had it to him; when Dave is in a terrible mood, he sure knows how to commit. As far as he's concerned, this little poser is just Gabe's new fix.
"Ignore him, he's just pissy because Caro is late," Gabe puts emphasis on the last word, his voice purposley loud. To Dave, it's about the most obnoxious voice on the planet at the moment. Kyle gave a nod as if this was something he already knew, but in that happy-go-lucky head of his, the lightbulb flickered. Carolyn is late because her dealer, Slade, decided not to show up at the right time that morning. All three boys had gotten a text with this information second period, but only two had bothered to read it. Now with this spilling into the conversation, everybody was now aware. Except Natalie, of course. 
Caro stomped up the steps of McKinley, knowing full well she had basically just skipped, and is now going back. The things she does for her beloved David. Her short, dark hair blows lightly with the breeze as she enters the infamous courtyard. A smirk crosses her pouty lips once she spots her boys in the distance. 
Natalie, whom is sitting just across from Gabe and Kyle, is blocked by Caro's vision. Shit just might get interesting on a boring Tuesday lunch after all. The awkward small talk had now melted into a full-blown conversation. Names were being dropped, and plans for hangs were being thrown around.  
Dave is barely paying attention to the conversation. His slightly rosey cheek is buried into his palm, and his brown eyes are simply glancing and waiting. Considering he'd just gotten a text regarding the shrooms his cousin just dropped off at his house, his mind had to be elsewhere. 
The boy glances one last time at the gate leading to the beautiful outside world, and a full, toothy smirk is peeled across his face. 
"How are my favorite misfits," Carolyn calls over, still oblivious to the other girl sitting just beside her boy. She takes a seat on the other side of Dave, her body instantly in the arms of him. Their smiles are both wide and young. So they call it puppy love. Well, if puppy love included drug abuse, rough sex, and liquor. 
Carolyn greets everyone, apologizing for what she puts as a "dumbass move" on Slade's part. Gabe steals a look at Natalie, and the two exchange a 'do-you-want-me-to-do-it?' look. The girl pushes a couple of wild waves of dark hair away from her face, and gulps air. 
"Hi, I'm Natalie." The sentence falls flat, but the genuine friendliness of it is still well enough there. 
Caro's dangerous eyes cross Natalie's. As it turns out, Carolyn had seen her. But we all know druggies don't associate with geeks. Caro looks away from Natalie, disregarding her greeting completly. Her eyes fall to Gabe's equally dark eyes. An eyebrow is arched at the boy, and a smug smirk falls upon Dave's full lips. His hands tighten around Caro's waist just a little more.
"What, are fucking her so she can do your homework," she asks, the bitterness hurtling off her tongue. It's a slap to Gabe, but nevertheless he shrugs it off. He knows better then to take her words to the heart. Before Gabe can respond properly a high-pitch voice that sends Kyle's chest racking beats almost as loud as his drums breaks the tension. 
Standing at about 5'2, Paige Castro stands by the lunchroom door, calling out to her old pal Natalie. Flaming red hair and niceley tanned skin and all. Natalie instantly rushed out of her seat, cheeks on fire, she practically runs for dear life to Paige. If you look close enough, you can spot a swooning Kyle Burns. Very rare. Worth the wait. His green eyes are drowning in soft-lighting.  
"Paigie, what are you doing out here?" What terrible timing to have a band geek call out to you. Paige's brown eyes widen out of the offense taken. You'd think counting the amount of times the girl's been bullied, she'd be rock solid by now. 
"What are YOU doing here? This place is for FREAKS," she yells, causing heads to turn from the lonesome table. Natalie shuts her eyes out of the pain that would be inflicted to her in mocks pretty damn soon if Paige doesn't leave.
"Listen, I'm sure what you came out here to tell me can wait, Paige. I'll catch up with you later. Tell the guys I said hi. Now can you just leave me alone." Geez, way to be harsh. Something of a gasp escapes Paige. Who does she think she is, telling me to leave? What, is she too cool for me now? Little Paigie's thoughts are burning on pure anger. If only she could hear Kyle's sexual frustration-powered thoughts at this moment.
Paige turns around on her heels, and slams the door on her way back inside. A drama she learned from the likes of reality television. 
Natalie let out a groan, mustering the courage to turn back around and march back to the table. 
Caro shoots her a glare, Dave lets an indifferent smirk take over, Kyle almost blinds her with that all too happy grin, and Gabe gives her a smile that both confuses her and racks her stomach with something she's never felt. 
This is going to be an odd year for the freaks.

Intro part two, 'the geeks', is coming soon. 
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