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I'm Not The Way You Think I Am

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Last damn intro. The geeks were always my personal favorites on the show. I apologize for the length ok whatever.

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Ok seriously I'm done with third person intros. 
the geeks

They're not the smartest kids in the school. They're not the athletic kids. They don't know enough about sports or music to pass by as the average junkie. They're generally good-natured. They have overall awkward qualities, and know far too much about topics nobody cares about. They are the geeks. Those kids who'd sit with each other and laugh about a guilty pleasure you were too embarassed to ever admit you liked. They don't worry about social standards, and nobody cares whether they do or not. 
Nobody cares. Isn't high school great?

Excited chatter buzzes throughout the cafeteria. Tables are separated into groups that are basically set out to define who you think you are as a teenager- and if you don't know; tough shit. Sitting in a table smack dab in the middle of the place are three little oddballs you probably wouldn't notice and you probably wouldn't ever think about again if you were to see any of them walking down the street. 
A crisply folded note is unfolded by the all too thin fingers of Ryan, a scrawny little boy with a mop of dark hair and silver-colored eyes. His full, pouty lips skew his mouth to the side as he reads the note written in much too familiar handwriting.  
"Man, why does my mom always pack notes in my lunch? I'm not a little kid!" The kid's embarassed more than angry, but there's a part of him itching away at his heated cheeks that wishes he could unleash his outrage to people who just couldn't top that. To Ryan's disappointment, he does.
From where his light brown hair is just barely peeking over his matching colored eyes, William, just one of the other socially awkward kids seated, glances up from where he had been intensely focused on solving his rubiks cube. 
"At least your mom doesn't write it on the bag," he mumbles, tilting his head toward the lunch sack that sat in front of him. The oh-so loving words staring back at the rest of the group. 

I love you little man.
- Mom

Chuckles rain over the other two. Even Ryan has to admit "that's pretty bad". William, the slightly above average height, lanky 'little man', simply sunk lower into his chair. What a tortured soul. There's no way in hell William Beckett would never conform into laughing along with his friends. Oh god no. 
"Hey Ryan, why's your sister been acting so weird lately?" A boy with an awkward frame, the brightest green eyes, and short dark curls speaks, munching on a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. The boy's words are small, but packed whole lot of curosity that had been eating at him. Max Bemis was of course refering to Ryan's older sister, Natalie, who'd they all seen with their own two eyes walk out into the freak zone with none other then Gabe Saporta just a few minutes ago. What a drama. A little frown melts into Ryan's baby-faced features. He too had been wondering about this but like the good younger brother he is, he had already began thinking of logical reasons. 'Good younger brother' basically means geek. 
"I don't know, I think it has somethi-"
"I can not believe her!" Paige, seemingly coming out of nowhere lands in the seat beside William, the rage sizzling out of her by the obvious interuption of whatever Ryan was about to say. Nobody has to ask; they know it had something to do with her attempt at getting some sort of answer from Natalie. 
They've learned over the years of sitting together that it's was best to just let Paige fume. A slightly awkward pause drips across all of them. "I can't believe she would ditch just like that! I mean really!" None of it made any sense to Paige, and she wouldn't be getting any answers anytime soon. The boys continue munching on the remainder of their lunch. Every word that Paige spewed out of her mouth, had simaltaniously been pumping through each of their heads. Just, maybe not quite as bitter. 
The next silence was broken by an artificial bleach blond Jew with striking blue eyes. Possibly the biggest geek of them all considering the Star Wars shirt that clung to his thin body. It's amazing how different the mood changed from the short time Joe Trohman got up to dump his lunch tray.
"So did any of you guys see that digital short from last night's SNL," Joe asked, stealing a seat beside Ryan. The idiot completly disregards the tension that he enters. A smile crosses Paige's face, and her mood molds into a good one once she gets her mind off of her troubled, bitch of a friend. 
"Its safe to say I peed my pants," Paige laughs out. What nice information to share. 
"I just started using laser cats again," William quotes the skit quite loudly, really committing to his non-existing acting skills. Loud laughs echo throughout the table.   
Right about now would be about the time you'd cringe out of embarassment for these kids. The conversation bubbles farther into more and more things you don't care about. 
The flowly white and green cheerleading uniform brushed pale, thin thighs. A hoodie with the words 'the force' printed in bold lettering across on the back hung from the pretty girl's arms. She didn't have to do this, but something deep inside the clichè popular girl that she is told her to. 
At the table, Joe's mouth fell agape once he spotted her walking closer and closer to them. His light eyes were so wide you'd think he just saw an angel.
"Hi Joe." Brooke Baker smiles at Joe Trohman, and surprsingly the world hasn't ended. Something in his pants grows just a tiny bit. The boy dares to speak, but his words end up a little dreamy and stupid. 
"Hi Brooke." She smiles at how nervous he is. Her innocense only half true. Go figure. 
"You forgot this in English," she said, giving both another pretty smile and the hoodie that laid limp in her arms. 
"Thanks Brooke." He resists the urge not to completly swoon, but we all know that already happend. Brooke didn't leave without flashing one last devilish grin. 
Suddenly the outside world melts back in place, and Joe turns back around to meet the surprised expressions of his friends. 
"Brooke Baker just returned you your hoodie, do you know what this means," Ryan asks. It's amazing how sexually frustrated these kids are 
"Brooke Baker is totally in love with you, man," Max finishes for him. They did have a good point. I mean, those two groups just don't mesh well together. 
While Ryan, Max, and Joe consulted schemes of getting Joe to ask Brooke to homecoming, William and Paige's minds were elsewhere. 
They had always been the closest of the group, considering they'd been friends since sixth grade. Although they didn't speak about it, they both had their minds on the different people of the same group. 
Why the freaks? Why them of all people? None of it made sense to poor Paigie, and maybe that's what angered her the most.
I get a b, and I get my acoustic taken away. Dave Melillo probably does things I've never heard of. William simply weighed the obvious differences between himself and a rival who doesn't even know it yet. It's amazing how short of a time heavy feelings can develop.
This year is bound to be interesting for the geeks.

So I got pressured into this by Paige, so I'm sorry if this comes off as rushed. 
I think this is the first story of mine that everyone in the ff has reviewed on omg do you know how happy I was when I read those reviews I don't think you do. 
I love you guys :-**                                 
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